Friday, April 30, 2010

The Vampire Diaries 1x20 - Blood Brothers

There was nothing about this episode that I did not love. Lots of Team action to discuss. I'll Start with my favorite finally back on track (I hope) TV couple:

Watching him in that cell fading between hallucinations and memories was way OUCH. That was hard. Paul Wesley continues to bring the A game every single week. And so do his arms. WOW. Anyways.... I hated hearing him tell Elena that he wanted to die. So very sad. And though we all knew it wouldn't happen (no way we go forward without him) it was still incredibly moving. The most impressive part of this entire thing was Elena's ovaries of steel and her unwillingness to give up on the man she loves. She was brave and trusting almost to an insane degree. Would I have been as brave? Doubt it. She really impressed me. And I must talk about that kiss. Whoa baby. I squeeeeee'd out loud. Really loud. I feel so relieved. That probably means they're going to pull the rug out from underneath me next week. Moving on.......

I have been madly in love with this team since before it started. These 2 were meant to be. They have so much chemistry and such a great mix of sympathy and distain for each other. Poor Alaric. In the middle of an epic bonding session, Damon has to bring up the fact that he has tasted Alaric's true love in more ways than one. Nice. Typical Damon (who we love anyways). We haven't seen the end of Team Dalaric yet though. Nasty Uncle John (who I personally want to set on fire) will bring them together again I'm sure.

Maybe it was Malese Jow's Team Anna vid that got me or maybe I was a fan before then but I realized at some point (seconds before they kissed) that I really wanted it to work out with Anna and Jeremy. And OMG did they impress me. Sexy as hell and more moving than I could have thought possible. I cried real tears when she laid next to him to say goodbye. The centuries old teenager having to give up her first love. Crushing. To make matters worse for Anna, she comes home from that nightmare to find her mother dead. Cheers to Malese and to the writers. I was heartbroken for her.

The most GAH! team of the night is, of course, the Salvatore brothers. We finally know how they were turned. That Damon wanted it only for Katherine and that Stefan didn't want it at all. And yet it was Stefan's blood thirst that damned them both. Stefan is cursed with having the pain of all the death that has ensued since he drank dear old Dad. Damon is cursed with knowing that the love of his life didn't feel the same about him. Shocking and evil and heart crushing all at the same time.

Favorite Quotes:

Damon: "I couldn't have him running around chewing on people..."

Damon (again. I know. Big surprise): "Stefan likes puppy blood. Little golden retriever puppies."

Uncle John: "What do you think your mother would say if she knew you were dating a vampire?" Elena: "Which mother?"

Favorite Tunes:

Aron Wright - "Song for the Waiting"

Little Boots - "Click"

Next week: Isobel. My thoughts? No good will come from her return to Mystic Falls. I am thankful that Stefan seems to be back in the game. Team DALARIC will need his help. Isobel and Uncle John are scary alone. Together will not be good.  This cannot end well for anyone.

Big THANKS! to Ceci for the amazing #SoftcoreSalvatore screen cap!

Back to Blogging

I have decided to return to blogging.  Not sure exactly what has kept me away so long but I do feel inspired by the quality TV and Music I have been consuming as of late.  Hope you missed me. Hope you enjoy what is to come.   Finale season is gearing up so there is much to discuss!  Also, a ton of movement in the Vampire entertainmnet world which you all know to be my very favorite thing to talk about. Stick around. This could be fun!

Please stay tuned for my Vampire Diaries: Blood Brothers review - coming later today.