Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse - My Take

If I had to choose one word to sum up Eclipse it would have to be the most benign of adjectives: nice. The movie was very nice. It wasn't heart crushing like New Moon or as heart soaring as the Muse single from the Eclipse soundtrack indicated it might be. But it was very nice.

I think this is probably the toughest of the 4 books to put onto film. The majority of its 629 pages were thoughts and feelings all very easy to read but not very easy to watch. Considering what the filmmakers had to work with I felt they did a pretty decent job. And the actor's work continues to get better with each film. Bella was far less annoying. Edward was far less tortured. Jacob was not nearly as big of an ass. That's almost part of the problem with it though. There are parts throughout the book where I wanted to wring every one of their necks! In the movie, Edward's insane over protectiveness with regards to Jacob was an issue for about 30 seconds. Bella's obnoxious indecision was almost non-existent and Jacob's manipulation of difficult situations simply did not happen. While this made the character's more likeable, I felt that it took some of the more intense emotions away from the story. Like I said. It was nice.

Two out of the three scenes I was looking forward to the most were done really well. Edward and Bella's night alone in the Cullen house was both sexy and sweet with a marriage proposal I dare any girl not to accept. All perfectly accompanied by the soundtrack song "My Love," by Sia. The conversation between Jacob and Edward in the tent the night before battle was also a highlight. I really enjoyed their banter and their bonding both in the book and the wonderful translation to screen. The third scene I wanted to see done really well left me wanting. Bella' punching Jacob after the unwanted kiss was total crap compared to how it was written. There was no fire in Jacob's taking of it and no venom in Bella's offence of it. What should have been a moment filled with angst and even humor was severely tame and not at all funny.

Other highs and lows? The end battle was really fun to watch. The special effects and slow-motion scenes were awesome. I could have watched that for quite a bit longer. The New Borns were truly terrifying at times but it was really good to see the Cullens and the wolf pack kick some serious ass. Xavier Samuel as Riley evoked both fear and empathy. His character was given a life on screen I was not expecting.  On another note, I felt that the amazing soundtrack filled with some of my favorite bands was highly under-utilized, especially in comparison to New Moon. I really need to find my way into a job where I get to be the one who places these incredible songs. Also, some of the beginning sequencing felt out of order. Maybe I've just read the book too many times and too long ago. However, I don't feel like any of it needed to have been done out of the order in which it was written.  I just don't see the reasoning behind the changes. Great to see Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone finally get to flex their acting muscles. I loved getting to see both Rosalie's and Jasper's back stories portrayed so wonderfully.  I must say though, because I'm a fangirl to the bone, that Edward's frequent beautiful smiles and Jacob's gorgeous body were always welcome on screen - regardless of what else was going on.

Overall, another great experience. Excited to see it again! What did you think? Can't wait to read comments!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bloody Summer Contest

In honor of Bloody Summer I am holding a contest to find the best of the real blood lovers. If you want to win a copy of True Blood Season 2 on DVD you must do 2 things. 1st, In a quick email to tell me who your very favorite TV vampire is (past or present) and why they are your fave. 2nd, Re-tweet the blog link (including @entertainocd in your tweet) or cc the above  email address in an email to a friend that includes the blog link.

All entries must be in before June 9th at 7:00PM EST. The winner will be announced by 12:00 noon EST on June 11th, 2010. 

PLEASE NOTE: This contest is not limited to the US but the DVDs won are US purchased so if your DVD player won't play them this is not the contest for you!!

Good luck to all of my fellow fang bangers and vampire lovers!!!