Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon - My Take

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Stop now if you don’t want to know!

I’ve had to remind myself more than once that this movie is a sequel. It felt so different from its predecessor that to call it a different animal isn’t going far enough. It’s an entirely different species (wink, wink). Not that there isn’t continuity, because there is.

Obviously Twilight’s overwhelming success allowed for a much bigger budget this time around. And while it wasn’t perfect, the bank wasn’t the only party to bring the A game.

There were things I loved about New Moon both in comparison to the book and as a movie standing alone. To say I was pleasantly surprised at Kristen’s portrayal of Bella in New Moon would be the understatement of the year. Almost all of the cringe inducing moments in Twilight were solely to do with her not quite getting it. So, considering how bad it could have been I was quite impressed. Especially through the torture she experiences when Edward leaves. Very well done.

The music editors also did an incredible job choosing just the right songs for the right moments. I did have some favorites though. Bella’s painful gut wrenching was beautifully enhanced with Satellite Heart by Anya Marina and Possibility by Lykke Li. And Thom Yorke’s Hearing Damage added just the right amount of escalated intensity to the hunt for Victoria and Bella’s walk to the cliffs. The big disappointment in the music department was the score. It lacked all of the desperation that should have accompanied Bella’s run through the square and the sweeping crescendo expected when she made it just in time.

Portions of the book that could have been very difficult to express on film were also handled with a care that I wasn’t expecting. The passing of time between Edward’s departure and her first hallucination of him was beautifully done with a swooping and spinning camera watching her stare vacantly out the window (though sitting in the 2nd row it did make me a bit dizzy). And I felt that using undeliverable emails to Alice as a way for Bella to vocalize her thoughts and feelings was pretty clever as most of those feeling needed to be expressed (the hole punched in her chest as an example). I was also surprised at how much more likable Jacob was in the movie as opposed to the book. And I SWEAR it had nothing to do with his rockin bod. Cross my heart!

If I was going to be really picky I would say that some conversations that should have been savored felt rushed while others that should have moved the story along seemed to drag a bit. My two biggest points of contention however, are with the way some of the Volturi sequences were handled. I find it hard to believe that a mind reader would allow himself to take such an ass beating regardless of his opponent’s considerable size advantage (Edward and Felix). And I absolutely could not stop my eyes from rolling at Edward and the vampire Bella running though the woods in Alice’s vision of the future. That could have been done with a lot less cheese.

Overall, it was a really great experience, hugely boosted by my movie companions! I can’t wait to see if I still feel the same about all of it after the second time around.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Joss' Kids

Joss' kids is the nickname that Birdie and I give to all of our favorite actors that have ever been under Joss Whedon's umbrella. And there have been a TON of amazing people under his umbrella. Enjoy the vids. There are more to come.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Know What You Are

My favorite new show this year - by a mile - is Kevin Williamson's Vampire Diaries. It has everything a girl like me is looking for. Hot guys, great romance, amazing music and best yet - total escapism. After this week's episode, it looks like Elena has figured out what Stefan is. But that is not the end. Not even close. Here are my other favorite "in the know” couples. Some of them make it. Some of them don't. Some of them are left to our own imaginations.

5. Blood Ties – Vicki & Henry = Things are getting a bit wiggy for P.I. Vicki until hottie Henry shows up. Is he a suspect or the best crime solving partner she has ever had? He can, of course smell the blood left behind. She is convinced that the supernatural happens. Can she be convinced that Henry has feelings for her?

4. Twilight – Bella &Edward = Bella was sure of Edward even before she knew what he was. She knew he was something else. But, to her, it did not matter what the “else” was. She was in from the word go. No talk of fangs or blood or undead was going to keep her from what she wanted most.

3. Moonlight – Beth & Mick = The P.I. Mick has learned to mesh with the humans as best he can. He keeps his blood in the fridge and minds his own business. Until Beth captures his attention – and his heart. Now he has to protect her. From the truth and from himself. She doesn’t want to care what he is. But, maybe they both care just enough to make their love impossible.

2. True Blood – Sookie & Bill = She knew what he was from the get go. And that made her all the more attracted to him. His world provided a peace she had never known. Except that his world proved to be anything but peaceful. Regardless of being used and abused, Sookie will stand by Bill. No matter what his world does to her.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel – Buffy & Angel = Their story is so tragic it should be written in old English. A human girl chosen from millions to be the ONE to slay the demons. The ONE demon of millions cursed with a soul. And the two meet. And fall in love. The love created will never be matched nor will it ever be fully realized. And that is the true tragedy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Life in the Whedonverse

Brought on, I'm sure, by Dollhouse's season premiere, a couple of publications have been posting lists of the best of the best in the land of Joss Whedon. I mostly agree with both lists (one ranks them by number and one does not) and they do overlap quite a bit. But, I have one major problem. Mood. And for me, in the Whedonverse, that means everything. What do I watch when I want to laugh? When I need a good cry? When I need a WTF moment I know is coming? The brilliance of Joss' work is that it can be all of these things all at once and then still be separated into groups. Want romance? Want danger? Horror? Humor? There is something for everyone. Here is my take.

Best real life situation = "The Body" Buffy, Season 5: For anyone who has ever dealt with the loss of someone close this one really hits home. Especially the silence. When you are alone with death there is no background music, no sweeping crescendo. Just silence. And fear. And pain. This episode was so beautifully done that I felt like I had lost my own mother all over again.

Best I'm really gonna kick your ass = "Not Fade Away" Angel, Season 5: This came too soon and too fast but the moment when Angel vamps out on Hamilton and when Illyria puts her fist through Vail's face, you just can't stop yourself from cheering out loud! And in case we expected anything less from our favorite hero, his final wish is to slay dragons. Poor dragons.

Best family that doesn't know it's a family = "Out of Gas" Firefly: Until this episode (if you watched them in order on DVD instead of Fox's f'd up way) the crew of Serenity seemed to be a pretty loose knit and just sort of fond of each other bunch (at best). This episode was so intense in showing love and devotion that it fully cemented the 9 of them as a family unit that you would never doubt again. And one of the best lines I have ever heard (still brings tears) 'When your miracle gets here, call us back"

Best WTF = "Needs" Dollhouse, Season 1: I knew when this episode started that it had to be some kind of trick or device. But, that didn't stop me from gasping out loud almost every 5 minutes. I loved getting to find out some of what the dolls were before they were Dolls.

Best could have done without that = "I Will Remember You" Angel, Season 1: This entire episode is just a gratuitous meal for the hungry Angel/Buffy shippers. And I loved every minute of it. I have watched A LOT of television and A LOT of movies and yet I have never witnessed anything quite as heartbreaking as this episode. It builds up so much hope and love and then just rips it all away before you even realize what's happening. I'll never again feel the same way about yogurt.

Best was that really necessary = Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog: I want all of my friends to see this. It is a masterpiece of creation. However, they're not really into sad. So, I always advertise it as a hilarious and catchy musical. Which it is. Totally. And then Penny dies. And then they all hate me. However, they are all hating me while having the songs stuck in their heads for life. So I consider it a win.

Best are they allowed to show that on TV = "Smashed" Buffy, Season 6: Until this episode sex in the Buffyverse had always been sweet and lovey dovey. And then there was Spike. Holy crow was this hot or what? And the "I can't believe they are showing this on TV" sex continued in "Gone," "Doublemeat Palace," and "Dead Things." If Spike wasn't a permanent fantasy object before this, he became one very soon after.

Best funny thing to happen to a group = "Tabula Rasa" Buffy, Season 6 & "Spin the Bottle" Angel, Season 4: An entire group of demon fighters losing their memories is hilarious the first time around. And the 2nd time around. Both of these episodes really forced the actors to act - outside of the characters they were so used to. And some of the funniest, laugh out loud, fall off the sofa hilarity ensued. "It was about time that the English got what's coming to him, I'm rooting for the slave." "I don't see any booze, I don't feel any head bumps, I don't see Allen Funt." And then cruelness came. Both episodes ended with tears (from me anyways).
Best I wish there was more = "Serenity” Firefly Movie: This was supposed to be the answer to all of the fans' wildest dreams. Which it was, in a way. All it did for me was make me even more attached to the characters and their stories than I already was. The movie did have some of the very best moments though (River against the Reavers) and will always make me cry. And scream for more!

Best so scary I peed my pants = "Hush" Buffy, Season 4: The moment when one of the Gentlemen glides across the screen right in front of Olivia makes me jump out of my skin every single time I watch this episode. I have seen this at least 20 times. It never becomes less scary. Just the thought of having my voice stolen makes me shudder. Brilliant story telling.

Best OUCH = "Innocence" Buffy, Season 2:  Yikes!  Can you imagine the horror!
Buffy: You just left.

Angelus: Yeah. Like I really wanted to stick around after that.
Buffy: What?
Angelus: You got a lot to learn about men, kiddo. Although I guess you proved that last night.
Buffy: What are you saying?
Angelus: Let's not make an issue out of it, okay? In fact, let's not talk about it at all. It happened.
Buffy: I-I don't understand. Was it m-me? Was I not good?
Angelus: [sarcastically] You were great. Really. I thought you were a pro.

Best friend = "War Stories" Firefly:  Mal does exactly what it takes to keep his pilot alive.  It sounds horrible coming out of his mouth, but it gets the job done.  I can only hope I have friends willing to be that awful to me if the situation called for it.

Best guardian angel = "The Target" Dollhouse, Season 1: I have had dozens of nightmares where I am being chases by something terrible.  This Dollhouse episode puts it all into perspective as I have never once been hunted by the hot guy I just slept with.  The entire situation is way too scary  - until Boyd comes to the rescue.  His love for Echo is all over his face.  What makes it even better?  Echo saving him right back!
Best sexy drink = "Graduation Part 2" Buffy, Season 3: I have screened the bit of this episode when Angel bites Buffy for a number of different people and I always hear a lot of "gross."  I don't get it.  There is nothing gross or icky or sick about this entire portion of the episode.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the sexiest, most intense love scenes I have ever laid eyes on.  I've seen True Blood, Moonlight, Twilight, Blood Ties and dozens of other vampire bite situations.  And still.  This is hands down the very best of them all.  Anyone know where I can find one of those arrows?

Your thoughts?  What did we miss?

More Dollhouse!

A couple more Dollhouse articles!  I LOVE that it's getting so much attention!!  Hopefully this will turn into amazing ratings that will make Fox want to keep it forever!  A girl can dream right?

Chigaco Tribune article on the show

SciFiWire article with behind the scenes photos!

I realized I hadn't posted the actual trailer yet.  So excited!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Return to the Dollhouse!

Dollhouse is finally back tomorrow and I have spent all week collecting must see/read items in preparation for the premiere!  Thank you Twitter for hooking me up with all the goods!

Joss Whedon interview from Complex Magazine (talk of Dr. Horrible 2)

Fox interview with stunt man Mike Massa (p.s. he was David Boreanaz's stunt double for Angel)

Fox interview with Tahmoh Penikett (Paul Ballard)

Another great Joss interview

Joss on io9

Great article on Joss' amazing mind

io9's review of the premiere

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack!!

The song list for the New Moon Soundtrack has been finalized!!!  The album is due out October 20th and you can pre-order from Amazon here.

I am super stoked about the bands being included on the soundtrack (especially Muse and BRMC) and cannot wait to pick up my own copy in just a few weeks!  Here is the list:


2009 Emmy's

So the winners were a little disapointing (then again so were the nominees) but it was still a fun night.  Neil Patrick Harris rocked it out as host and Ricky Gervais was hilarious as a presenter.  My  favorite parts:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

True Blood - The Aftermath

Sunday night's True Blood party was a wicked good time with an abundance of food and wine and even a newly invented shot.  The vampire cupcakes were also a huge success (see above).  Oh, and the episode was good too.  It looks like it will be back no later than June of next year so it should be another bloody good summer in 2010. 

The True Blood girls and I had a lot of conversations about the show on Sunday night but the most interesting by far was regarding certain character look alikes (thank you Paige!).

The first was her comparison of Jason Stackhouse to George W. Bush.  You can just imagine how fast all of our jaws hit the floor.  Come on!  Jason is the yummiest of the yum and any comparison that detracts from that is just not ok with me.  However, as much as I hate to admit it, there is an uncanny resemblance:
Scary right?  I'm not even sure I want to know how she figured this out.

The second was the Eggs/Obama match.  Again.  What?  And again, no matter how much we would love to deny it, here it is:

It works better without the eyes but they do have similar smiles and (yes Paige) ears.  I wonder if the President looks as good with his shirt off.  Yikes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vampire Odds and Ends

Thank God!  The new New Moon trailer was leaked online and I do not have to suffer through the VMAs today in order to see it.  And, now, neither do you! It's a GREAT new trailer:


And in case you are completely oblivious to the world, you haven't forgetten that the True Blood season finale is just hours away! Here's a bit of a taste:

Friday, September 11, 2009

New (to me) Must Read Series

When one of my best friends first handed me this series of books to read all I gave her were raised eyebrows.  The series by Rachel Vincent is about Faythe Sanders and she is a Werecat.  Yes.  A Werecat.  I don't know why I thought this was silly at first.  After all, I've read and loved dozens of books about flying broomsticks and vampires who go to high school and date waitresses.  So it was no surprise to me that it took a little while to get into the first of the series, Stray.  What did surprise me was how hard it became to put down.    Faythe lives in a world she is dying to escape, constantly under the supervision of her Werecat family and their hired protectors.  She has complicated relationships with almost everyone in her life and is just looking for a little independence.  That is, until her entire world threatens to come crashing down around her.  Once the action starts there is little time to do anything but breathe as the whirlwind continues through all 4 books (each of which I devoured in just a few hours).  Not since Scarlett O'Hara has there been a heroine so fallible and at the same time so endearing.  Not to mention the ass kicking she can dish out, the likes of which you haven't seen since Buffy Summers hung up her stake.  The world she lives in is full of danger, politics and mystery with a healthy dose of love and devotion so strong that the first tear is sliding down your cheek before you even realize how invested you've become.  Four of the six planned novels are out in paperback now (see above) and the 5th is due out March 1st of next year which, for me, feels like a lifetime to wait after tearing through the first 4 so quickly.  You can order Stray from Amazon here and you may as well order the other 3 while you're at it.  You'll thank me later.  I'd bet all nine of my lives on it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vampire Diaries - My First Impression

Well, so far, so good. I have to say, all I have heard about this series for the last couple of months is how much like Twilight it was going to be and for the most part, I disagree. Of course the books this show is based on came out about a decade before Stephenie Meyer had her infamous Twilight dream so any similarities would be purely coincidental either way. And while I did get similar feelings watching this pilot as I did reading the first few chapters of Twilight, the sameness stops there. Actually, I felt a lot more of a Dawson's Creek mood (they have the same creator, Kevin Williamson) and Stefan throws off much more of an Angel vibe (his brooding brows and manly man jaw line, hello!) than an Edward one. Other immediate thoughts as I was watching:

1. The soundtrack is AWESOME! Silversun Pickups, Placebo, MGMT and more! I hope they put out a soundtrack.
2. How great was it to see fangs in the first 60 seconds?
3. Nice shout out to my home, the Witch City. Go Salem!
4. As a general rule, I hate teenage girls and that Caroline ditz is doing nothing to change that. I hope Damon bites her.
5. The fog coming into the cemetery when Elena was there looked like bad concert effects.
6. All of the boys are delicious. Even the human ones.
7. What's up with that older guy calling Stefan Uncle?

Final thoughts? This is a show I will be following closely. If only for the good vampy fun. Your thoughts? Are you gonna tune in next week?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

True Blood - We're almost there!

The finale is just a couple of days away and I'm so excited!  Here are a couple of things to get you through to Sunday night.  First, a TV Guide interview with the maenad herself, Michelle Forbes and a People interview with the very sexy Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten).  I'll have my review of the finale on Monday and then it's a good thing regular TV starts back up again - what else would I do?!!

Also, Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) was on Live with Regis and Kelly the other day.  It was a pretty cute interview.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

True Blood - The Music

The soundtrack for this show has been out for a while but the music I have been waiting for just made it to the shelves today.  The Score.  I'm not a classical music junkiie but there are certain scores that just tell the story almost better than the show itself.  This is one of those.  Despite the Eric fever that is sweeping the nation, you can't help but fall in love with Bill all over again when you hear Nathan Barr's haunting melodies.  This music puts you in Sookie's shoes when she meets him for the first time and takes you through their entire thrilling and sometimes chilling world.  Listen to Hairclip and Bill's Lament loud and often and you will find yourself all of a sudden in Bon Temps.  If you love the show you will love this.  It goes down easier than a bottle of O negative.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall TV Returns - And a bit of rambling.

The Fall TV schedule has started to fill up my Tivo To Do list and is causing some summer entertainment reflection.
I started this blog in June to give me something to do while I was unemployed.  Sitting around waiting for the email to ding or the phone to ring was starting to make me a little lot crazy.  I was spending most of my time reading, watching TV and listening to music and when I was in the company of others all I wanted to talk about was what I had just read, watched, listened to.  A friend gave me idea to start blogging about it (she's a bit of a blog addict) (you know who you are) as a way to put out into the world everything I was so excited about.  At first the title of the blog was kind of a joke.  But, the more I worked on the blog, the more I wanted other people to start enjoying what I had been discovering in my time off and the title started to become more of a reality than a joke.  I have watched and re-watched countless hours of my favorite shows on DVD (The O.C., Everwood, Buffy, Angel, Dead Like Me, Firefly, Bones, Supernatural, Moonlight, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl).  Not to mention the INCREDIBLE summer TV (So You Think You Can Dance and True Blood are at the top of that list).  I have discovered (through the help of a certain reading addict) new book series that have caused serious character attachment much in the vein of Harry Potter and Twilght (Stray, Hunger Games).  And I have added at least 1000 new songs to my iTunes in just the last couple of months.  Soon I will be going back out into the real world where I don't get to spend the day surrounded by the pop culture I love so much.  Of course everyone's dream job is getting paid to do something they love.  If I could survive otherwise, I wouldn't even want to get paid.  Getting to experience this much greatness in such a short period of time has been payment enough.  And there is still so much to look forward to!  All of my TV favorites will be returning within a matter of weeks and 2 CDs I have been looking forward to are also released this month.  Plus, my favorite holiday in October and New Moon in November!  Having entertainment OCD isn't such a bad thing I guess.  If you need help planning your fall check out the 2 links below:
Have a great Labor Day everyone!

Cake Wrecks Book

Don't forget to pick up the new Cake Wrecks book - on shelves tomorrow!  I was introduced to the blog by an article in Details Magazine and have since gotten all of my friends competely addicted to it.  Jen (the author) is one of the funniest writers I have ever experienced.  It's one of the few blogs I make sure and check every single day and more often than not, I'm convulsing in laughter the whole time I'm reading.  I can't wait to add it to my library. 
You can order the book from Amazon here:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Master!

That would be Joss Whedon of course. Don't miss this awesome article from on the brilliant creator!

Gossip Girl - Season 3 Sneak Peek!

I am extremely grateful to EOnline for posting the following new Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks! Even though it makes me think that the next 2 weeks are going to feel more like 2 years.

I swear they do this just to torture me!!!

Catching Fire - Finally!

And I'm spent! After what seemed like an eternity waiting for this book I was up most of the night finishing it. Despite the protests from my brain and eyes this morning, one would have had to pry it out of my cold dead fingers in order to get me to put it down. If you have not read the first book in the series, Hunger Games, stop reading here. Catching Fire joins up with Katniss just a few months after her and Peeta's defying double victory at the 74th annual Hunger Games and they haven't seen much of each other since. Most of the first half of the book follows Katniss through her life as a victor, the changes her District 12 has experienced and the painful pull she feels between her fellow winner and her best friend Gale. Don't take this to mean it's a "day in the life" of a contest winner. The anxiety and urgency begin almost immediately and will stay with you through to the very last page - and beyond. The action sequences are such a frenzied blur that you feel like you've just watched it on the screen instead of reading it from the page. There was not a lot of the usual re-telling of the original story that authors of series often use, which is great as I hate feeling like I could have skipped the first 10 pages. What I did have to be reminded of however, was how old Katniss is. Her trials and wisdom are so far beyond her age that it's easy to forget that she's only 17. Be sure to have a box of tissues on hand as the opportunities for tears are many. And though it wasn't often, I did find myself laughing out loud a few times. I can't say why without giving big portions of the story away but I will say that pages 232, 241 and 316 held a few special delights. Overall, the book was so well done that I find myself caught half way between glad I devoured it in one night and wishing I would have savoured it over time. I was both heartbroken and empowered throughout and feel quite emotionally drained after the experience. I dare you to pick up this book and not dread having to put it down. Even after you're finished.

And now begins the long countdown to the final chapter.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bones Season 5 - More Spoilers!

Before I start - a great big congratulations to Bones star David Boreanaz who, with wife Jamie Bergman, welcomed their new daughter yesterday. Congratulations David!,,20301743,00.html

I am starting to think that I know all there is to know about the Bones Season 5 opener at this point and still I cannot wait to see it! EOnline had a Q&A with a few of the stars last week which you can read here:

Emily Deschanel was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night and was adorable as usual (even though she could hardly get a word in edgewise). No new spoilers but they did show a new clip:

And Fox has made available the same clip but more of it:

Jason Stackhouse = The Perfect Dumb Yum!

A big huge thanks to Wicker for pointing me in the direction of this month's GQ Magazine (Michael Jackson is on the cover). The issue includes 6 delicious photos of Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse on True Blood). He has been, by far, one of my favorite characters on the show this season. He has had me going from slapping my forehead in disbelief of his absolute stupidity one minute to drooling over his gorgeousness the next. I have scanned in a couple of the photos for your viewing pleasure but be sure to pick up the mag to see the rest. You'll be thanking Wicker too!

Catching Fire - The wait continues

I guess I'm not the only one who couldn't wait to get their hands on this book. My local book store was sold out already this morning and now I will be heading to the big box book store this evening. I've already waited nearly a year for it so what's a couple more hours right?

If you have not yet read Hunger Games (the first in the series), pick them both up at the same time. If you hate it you can send me nasty emails at no cost to you. I'm certain this book will be as quickly devoured as the last one was. I should have my review of the new one posted before the long weekend so check back!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

True Blood - Frenzy

Just as I thought - lots of build up on tonight's episode of True Blood! It's going to be a very long 2 weeks. The situation with Tara and her mother is too sad for words and poor Lafayette - he just cannot catch a break. Although I doubt that he minds now given his new condition. The best exchange of the evening was between Andy and Jason in the truck. Absolute hilarity! Jason's beautiful stupidity has had me doubled over with laughter throughout most of the season and it just keeps getting better. Bill on the other hand is really starting to piss me off (despite the fact that he looked positively delicious in that black leather jacket). This is the second time this season he has been kept away from Sookie by a woman who wants to jump his bones. Grow a set already for God's sake Bill!!! Speaking of women who want Bill, Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen of Louisiana was pure delight! I'd play Yahtzee with her any time! Hopefully large amounts of beer and Wisconsin cheese next weekend will ease the pain of waiting for the finale. It could happen!

I rock!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blue October - Live Tonight

I cannot wait to see this band tonight! My dancing shoes are on and I am ready to jam out!

Some of the songs I am hoping to hear:

Just watching these videos makes me so excited I can hardly stand it!!! Just a warning to those going with me - I will be singing obnoxiously!

Friday, August 28, 2009

True Blood - 2 To Go

It's still more than 2 weeks away and everyone is talking about nothing else! The party is planned, the fangs are out and now we sit and wait. We still have Sunday to look forward to but I have a feeling it will be all build up for the final battle when MaryAnne will be put down at long last. My fellow fang bangers and I aren't the only ones who can't (and won't) shut up about it. Check out the following articles if you want to know as much as possible going in (I personally cannot help myself).


I got to see them on tour this summer and it was spectacular! If you missed it I feel real bad for you - you really missed out! Their tour has a 2nd leg and if you can catch them I highly reommend it. Call in sick, go in late, be tired at work - I don't care what you do - just SEE THIS BAND!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dr. Horrible - Cakes are on the rise!

Ever since I watched this amazing musical piece of genius I have had the songs stuck in my head. If you haven't watched it yet, you have no excuse not to. It's free and only 45 minutes long. You will thank me after (except maybe when you can't stop singing the silly songs).

Cake Wrecks featured some amazing Dr. Horrible cakes over the weekend and I just had to share. You would almost hate to eat them. Almost.:

A Slayer before Buffy? has a very interesting article comparing Bewitched lady Samantha to Buffy Summers, the ultimate power chick. It raises a lot of very interesting points (though calling SMG annoying puts me off a bit) and makes you think a lot about girl power on TV throughout the years. Read the article and share your thoughts!

New Moon Release Reminder

A little less than 3 months until the New Moon movie is in theaters so I wanted to remind everyone of some important release dates leading up to the big to-do:

September 15th - New Moon Mass Market Paperback (with hot Jacob)

October 6th - New Moon Movie Companion Book

October 13th - New Moon Soundtrack

November 20th - New Moon movie in theaters

Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


NBC has decided to move the season premier of beautiful Ben McKenzie's show, Southland, to October. I enjoyed this show last spring but I was glad to know they would be simplifying things a bit for the coming season. Did you watch last spring? Will you watch this fall? Does this mean good things for Dollhouse? Michael Ausiello has more details here:
What do you think?

Monday, August 24, 2009

True Blood - New World In My View

Woo Hoo! Score one for me! I totally guessed correctly the song and artist that would play on Sunday night's episode (“New World in My View” by King Britt, played during the end credits). Of course, it wasn't as challenging as this week's will be. There are about 300 songs with the title "Frenzy." We'll see if I can go 2 for 2.

The episode itself was great and really quite funny. Jason is quickly becoming my favorite Stackhouse. Was it just me though, or did acting like the coming God seem a bit beyond his brain capacity? So glad to have Tara back to the world of "my eyes aren't black," and Lafayette time is always appreciated. I also think it's pretty sweet that Andy is working so hard (well as hard as he can wasted) to keep Sam safe. The most disturbing moment of the evening was watching Bill toss his cookies if cookies are black tar bile. I was really hoping he'd be able to at least make MaryAnne suffer. No such luck. And what the heck is up with Sookie? I've read the books (the first 5 anyway) and so far there is none of the stuff from this episode in there. It's pretty exciting. And on Sunday we finally get to meet the Queen of Louisiana. Can't wait! (Sunday's preview below).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dance Fever

I had my very first live ballet experience this evening and it was nothing short of AMAZING! The women were grace personified and the men were more athletic than most pro sports players. It was major full body chills and reminded me how much I love to watch dancing. I felt so inspired I decided to quiz my public. What's your favorite dance moment? Vote and I will post the winner next week.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bones - Are They Trying to Kill Me?

In case I have not yet been driven totally insane with waiting, Fox has released a few more torture devices. Can one die of anticipation? I may. View at your own peril.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Spike!

The beautiful and talented James Marsters turns 47 today (I don't believe it). You can see him next in the SyFy original movie High Plains Invaders on August 30th and then next year in the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica. Also, check out the super sweet Buffy/Spike video below:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon Trailer - New

I've tried posting this quite a few times - so I apologize if it doesn't work. It's a great new trailer though so good luck!

True Blood Music - Season 2

I may be slow on the uptake here, but I discovered something about this season of True Blood the other night during the end credits of the latest episode. All of the episodes this season are named after songs that have appeared in the corresponding episode. Most of the songs can be found on iTunes if you want to make yourself a nice little season 2 soundtrack. This is the list so far:

“Nothing But The Blood” by Randy Travis
“Keep This Party Going” by the B-52s
“Scratches” by Debbie Davis
“Shake and Fingerpop” by Junior Walker and the All Stars
“Never Let Me Go” by Katie Webster
“Hard Hearted Hannah” by Dolly Kay
“Release Me” by Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn
“Timebomb” by Beck“I Will Rise Up” by Lyle Lovett

I can only speculate on the last 3 songs but here are my guesses:

“New World in My View” by King Britt
“Frenzy” By Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
“Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” by Bob Dylan

I'll check back after Sunday's episode (see preview below) to see how I did.