Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap - The Last Day

I have to start by saying that before this episode even started I felt this hum of excitement that, for some reason, has been missing for me over the past couple of weeks. I can’t put my finger on exactly why but I just had that FEELING. You know? Of course you do. And I really love being right. Happens a lot but it never gets old.

• Damon is shirtless a lot lately. Maybe it’s the laundry soap he’s using making his shirts itchy? He should try the stuff without dyes or perfumes.
• I swear I am not 12 but Stefan grabbing Elena’s hand gave me chills and sent those unicorns galloping over a DOUBLE RAINBOW. Galloping.
• I know I am evil and going to hell but Carol Lockwood’s bounce on the railing was uproariously hilarious and grotesque and I giggled. Lots. I also giggled in Titanic when the people bounced off the ship parts. I have issues. I know. Move on.
• Damon dumping the remainder of his Scotch was a total party foul. Alcohol abuse!!
• Things I hate: Matt lying to Caroline and Sheriff Forbes being too dumb to see how awesome her daughter is. Things I love: MATT LOOOOOOOOOOVES HER! He REALLY loves her!!
• Why is Elena going after Damon? Let him pout. Elena has NO boundaries with him. What a cock tease. And since when is his room upstairs? Am I lost?
• Is it just me or did Elena seem like Damon didn’t really have to force feed her the blood? She looked pretty thirsty for it.
• THAT is the fight I was waiting for last week!! YES YES YES!! Can we get a cage in here? Can they rip each other’s shirts off and fall into a random oil puddle where they roll around?
• Husband thinks that Alaric should get Jenna in a bedroom and show her just how well he stakes things.
• Jules needs to take her fucking face out of Mystic Falls. She’s like the Chlamydia of TVD.
• Do what you want with Tyler (not really, don't kill him or anything) but MORE STABBING OF CAROLINE FORBES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!
• I would like for Joseph Morgan to come over and read my stereo instructions to me right away. It’s urgent.
• Stefan is magical and I love him and he’s magical.
• I feel like everyone should carry a copy of “Klaus and the Curse” cliffs notes to pass out to the clueless. “Read this Tyler. Wake me when you’re done.”
• Stefan is magical.
• OMG MATT!!! I KNEW IT! He’s magical too. I think Damon should have been a little nicer to him considering how helpful he was.
• Dalaric Lives! Why don’t these two just get married already? Katherine should be in the wedding as well. In the Pretty in Pink poof dress with the flower crown. And Alaric can stumble drunkenly to the car and forget his veil
• Ok. Tyler’s alright.
• Aw man. Elena made me cry. But the husband brings up a good point. She’s ok with dying but not vamping out? She’d rather die now than live forever? While I totally respect her choice….. I would never be so lame.
• We’ve covered how Stefan is magical and everything BUUUUUUT…. if I spent my very last day alive or whatever, hiking I would be so pissed. My husband would never be such a dumb ass.
• GOD. Crying again. THIS SUCKS!! Except it’s so beautiful and awesome and SUCKS!!
• Another phenomenal performance by Michael Trevino. You all know that there are invisible leprechauns actually pulling his limbs out of their sockets right?
• *facepalm* Damon rides the short bus. If he remembers what time it comes in the morning. I wanna give him a participation trophy for trying and for saving Caroline but JEEZ!
• Anyone else really hoping Klaus would have said Plan B instead of Back up plan?
• Call her? Her? Her who? *does chick vampire math* Her who? Her WHAT? WHAT!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! How did I forget to put Aunt Jenna in my protective cocoon of safety and love? I AM SO FIRED!
• That said, is it ok if I REALLY wanna see her vamp out? Like real bad. And, as my BFF noted on twitter: "Jenna as a vampire could work, she is used to a liquid diet." Love you @libraryofbird
• Damon getting bitten is going to end up being more painful for everyone than it will be for Damon. That happens when idiots fuck up.

So TVD owes me for my heartburn medication, my future aneurysm removal and recovery, YEARS of booze bills and subsequent rehab stay, my Xanax prescription and my carpet cleaning bill for when I finally peel my dirty catatonic ass off the floor. How are you friends? Y’all alive out there?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Love Letter to Stefan Salvatore

I love a dark, brooding vampire. Actually, they are sort of a weakness of mine. It’s not impossible to relate to someone regretful of past misdeeds, reconciled to be alone because of them. Someone who wants something and even after getting it doesn’t believe they truly deserve it. It’s not hard to imagine hating the monster inside yourself regardless of who is responsible for it being there in the first place. For me, it’s easy to have both empathy and sympathy for the blood sucker that prefers to sit alone in the dark and feel sorry for himself.

However, I believe I may have found the vampire I have an even bigger weakness for. The love crazy badass with a hero complex.

I know I’m not the only one who sees it. Stefan Salvatore has changed. Gone is the 162 year old sad sack who hated himself almost as much as he hated what he was. Though caring and kind, the Stefan of Season 1 spent the majority of his time brooding, apologizing and reacting to what was going on around him, making one mistake after another.

Perhaps if he didn’t hate himself so much, he’d have been able to avoid all of the lies and omissions he became so famous for in Season 1. What if he’d have been upfront with Elena from the start? “So here’s the thing. I’m a vampire. No worries though. I’m not gonna touch your blood or anyone else’s as I am a connoisseur of forest animals. However, you should know that when I rescued you from the ravine your parents car drove into I noticed right away that you looked like my crazy as hell, vampire ex girlfriend so I had to make sure you weren’t her. Oh, also, I have a brother who is REALLY mad at me. He may cause problems. But hey, we both like journaling. I think we should hang out.”

How hard was that?

Though if we’ve learned anything from The Vampire Diaries it’s that nothing is ever easy and when it is, it usually cannot be trusted. The fact of the matter is, he chose the hard way and for at least 20 episodes he lied to everyone, including himself.

You can’t really blame him though. He carried with him the weight of 145 years of killing by both himself and his brother and even after making a conscience decision to be the better vampire, to fight against the monster inside of him, he could not love himself, try as he might. He has a long history of being a people pleaser, of hiding who he really is in order to be what he feels people think he ought to be. All with the hopes of receiving anything resembling affection and approval. Something he did not seem to get much of from the father he once worshipped. Which leads me to ask the question: is there anyone in Mystic Falls without Daddy Issues?

I like to think that this search for approval, for love, was Stefan’s motivation while getting close to Elena. Though he knows the vampire within could reduce anyone to a bag of bones, letting his heart be vulnerable is an entirely different game. A lesson that we now know, was a gift from his very best friend.

Imagine this: you’re hanging out in the woods, nom noming on a squirrel and you hear this terrible noise coming from the road. You go see what it is and turns out you are needed to do some life saving. Only, the life you save has the same face as the crazy as hell vampire ex girlfriend who last time you saw was heading to her fiery death. FRAK! You gotta make sure it isn’t her. She did a lot of very not nice things! And as you follow her around, stalking her from the shadows, you realize that it’s not her at all. In fact, this girl is exactly the opposite of the monster who made you. And you love her.

What to do about that. (See lies and omissions, noted above).

However, somewhere between the last big lie (about his human blood habit) and the return of his crazy as hell ex, something in Stefan changed.

I do not believe that he has been able to forgive himself for past deeds, for making Damon what he is. But I do believe that Stefan has learned to accept what he is. To accept that while there is a monster inside of him, there is also a man trying to do good, a man deserving love. Though I’m not sure he gets much of the credit for this. Stefan didn’t learn to love himself all on his own. Elena taught him how.

Okay, maybe she didn’t teach him, so much as she helped him see that he was a person worthy of love. It has been said: “You must love yourself before you love another.” We all know, it could have gone the other way too. Certainly his fear of her rejection is what made him decide to lie to Elena in the first place and no doubt her initial reaction of horror and revulsion to his true nature helped reiterate his feelings of inadequacy. She, of course, got over it. Following her lead, Stefan got over it too. After a lot of work on her part, after conflicts with Damon, rogue vampire attacks, unearthed family secrets and a super scary human blood addiction Elena was finally able to convince Stefan that her love was no passing crush, that he was worthy of being loved with more fervor and devoutness than a teenage girl should be capable of.

Season 2 Stefan has seen what Elena sees and has found himself worthy. He has not only accepted that he is deserving of love, but that he has the ability of properly returning it. Without lies, without doubt, without holding back. Stefan has found that he can be himself. Even when being himself means using his inner monster to get what he needs (see friendly interactions with Uncle John in The Return for example). And because he is who he is, what he needs is almost always what is best for those he loves.

Never is this more evident than with his friendship with Caroline. From the first ragged breaths he helps her make, hoping to control the vampire bloodlust (Brave New World), to the exasperated facepalm he exhibits when she proves unwilling to disclose Elena’s location in Katerina. In Daddy Issues he risks his life to save hers. And once it is saved, he gives her just what she needs. A slumber party with her girlfriends. Is there anyone else who would have thought of such an amazing gift? With Caroline he is patient and kind. Instructive without judgment. Stefan has found a friend in Caroline as much as she has found one in him. He opens himself up to her. He reveals to her a bit of what he was like as a human (something I don’t think he’s even discussed with Elena) and when Caroline is at one of her lowest points, after hurting Matt, he is heart crushingly honest with her:

Caroline: “I shouldn’t be with him should I? Not if there’s any danger.”
Stefan: “I’m the last person to make that kind of decision for you. I mean, if I followed my own advice I would have walked away from Elena a long time ago.”
Caroline: “Do you ever think you should have?”
Stefan: “I know I should have. I just can’t.”

After being tortured for hours, Caroline can fool some, but she can’t fool Stefan. He knows she needs her friends. He knows her and feels all of her pain. It almost seems as if he is giving her just what he wishes he had when he first had the monster put into him. Sadly, it feels like ages since Stefan has been able to honestly confess his feelings for Elena to someone other than himself. With Caroline he divulges secrets, sentiments and emotions with an eagerness that makes you feel how much he misses having a friend. He’s not the only one who sees a bit of Lexi in Caroline and that makes my heart smile. And cry.

Though without Caroline in his life this season, he hasn’t been completely alone. To say his relationship with Damon has evolved would be a tiny bit of an understatement. It’s impossible to say who gets the credit for this. And though they are back to throwing each other through walls as they did in the Pilot, I do believe that the level of loathing and torment they once had between them has lessened considerably. Regardless of where it started, Stefan’s approach to him has certainly changed. Defending what Damon did to Jeremy? Trusting him with Elena’s safety? It can’t be easy to befriend a brother who’s in love with your girlfriend and has a tendency to act before thinking. And while I believe they work quite well together, even when jabbing each other about forest animals and sorority girls, their opposite stances on Elena and the sacrifice could prove to be their best fight yet. Best in the way that I believe Elena could benefit from having one brother on each side of the respect vs. control fence. That is, of course, if Damon can keep from mucking it up.

Something else new for Stefan? He’s connecting the dots. When things seem off, or when a situation requires a bit more than burying his head in the sand (as he did for much of Season 1) he rises to the challenge. He is going out to find answers, putting together plans of attack. And when necessary, letting Damon do the evil chores that seem to make him so happy. Most importantly, he’s stood up to Katherine. Every single time. I firmly believe that for a lesser man, a lesser Stefan, it would be all to easy to fall back under her spell. Not this Stefan. Not only does he refrain from giving her what she wants but he has the guts to remind her every chance he gets what a mega bitch he thinks she is.

It’s quite amazing what not hating oneself can accomplish.

A still self loathing Stefan would have tried again to leave Elena behind, forgetting his love and believing that all of the bad would follow closely behind him as he made his way out of Mystic Falls. This new self respecting Stefan stands his ground, fighting for what he wants. Going so far as to fabricate arguments with Elena to keep Katherine at bay and then for reals arguing with her when he thinks drinking human blood would be the best course of action to keep everyone safe. And when she concedes? Season 1 Stefan would NEVER ever in a million years have agreed to drink her blood. Even a tiny bit of it. Especially not on a regular basis. That is just way too much of a vampire type thing to do. He has convinced her that her life is worth fighting for and I don’t believe the brooder of old would have been capable of such loving persuasion.

And though I feel like Elena has had such an amazing impact on the greatness he has become, I could not have been happier in “Crying Wolf” when Stefan finally released his feelings on her choice to die. In one true stand of faith, he expressed not only his feelings about her disregard for life but his feelings on his own existence. He is at peace with the 162 years he has lived and feels they are much easier to sacrifice than Elena’s very few. His anger shows just how much he values her life above his own. I honestly believe that by sharing his bloody dark past in The Dinner Party, he hoped to prove how much more worth her life has over his.

I’ve heard the suggestion many times that Stefan has been nothing but bad news for Elena and that she’d have been much better off if he’d never come to Mystic Falls. Well maybe not “never” otherwise she’d be dead. But certainly the argument could be made against him getting so involved in her life. Or could have been made in Season 1. Knowing what we know now about Elena’s Doppelganger status it’s hard to say if she’d have been safer without Stefan’s presence in her life, and if that is what led Katherine to her. Though given who her sweetheart of a biological mother is, I doubt she’d have been safe for long and I’d have to challenge anyone to disagree with me about the importance of having him in her life because of that.

It’s been a long, hard struggle for Stefan to get where he is now, 41 episodes in. For every step forward, at least one step back. But our new Stefan has shown us darker blacks and brighter whites combining to create previously unseen shades of grey. The future promises only more of what we’ve grown to love the most about him. Our badass with a hero complex a Hero Hairdo, and very sharp fangs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TVD on the Radio

You probably know Tasha best as the heart behind I HEART VAMPIRE DIARIES (@IHeartTVD on Twitter) and the voice behind many of our favorite Blog Talk Radio shows including episode recap shows on Saturday nights featuring special guests and Music Mondays where Tasha interviews our favorite musicians who have had songs featured on The Vampire Diaries (be sure to follow her on twitter and check in with her site for all show dates and times). And because she rocks in so many ways, she was kind enough to answer a few of my questions.

You’ve done quite a few interviews with TVD musicians. Do you have a favorite?
T: Well all of the interviews were kind of unique, so I really can't choose. For instance the Barcelona interview got off to a late start. The guys were on the road headed to South by Southwest in Austin, so they called in late. My switchboard was misbehaving and Paul Wesley had just joined Twitter. I feel that he caused everything that went wrong for IHVD Radio, haha! Sounds Under Radio was a lot of fun, because that show included a trivia giveaway, the guys watch Vampire Diaries. So that made it even better. As you can see, I'm trying not to answer the question.

As a music lover, I must know: What’s your favorite song featured on the show?
T: OMG that's such a tough question! I would say that my favorite song featured on the show was "Come Back When You Can" by Barcelona. It was featured at the end montage of 'History Repeating” which is one of my favorite episodes. The scene was so emotional, everyone was crying!

Some weeks you do at least 2 BTR shows. Have you always had a passion for radio?
T: Yes! I started doing online radio as a DJ for Eclectricity Radio. Then after months of getting the hang of it, I purchased a server and started my own station. U-N-U Radio (Unsigned, New, Undiscovered) was around for 2 years. During that time, I did Admin work for Music Supervisor where I approved/rejected songs for movies and television, Band Manager for Indie band Italian Japanese, and wrote music reviews for Chicks with Guns Magazine.

Is there another television show’s soundtrack that has moved you as much or more than the TVD music has?
T: This question is easy! The O.C. is one of my ALL-TIME favorite soundtracks. I own every mix from that show. Alexandra Patsavas was the Music Supervisor. She had such a great ear and that's what I love about Vampire Diaries. Chris Mollere is a genius at picking songs that bring the audience in to a scene.

We know you heart The Vampire Diaries. What first made you fall in love?
T: First off, I NEVER thought they would turn the book series into a TV show. So I was so stoked to see how it would come across on screen. I didn't mind the changes that were made either i.e. Elena not being Blonde. If I'm being honest, the "Pilot" did not make me heart the show. "Friday Night Bites" is when I was hooked. Julie and Kevin are talented writers, so I believed the show would get better and it did. I think what drew me in was the obvious tension and love hate relationship between the brothers. Paul Wesley who plays Stefan has this quiet intensity about him. He's compassionate and has great chemistry with every DAMN body on the show. Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon makes me laugh with his snarky comments and sucks me in with his eyebrow acting. So I definitely wanted to go on a journey with them and see if their love will conquer all.

I know you have also read the Vampire Diaries books. Does your favorite character differ between book & show? If so, name them both.
T: My favorite character in the books didn't make it to the TV series. Meredith was and still is my favorite character. She was a lot like me in those teen years. I'm hoping that Julie will bring her in some time in the future. I will come back and answer this question when it happens. ;)

Favorite TVD show moment:
T: Oh this is so hard Erin...geez! I would say my favorite show moment was when Elena and Stefan first made love. It was such a passionate and intense scene. She accepted him for the monster he was. Paul has said that his emotions took over, so those tears were real. Even though they didn't reveal too much, it still kept me captivated. Now that was season one. lol
My favorite season two moment was when Elijah stepped foot in the house in "Rose". He sniffed Elena's neck in the hottest and creepiest way. Trevor's head was removed with one swing. Sorry to turn it into a new question.

Favorite TVD book moment:
T: I can't pick one...sorry. Founder's Day was a definite highlight. After Elena turned, Damon wanted her to go on a killing spree as a first feed. Stefan wanted it to be someone that she was familiar with and someone who they both could trust. Matt was her first feed. It made me cry I must admit. The other moment was when Stefan was in the well at the Francher farmhouse and Elena, Meredith, Bonnie, and Matt saved him. He was so weak and Elena fed him her blood. It was epic to read. Shit, there's so many moments. Klaus killing Vicki. I could keep going, but I'll stop there.

Favorite episode:
T: This is SOO hard! "History Repeating", "Founder's Day", "The Return" to name a few.

Hopes for the future of TVD:
T: My hope is that the show will continue with great writing and the storyline will get better for those other characters that we don't see as much. We have a very talented cast and I think the writers recognize that and have some surprisingly great moments in store for fans.

Message for the TVD fandom:
T: Oh fandom how I love thee. I think it's important to remember this is a television show with fictional characters. Luckily for us the actors that portray the characters we love are very kind to the fans. We can communicate with them on Twitter, talk to them while visiting the set, they take pictures and sign autographs. I would hate for that open forum to stop because things get too crazy. Let’s respect and continue to appreciate them. We're the mighty TVD Family and we must stay strong and love one another.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Conversations with Chloe!

If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, there is a better than good chance that you are also a fan of Chloe Dawn (@TVD_Chloe on Twitter). Chloe was first introduced to most of us through her super fun TVD Vlogs (which can be seen here: VampireDiariesVlogs) and used her new found fame to launch Vampire Support raising money for many worthy causes. Along with Vampire Support, Chloe is also doing work for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation which is taking youth empowerment to the next level. Despite having so many irons in the fire of positive change, Chloe was sweet enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for me!

Your creation of Vampire Support and your work with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation has been inspirational to a lot of TVD fans. What inspires you?
C: Oh wow. There are so many things that inspire me but I think the biggest thing is helping others feel like they have a voice. This is actually one of the many reasons why I started Vampire Support. I knew that if I could create a platform about something that teenagers are interested in, I could help kids feel like they DO matter and their voices ARE heard. The thing I always stress is that one person doesn’t make the difference, but that one person’s courage and integrity can start a chain reaction to eventually change the world.

You’ve worked on a lot of special projects throughout your philanthropic undertakings. What part of all this hard work has been the most fun for you?
C: This kind of ties in to my last answer. I love helping others spark something inside themselves that most never realized they even had. I love seeing all of the mini charity side projects pop up in The Vampire Diaries fandom. I swear the TVD fans and actors are having charity battles and that is seriously the coolest thing ever.

Is there something TVD fans can do to help if donating money is not an option?
C: TWEET, TWEET, AND RETWEET! Twitter is seriously such a profound platform. If you tweet a thought or an idea, it’s insane the amount of people that will be able to see it in a short period of time. Make it a daily routine to tweet about a cause that you are passionate about. When other’s see you tweeting daily, they will most likely wonder why you are so connected to that certain charity or cause.

What is coming up for Vampire Support?
C: Vampire Support is currently coming to an end with our oil spill projects. We’ve raised an estimated $20,000+ since last May for The National Wildlife Federation, and The Gulf Restoration Network. We are now moving forward with our “Save The Wolf” project with the help of actor Michael Trevino.

Tell us a bit about your work with Wolf Mountain Sanctuary. What are you raising money for?
C: Vampire Support’s work with WMS is only just beginning. We launched our campaign about a week ago and have already raised over $1,000 and 8 out of the 14 wolves have been sponsored. Like I said before, the TVD fans are insanely generous and the most selfless fans ever. Right now we are raising money to help Wolf Mountain Sanctuary rebuild their sanctuary. It was recently destroyed by 110 mph winds and they need all the help they can get. After we help them with that, we are all working towards the same goal: preserving these beautiful animals from extinction.

How did you get Michael Trevino involved? What has been his contribution to the project?
C: Funny story. It actually just started with me asking him what color he wanted some “Team Tyler” bracelets to be (he picked black and white) and it kind of just took off from there. I wanted Trevino to have in input as to where the money raised from the bracelets would go and he chose wolf rescues. He has had the opportunity to work with live wolves on the set of The Vampire Diaries and we thought it was a perfect match. After many days researching different non-profit organizations with him, we both agreed on Wolf Mountain Sanctuary. He has been super supportive of Vampire Support since the beginning and is very enthusiastic about helping WMS. We have a lot up our sleeves, you’ll just have to stay tuned…

If you could hold a benefit concert for your charities, which musicians from the TVD playlist would you invite?
C: Ah! This is a tough one. Definitely Stateless. I loved when Bloodstream played in the Season 1 finale. That song is so raw with emotion it’s insane. Plus if you listen to it with a good pair of headphones the bass is amazing…okay I’m getting off track. Bands…Stateless, Plumb, Lifehouse, MGMT, The Black Keys, Jason Walker, Florence + The Machine, and Adele. Whew.

Favorite TVD character:
C: Tyler Lockwood. I’ve been a wolf girl since Season 1. Everyone’s always asking me why I liked him in Season 1, since he was such a complete tool, and it’s because there is SO much to Tyler it’s ridiculous. I was intrigued as to why he was so angry all the time. Family troubles? Girlfriend troubles? What was he hiding? And then, boom. Full moon. No shirt. Werewolf. Yep, I’m Team Tyler all the way.

Favorite TVD show moment:
C: I feel like this is a really cliché answer, but it would have to be when they killed Vicki in Season 1. That episode is the mother of all episodes and truly shows you that TVD isn’t afraid to kill off a main character. (Which is really scary!) I loved the fact that they were willing to take huge risks to entertain their audience and have them jumping off of their couches in shock or even anger. No one is safe on this show and that’s why I keep coming back for more every Thursday.

Favorite TVD episode:
C: It would have to be Know Thy Enemy. The episode had so many twists and turns in it! Love, death, betrayal, crazy body switching spells, WHEW. I watched it three times in a row and found so many things I missed. I called all of my fellow TVD fans that I am closest to wanting to know their thoughts, theories, etc. And all I’m saying is Alaric!Klaus was EPIC. Bravo Matt Davis, bravo.

What has been your exposure and/or experience with the infamous TVD “shipper wars?” Any thoughts on this phenomenon?
C: Oh no. I don’t even want to get started with this one…I may get some serious haters. I’m just going to leave this one alone and say everyone love everyone. It’s a TV show, no need to threaten anyone because they love Damon and Elena or Stefan and Elena.

Hopes for the future of TVD:

Message for the TVD Fandom:
C: Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of the support you’ve shown me. It’s crazy to think that everything we’ve been able to accomplish with Vampire Support is because of a crazy Youtube video I put up on a whim. You fans are seriously incredible. Don’t change. Oh, and watch out for Klaus and full moons…I hear these next episodes are to die for…pun intended.
Big Thanks to Chloe for giving up her valuable time to answer questions! And don't forget to follow Chloe, @IS_Foundation, and @VampireSupport for more information on how you can get involved!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Lights - Expectations

I gotta tell you guys. Despite the fact that I’ve seen all of these episodes once before, I am wicked excited about getting to watch Friday Night Lights as it airs on NBC. This show has had such an impact on me and I really could not love it any more. This season premiere was a great example of why FNL is so exceptional. We get to find out what all of our favorite Dillon residents have been up to and we get a bit of a peak at what’s coming up for them as well. Can’t wait to get into it!

What made me laugh?
Fucking Billy. When he isn’t making me so mad I want to spit, he is totally cracking me up. The thing is, I don’t totally dislike the guy. He has a very sweet side to him and lord knows he wants SO BAD not to be a loser. His opening speech with that short ass quote that he had to have written down and standing up Coach Taylor’s ass? I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my damn head.

What made me mad?
Becky’s step monster is a total cunt bag! I wanted to put that cigarette out in her face! To be completely honest, Becky grates on my last damn nerve a lot of the time. That being said, no child deserves that kind of hate from someone who is supposed to be caring for them. What a cow. Thank god for the Riggins clan. All of them.

What made me cry?
Tim Riggins in jail! OMG! Of course my instinct at the sight of him is to swoon and smile and fan myself. I can’t quite get there though. He’s just so despondent and so not himself. It’s killing me to see it. There is so much anger and resentment simmering just under the surface. Even for those few minutes. I. Just. Can’t.

What gives me hope?
Tami Taylor, as always. She is back in her guidance counselor role, this time at East Dillon High. The way she cares about each and every student, the blood sweat and tears she puts into these kids; you can’t help being inspired by her dedication. And watching her heart both break and swell with pride as she sends Julie off to college was so beautiful. This woman is my hero.

Other highlights:
  • Landry saying farewell to Grandma Saracen. How awesome is that little old lady? And how adorable is it that she has Crucifictorious on her MP..whatever? Wish I did.
  • “Football is a lot more fun than a physical examination of the colon." "Well I guess that depends on the game doesn't it?"
  • Coach Taylor and Julie’s father/daughter moment in the garage. I am such a huge fan of their relationship.
  • Football. This will be a highlight every week. Even though all it does is remind me how far away football season really is.
So, tell me friends: have you already seen the 5th and final season? If so, are you watching it again? Was this your first sight of Season 5? What did you think? Share your thoughts! I could read love letters to this show all damn day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap - The Last Dance

There was a TON of hype leading up to this episode of TVD and for the most part, it did not disappoint. Lots of craziness, lots of running and almost too much hotness to handle. Every episode leading up to the finale is just one more stress test. Cardiologists should use this show to work out heart patients. Keep the paddles handy though.

• Husband wants to know if there is a Green Clover & Purple Horseshoe curse as well.
• “Pop quiz.” Am I the only one who thought when Alaric started that sentence we were gonna get a Speed monologue? I wonder if Matt Davis does a Dennis Hopper impression.
• Half scared shitless, half evil smirking while watching Katherine torture herself. This Klaus dude means business.
• Love how Stefan seemed like going to school with Elena would be torture. Like being her body guard has become some kind of burden. Right there with ya buddy.
• OMFG you guys. There were students. In school. Sitting at desks. And a teacher showed up. The end of the world really is on its way.
• Alaric in the Santa suit INSIDE Casa Salvatore? FULL BODY CHILLS. This shit is SCARY!
• Husband on Stefan: “Who’s he dressed up as?” Me: “Hotness.”
• Damon sucks. They could have kissed for at least 10 more minutes. The Unicorns barely got out of the barn. Humph.
• The tension between Matt & Care & Sheriff Forbes is so thick I feel like I’m choking on it. I just know this whole thing is NOT going to go my way and maybe the husband should put the TV in a cage or pad the remote before it goes bad.
• All the dancing was super cute but all I could do was hold my breath the entire time. At least when I passed out I didn’t spill my wine.
• OMG! TIFFANY MUSIC!!! I am 10 years old again!! I still know all the dance moves.
• Matt Davis doing Alaric in the Santa suit was nothing short of epic. I wanted to run away from him and make out with him at the same time. Not too shabby.
• Stefan growled. I drooled. But, um, if sticking by Elena’s side means being too slow to stop something you really want to stop; shouldn’t you go ahead and let her walk down one hallway by herself?
• Bonnie’s nose is always bleeding. What would happen if she did magic at a high altitude?
• Fuckin A Bonnie. Fuckin A. Even though I really didn't believe it was the FINAL DEATH kind of death I still cried. I'm a baby.
• Where the hell did Alaric go? Is he still wearing the Santa suit? Shouldn’t someone have been paying attention to that?
• The product placement on this show is ridiculous. Way to ruin a moment CW.
• Super glad Bonnie isn’t dead. That was just too much. Also, the CW can avoid the lawsuit from the NAACP my husband swore would pop up any minute after she “died.” And, it would have sucked to spend the entire weekend totally despondent.
• Wow Damon. That was quite a confession. Lots of eyebrow movement. Holy crap. Gotta admit, I was a little moved.
• I swear I thought Katherine was in the house. But then there was the whole thing with the inviting and I was all confused and I didn’t know where she was going.
• AND THEN THE MOST AWESOMEST THING EVER HAPPENED!!! He’s comin back kids. The Original with a voice as smooth as his part.

I avoided twitter before and during this episode in order to avoid spoilers so I'm DYING to know what y'all thought about it. Did you get the dance you were hoping for? Have you caught your breath? And how about that death count? I think we were promised 3 by the end of the season. Does Bonnie's fake out count? And the most important question: are you ready to see Klaus in his own flesh next week?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Texas Forever

Now that I have seen it all, I’m not quite sure why I put off watching Friday Night Lights for so long. I think seeing a lot of the tweets from Carina MacKenzie from Zap2It (@cadlymack) and Julie Plec from The Vampire Diaries (@julieplec) made me afraid to make the kind of emotional commitment that this show requires. This fear was realized as I watched and cried at least a thousand times. However, I would never take back a single tear. I guess what I am trying to say is: If you're waiting, WATCH NOW!

I tweeted series regular Stacey Oristano who plays Mindy Collette-Riggins (@staceyoristano) about the show and she expressed to me how much she loved her character and how much she already missed her role and the show. She’s not the only one.

Watching this show has actually changed my life. Watching Tami with Eric has changed the way I want my marriage to be. Their kindness and love and compromise is what I strive for. Even the way that they fight is so realistic and yet so brilliant. Watching them both with Julie has changed how I hope to raise my future children. Being a part of these characters’ lives has changed how I see my past and how I see my future. The beauty of a simple life and the magic of a dream that could come true. The strength it takes to believe in yourself and the effort that goes into just trying to make something, anything, happen. 

Please stay tuned for more FNL goodness. I am looking forward to an interview with Carina about FNL as one of her very favorite shows and I will be doing weekly recaps as NBC airs the 5th and final season starting on April 15th. Also, keep your eyes on StaticBlog. George Lang has been writing up some amazing FNL essays. 

No regrets. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Know Thy Enemy

Is it just me or have these last 6 weeks felt like a billion years? This hiatus felt much longer than the Christmas one, I’m sure of it. The good news though is that it is over! Finally!! I was getting pretty home sick for Mystic Falls. Can’t wait to unpack!

• Feel so bad for Jenna. Elena and Alaric are IDIOTS. Keeping her in the dark has caused nothing but trouble. IDIOTS.
• Alaric gets a gazillion points for punching Uncle Daddy John in the face.
• Happy to see that the Martins are still dead. I had forgotten about it and got to relive that warm happy feeling all over again.
• Speak up if you for even one second thought it would be smart to trust Isobel, John or Katherine. *crickets*
• “Maybe he’ll come around. You did.” UNICORNS!!! And they’re frolicking through fields of gold dust!!
• Love that Kat goes looking for the moonstone and then goes ahead and bras the cash she finds like some kind of common slut criminal. She’s my hero.
• Mason had his faults but he was WAY better at moonstone hiding. My husband thinks Damon should have hidden it in a much less sun shiny place. The kind of sun don’t shine place on his body.
• Isobel is a cunt bag whore bitch who needs to crawl in a hole and die. HATE HER with the fiery passion of a long burning hell.
• Bonnie & Jer. SQUEEEEEE!!!! They are adorable. Though I could stand for Jer to do something other than whine about Bonnie's safety. He's starting to sound like Stefan.
• I don’t really get the house being the place where the witches died. I live in Salem and all of my tour guides have specifically mentioned burning at the stake being an outdoor activity.
• Isobel and Katherine are bitches but I do enjoy seeing Uncle Daddy John suffer. And Damon's eye rolling reaction to the aftermath was classic. Including dumping him on the floor of Casa Salvatore like a bag of dog food.
• Stefan getting tossed into the bushes? How rude! So torn between pissed and laughing my ass off. Can vampires get poison ivy?
• *pouts* How come Damon gets to be shirtless again? There has been a severe unbalance of exposed Salvatore torsos this season.
• Can Matt please be cool and make up with Caroline? PLEASE? I just need them to be happy and in love. Like crack kind of need.
• Wonder how much money Bonnie would exchange for coming to Salem and making it warm and sunny. Or can she just make storms? Also, will Gambit or Wolverine be making an appearance in Mystic Falls any time soon? Cuz that would be hot.
• Goodbye Isobel. Hated you. Glad you’re gone. Husband: “It smells like chicken in this cemetery.”
• Matty yelling at Caroline to compel him made me cry. I just can’t with those two.
• OMG Elena is the luckiest girl in the world. Think she'd let me camp in the library? Also, the Salvatore house does not come with a Jenna to let everyone in so that’s good.
• BAWLING. I mean total body shaking sobs over Matt selling Caroline out to her mom. And lying to her. And not getting back with her. I’m for reals upset y’all.
• Ok. So. This is me: “OMG are they draining him? NO!!! Wait. He’s not dead. What the crap is going on? JESUS! Alaric is Klaus? He’s been Klaus this WHOLE TIME?? No. that doesn’t make any sense. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?” And then I saw the promo. “He’s possessed by Klaus.” Breathe Erin. That makes way more sense. Wow.

How excited are we that TVD is FINALLY back?? VERY. How about only 5 episodes left in season 2? Yikes! But next week is gonna be AWESOME! Damon gets slapped, Stefan in a suit and Klaus wearing Alaric like a costume. Bad. Ass. What did you think friends? Will you miss Isobel? Is Alaric more or less hot as Klaus? And most importantly, how on earth are we gonna make it through the next 7 days?