Sunday, August 30, 2009

True Blood - Frenzy

Just as I thought - lots of build up on tonight's episode of True Blood! It's going to be a very long 2 weeks. The situation with Tara and her mother is too sad for words and poor Lafayette - he just cannot catch a break. Although I doubt that he minds now given his new condition. The best exchange of the evening was between Andy and Jason in the truck. Absolute hilarity! Jason's beautiful stupidity has had me doubled over with laughter throughout most of the season and it just keeps getting better. Bill on the other hand is really starting to piss me off (despite the fact that he looked positively delicious in that black leather jacket). This is the second time this season he has been kept away from Sookie by a woman who wants to jump his bones. Grow a set already for God's sake Bill!!! Speaking of women who want Bill, Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen of Louisiana was pure delight! I'd play Yahtzee with her any time! Hopefully large amounts of beer and Wisconsin cheese next weekend will ease the pain of waiting for the finale. It could happen!

I rock!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blue October - Live Tonight

I cannot wait to see this band tonight! My dancing shoes are on and I am ready to jam out!

Some of the songs I am hoping to hear:

Just watching these videos makes me so excited I can hardly stand it!!! Just a warning to those going with me - I will be singing obnoxiously!

Friday, August 28, 2009

True Blood - 2 To Go

It's still more than 2 weeks away and everyone is talking about nothing else! The party is planned, the fangs are out and now we sit and wait. We still have Sunday to look forward to but I have a feeling it will be all build up for the final battle when MaryAnne will be put down at long last. My fellow fang bangers and I aren't the only ones who can't (and won't) shut up about it. Check out the following articles if you want to know as much as possible going in (I personally cannot help myself).


I got to see them on tour this summer and it was spectacular! If you missed it I feel real bad for you - you really missed out! Their tour has a 2nd leg and if you can catch them I highly reommend it. Call in sick, go in late, be tired at work - I don't care what you do - just SEE THIS BAND!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dr. Horrible - Cakes are on the rise!

Ever since I watched this amazing musical piece of genius I have had the songs stuck in my head. If you haven't watched it yet, you have no excuse not to. It's free and only 45 minutes long. You will thank me after (except maybe when you can't stop singing the silly songs).

Cake Wrecks featured some amazing Dr. Horrible cakes over the weekend and I just had to share. You would almost hate to eat them. Almost.:

A Slayer before Buffy? has a very interesting article comparing Bewitched lady Samantha to Buffy Summers, the ultimate power chick. It raises a lot of very interesting points (though calling SMG annoying puts me off a bit) and makes you think a lot about girl power on TV throughout the years. Read the article and share your thoughts!

New Moon Release Reminder

A little less than 3 months until the New Moon movie is in theaters so I wanted to remind everyone of some important release dates leading up to the big to-do:

September 15th - New Moon Mass Market Paperback (with hot Jacob)

October 6th - New Moon Movie Companion Book

October 13th - New Moon Soundtrack

November 20th - New Moon movie in theaters

Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


NBC has decided to move the season premier of beautiful Ben McKenzie's show, Southland, to October. I enjoyed this show last spring but I was glad to know they would be simplifying things a bit for the coming season. Did you watch last spring? Will you watch this fall? Does this mean good things for Dollhouse? Michael Ausiello has more details here:
What do you think?

Monday, August 24, 2009

True Blood - New World In My View

Woo Hoo! Score one for me! I totally guessed correctly the song and artist that would play on Sunday night's episode (“New World in My View” by King Britt, played during the end credits). Of course, it wasn't as challenging as this week's will be. There are about 300 songs with the title "Frenzy." We'll see if I can go 2 for 2.

The episode itself was great and really quite funny. Jason is quickly becoming my favorite Stackhouse. Was it just me though, or did acting like the coming God seem a bit beyond his brain capacity? So glad to have Tara back to the world of "my eyes aren't black," and Lafayette time is always appreciated. I also think it's pretty sweet that Andy is working so hard (well as hard as he can wasted) to keep Sam safe. The most disturbing moment of the evening was watching Bill toss his cookies if cookies are black tar bile. I was really hoping he'd be able to at least make MaryAnne suffer. No such luck. And what the heck is up with Sookie? I've read the books (the first 5 anyway) and so far there is none of the stuff from this episode in there. It's pretty exciting. And on Sunday we finally get to meet the Queen of Louisiana. Can't wait! (Sunday's preview below).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dance Fever

I had my very first live ballet experience this evening and it was nothing short of AMAZING! The women were grace personified and the men were more athletic than most pro sports players. It was major full body chills and reminded me how much I love to watch dancing. I felt so inspired I decided to quiz my public. What's your favorite dance moment? Vote and I will post the winner next week.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bones - Are They Trying to Kill Me?

In case I have not yet been driven totally insane with waiting, Fox has released a few more torture devices. Can one die of anticipation? I may. View at your own peril.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Spike!

The beautiful and talented James Marsters turns 47 today (I don't believe it). You can see him next in the SyFy original movie High Plains Invaders on August 30th and then next year in the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica. Also, check out the super sweet Buffy/Spike video below:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon Trailer - New

I've tried posting this quite a few times - so I apologize if it doesn't work. It's a great new trailer though so good luck!

True Blood Music - Season 2

I may be slow on the uptake here, but I discovered something about this season of True Blood the other night during the end credits of the latest episode. All of the episodes this season are named after songs that have appeared in the corresponding episode. Most of the songs can be found on iTunes if you want to make yourself a nice little season 2 soundtrack. This is the list so far:

“Nothing But The Blood” by Randy Travis
“Keep This Party Going” by the B-52s
“Scratches” by Debbie Davis
“Shake and Fingerpop” by Junior Walker and the All Stars
“Never Let Me Go” by Katie Webster
“Hard Hearted Hannah” by Dolly Kay
“Release Me” by Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn
“Timebomb” by Beck“I Will Rise Up” by Lyle Lovett

I can only speculate on the last 3 songs but here are my guesses:

“New World in My View” by King Britt
“Frenzy” By Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
“Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” by Bob Dylan

I'll check back after Sunday's episode (see preview below) to see how I did.

Release Reminder

2 Great picks out on DVD today. Dexter Season 3 and Gossip Girl Season 2. Both are must haves in my book. If you haven't seen them, order them today - you won't regret it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Touch of Dead

October 6th just keeps getting more and more exciting. So far, on that magical day, we get the movie companion book for New Moon, Bones season 4 on DVD, and Blood Ties season 2. But wait! There's more! Also out on Tuesday, October 6th is the 10th Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris and I was able to dig up a few more details on the highly anticipated book. Ms. Harris' website is calling this one an "anthology of Sookie Stackhouse shorts." Will it be new stories or filling in the blanks left in old ones? On that, I haven't a clue. No matter, I will be putting it in my Amazon cart either way. I am curious though. Are there any stories you are hoping she tells? Any questions left unanswered?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Will Rise Up

True Blood Recap:
Um. Wow. Not only the best True Blood episode yet but one of the best hours of TV I have ever seen. And I have seen a LOT of TV. I'm not even sure where to start. At the beginning of the episode when Sookie was "saving" Eric all I could think was that he is a very tall, very hot, ass hole! But his grieving over Godric at the end was so sad I almost want to take back my insult. And even though I am still a big Bill shipper it was great seeing the 2 blondes in bed together. Such a great scene - even if it was just a dream. My question is, was he dreaming the same thing? Lorena was scary as hell though. I want her to go away almost as much as I want MaryAnne to take a nice long walk off of a very short pier. When Sookie woke up from the sexy dream/nightmare, it would have been nice to get a tear jerker alert. For a million different reasons, her chat with Jason had me bawling. It's a good thing I'm not a vampire or my sofa would have been ruined. It was very good to see them bond. And may I just say that Jessica and Hoyt are the cutest thing since puppies? I love, love, loved seeing Hoyt finally stand up to his bitch of a mother. That woman needed that plus a whole lot more. Jessica should totally bite her ass. But not her actual ass. Gross. I am also much more excited about Sam going to see Andy than I should be. Hopefully they can finally put and end to the black eyed madness! I'm sure I am leaving out a ton (the show was packed) but in the end, Sookie waiting with Godric was immensely moving. Again I was glad for clear tears. I kinda wish we could have gotten a bit more of him. Oh well! Time to head back to Bon Temps and take an axe to MaryAnne. Only 3 to go!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Old Show - New Review - Browncoats Unite!

So I finally got around to watching the entire Firefly series and it's companion movie, Serenity on DVD and may I just say DAMN IT! I really wish this show would have been advertised better when it originally aired so many years ago. It is in one word AMAZING. If you have not seen it yet, get it on Netflix or buy it. Now! The short lived show was laugh out loud funny, and deeply moving all at the same time (as all of Joss Whedon's shows are). It can most accurately be described in 2 words as a space western (trust me, I do know how stupid that sounds) but those 2 words do not even begin to touch the magnitude of the world in which Firefly lives. The show revolves around 9 rebels who come to live together on a space ship well after Earth has been blown to pieces. How they all came to be there is revealed throughout the 15 episodes and the subsequent movie (Serenity). The series is action packed and full of tons of whit and more heart than you can even imagine. Even my boyfriend likes it and he hates Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Whedon's most popular endeavor). The captain of the ship is Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (played by Nathan Fillion who also appeared as Caleb on Buffy) and he is equal parts sexy, cool, sarcastic, and fearless. He is backed up by a crew of (mostly) honest thieves who range from the hard ass, egomaniac, weapons specialist Jayne (played by Adam Baldwin) to the sweet as pie mechanic Kaylee (played by Jewel Staite). There is also some serious sexual tension between the resident "Companion" Inara (played by the beautiful Morena Baccarin) and Mal - so thick you could cut it with a battle axe. The real intrigue though, comes with the arrival of River Tam - the genius girl turned inside out by the new government regime created when the two surviving superpowers, the United States and China, fused to form the central federal government, called the Alliance. Guessing what she'll do next or how she might react to each situation creates TONS of suspense. Not to mention the girl is grace embodied (played by real life ballerina Summer Glau). Other players include River's adorable and well intentioned doctor brother Simon Tam (played by Sean Maher), the very jocular pilot Wash (played by the hilarious Alan Tudyk, "A Knight's Tale," "Dodgeball") and his kick ass wife Zoe (played by Gina Torres, "Bones," "Angel") who could win 1st place in a "Hot in Leather" contest any day of the week. It's very hard to compare this show/movie to anything I have ever seen before but I highly recommend it for anyone in favor of smart dialogue and thrilling action. If you have already seen both, check out the video below to see a great homage to River Tam. If you have not seen either, watch the show and movie and come back for the video. Trust me. It's worth it!

OMF Gossip Girl

How have I not seen this ad yet? Oh yeah. I don't watch commercials. Anyways, cannot believe this spot for Gossip Girl. Dan and Georgina????????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next one down is also quite funny but I'm not sure about Dan's new hair. May take some getting used to.

More Bones

The commercials for this damn show just keep getting better and better and I can hardly stand the waiting!! Here's another great one:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aliens, Time Travelers and Vampires, Oh My!

There are 3 things I really wanted to see this weekend and it looks like I'm only going to get a shot at one! 2 big movies are opening today: District 9 and Time Traveler's Wife. And then of course, my only guarantee = True Blood on Sunday!!

District 9:
This movie looks like an alien/disaster movie turned upside down. As far as what I have read and seen via previews, this promises to be unlike any other film anyone has ever seen before. I imagine it in my head to be somewhat like Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day. It doesn't hurt to have Peter Jackson (Lord of The Rings) attached to it. Everyone else to do with the project is a unknown. Which sounds to me like a breath of fresh movie air. EW has reviewed it here and you can see the trailer below:,,20297361,00.html

Time Traveler's Wife:
I have previously talked about how excited I am to see this movie based on my absolute love of the book it is based on. All I can hope is that it lives up to the high standards it has set for itself. It was honest to God one of the best love stories I have ever read - and I have read a lot of them. So far, the casting and the trailers seem to be up to par. Let's be honest though, the movie is never as good as the book. But they can come close (John Grisham's The Client). The trailer for the movie is amazing (and has me totally addicted to the song "Broken" by LifeHouse). Here it is again for your viewing pleasure:

True Blood - I Will Rise Up:
HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: We still have 3 episodes left after this Sunday! I had been basing all of my predictions on the season finale coming before Labor Day. I have just learned that we get 2 weeks between the 11th and 12th (and last) episodes! This week Eric and Sookie finally get a little bit closer while Godric makes a move concerning The Fellowship of the Sun. Sam is still in jail and trying to avoid MaryAnne (who wouldn't avoid that crazy bitch?) and Lafayette tries to put a stop to Tara's complete madness. Each and every week is getting more exciting! Tune in Monday for my full review. Check out this week's preview below:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Vacation Bone is Connected to the Recovery Bone

Sorry for the long break kids! I was on vacation and then needed a vacation from my vacation. I have managed to find quite a few new Bones goodies over the last couple of days though, including the new official season 5 promo from Fox which I cannot seem to stop watching:

That stupid commercial makes me so excited for the new season I can hardly stand it! And it's still 5 weeks away!

Another little happy I found was's interview with Bones creator Hart Hansen. Do not read if you want season 5 to be a complete and total surprise. Personally, I'm a spoiler addict:

Kristin Dos Santos from Eonline spoke with David Boreanaz at TCA last week about the rotating of the "Squints" and if we might be expecting any other new faces this season and this is what he had to say:

"We are also investigating doing it with the FBI now, which I think is really interesting because we have the squints, but we haven't seen much of the wackies in Booth's world. We just worked with Christopher Duncan. He's a great actor, and he brought so much to the show. He brought such an identity, and what's great about the experience of working with these guys is that they open up the realm of possibilities. To see how these two characters work off of them, how I would react to squint or how she would react to an FBI guy, and it really just opens up the character work."

Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly also caught up with the Bones stars at TCA and had some great interviews (with spoilers of course):

Enjoy these and I'll let you know if I find any other tasty bits!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breaking Bank

You Too Can Be Rich In Days!:
All you have to do is find a bestselling book and claim that it was your idea!! It has happened a million times and 99% of the time the accusing author loses the lawsuit but gains huge publicity (and dollars) by simply claiming they were first and better (Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling has fended off dozens of these). Stephenie Meyer has now been accused of plagiarizing portions of her 4th Twilight book, Breaking Dawn. I personally have read this book at least 4 times and there is no way that this book would make any sense (which I think it does, perfectly) if it did not go hand in hand with the 3 before it (which are not under the plagiarism accusation). It's obviously a scene stealing publicity maneuver by the accusing author (whose name I refuse to print). If I am proven wrong at any point I am fully willing to retract. However, to me, this stinks! EW has further info here: BTW - If you are wondering about the book that Stephenie "stole" from, I have been unable to find if for purchase anywhere on the internet. That's not fishy at all.

Tonight Is The Night!:
It's finale time on SYTYCD and I am pumped. My hope for the winner? Kayla! She has a mousy personality but her dancing is on fire! I am still beyond incensed that Evan made the top 4 but that is neither here nor there. Here's hoping we get some great performances tonight - at least a couple worth talking about tomorrow.

Today's R&R:
My very first R is for recognition. As in Bird is thankful that I posted the Being Human links yesterday and she is now totally addicted to the great British invasion. She was even kind enough to share the following link for more information on the show:

Blast From the Past - Witter Style!:
Last night my sister asked me to recall some dates that I would rather erase from my mind entirely. However, the brain churn did stir up one nice little gem from way back when. To this day they are one of my favorite and most unlikely (but most hoped for) couples. And these are some of their very best moments. Take it away Joey and Pacey!:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Odds and Ends

Happy Tuesday to you all! Not a whole lot going on this week but I do have some small bits to share. Also, a couple of great friends and loyal readers had the excellent idea of opening entertainment reviews and recommendations up to anyone who cares to share so I have posted my email address on the right if there is something you would like to submit for the new R&R section. Many thanks to Bird and Sonya!!!

Vampire Diaries:
I have read a lot of mixed reviews on this show and the clips I've seen seem a bit hokey but none of that will stop me from checking it out for myself this fall. My favorite EW writer, Michael Ausiello is on the fall TV press tour and has some funny notes from the Vampire Diaries part of his day. You can read his notes here: See below for clips from the upcoming season airing on The CW:

Being Human = Watch Online!:
For those who have missed the first couple of episodes of Being Human or do not have BBC, you can get caught up before this weekend on YouTube. They have the first 2 episodes available in sections to watch for free. This 1st episode of this supernatural show was fun but the 2nd was phenomenal. Watch it here now:

Fall TV = Get Ready!:
The turning leaves and colder weather are just around the corner (booo!) but that means Fall TV is also getting closer (yay!). TV Guide has a great layout of all of the shows in prime time on the major networks so you can start making plans and revving up the Tivo. Thursdays are hopeless (again) for anyone with less than 2 DVRs but the rest of the week looks doable (for me anyways) with a great big HOORAY for the So You Think You Can Dance fall season. Check out the great chart here: