Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interview with Supernatural Super Fan Site - SuperWiki

I’m still pretty new to the Supernatural fandom. I actually just finished a few of weeks ago. 6 seasons in 12 days (I still believe I may have broken some records there). One thing is for certain though; I fell in love with this show and with this fandom right away. There is so much passion. And it’s easy to see why. So when I asked my fellow Supernatural fans to recommend the very best to follow, I got an overwhelming response of “SUPERWIKI!” And even though they are busy keeping fans up to date with daily awesomeness, they were kind enough to answer some questions for me!

A few SuperWiki facts - It began life as a website called Super Canon in early 2006, and became the Supernatural Wiki in August 2006. In the last 12 months there have been over 3 million visits to the SuperWiki.  In the first three years the site was run by a group of five fans from around the world. In the last couple of years, the main administrator has been Jules Wilkinson (@missyjack on Twitter) who also runs the @SuperWiki twitter (be sure to follow them for all the latest news and goings on in the world of SPN), with Hope who founded the site running the technical side the operation. Any fan can take part in adding content or editing the site. The coding is easy and there are pretty simple guidelines to follow to make sure the site stays accurate and user friendly. Be sure to check it out if you don’t live there already!

What was it about Supernatural that moved you to put so much personal time/work into the site?
Jules:An awesome Show and a wonderful fandom – and I love that the SuperWiki covers both of them. The Show itself is so packed with details - from classic horror movies or 80s TV shows to folklore and Greek mythology, to meta references and all the wonderful details in the sets. It's a show that’s not afraid to be intellectual one moment and then roll around in pop culture and porn the next.
I love decoding these, and being able to share that information with other fans, who can get even more out of the show if they understand a reference. As the audience of the show has spread around the world, this became even more important as things that will be familiar to American audiences - like references to certain products or ads – won't be recognised in other countries.  Supernatural is such a quintessential American story, so that understanding these things is important. And I should know – I'm Australian!
It's great being able to share the wonders of fandom with new fans. It can be hard to know where to start with such a diverse and large fandom, which has its own history and slang and in-jokes.  I hope the SuperWiki can be a bit of a guide if you’re trying to work out what Wincest is or where to find great podfic.
I also love that the SuperWiki is proud of our fandom – it celebrates the achievement of fans and the amazing things we write and create, the projects we undertake and the websites we make. I know lots of fans use the SuperWiki as a resource when creating things too which is great. And Keith R.A. DeCandido mentioned the Supernatural Wiki as a resource he used in the acknowledgements of the first two Supernatural novels.
Plus I get to do important work - like documenting all of Bobby's hats! 

You have a very open format and there is a lot of negativity out there. How do you maintain the site as a place of love for the SPN fandom?
Jules:I like to think of our fandom as passionate rather than negative. Sera Gamble – who is a long time Trekkie herself – said "fandom is defined by meticulous care and really giving a shit and having strong opinions and arguing."
That said, the SuperWiki has had an amazingly calm history. We have had less than a handful of arguments between people on the site in five years, and they have generally been about interpretations of facts – like what creatures the Colt can kill, or where Lucifer's Cage is located.
A large part of this has been because the SuperWiki has fans from all parts of fandom involved. The SuperWiki is awesome because of this diversity, and I think fans really value that and it means we all feel a sense of ownership of it. 

What has been your most rewarding moment of running the site?
Jules: Really, it's being part of such a huge creative community project. I feel proud that our fandom has created this amazing rich resource – that many others envy! Being part of making that happen is a real privilege.
Supernatural seems to do a lot of conventions. Have any of you attended? If so, what can you tell newbies about it? Should we go or not?
Jules: What I think is awesome about the conventions is that it gives fans a chance to build the friendships we've created on line and share our passion. And the amazing thing is how that has spilled over to the actors. We've seen friendships develop between actors – like Misha and Matt Cohen – who never even appeared in a scene together.

I have been to the couple of Cons held in Australia, which are very small compared to most. I have been to Wincon in the US four times and had the best times of my life. Wincon is a fan run Con, which is just for fans and like a crazy four day party with panels, workshops and even a Prom. (check it out at

Supernatural is famous for its Classic Rock Soundtrack. What song from SPN has been your favorite so far and why?
Jules: I can't go past "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas. It's such a perfect song for the show. Of course it first played in Season One at the opening of Salvation, but it was when it played in the finale of Season Two I thought "Yes – we have a theme song!" And there have been many occasions now when I've sung it with a group of fangirls in karaoke, or on the dance floor at Wincon which is the most magnificent feeling!

Favorite NON Winchester Character:
Jules: I'll warn you know – I hate picking favourites!
Well Bobby and Castiel are family – so they're really Winchesters aren't they? As is the Impala of course.
I adore Crowley, and love that we have a recurring gay demon on the show, and Gabriel stole every scene he was in. But I'll have to pick Ruby as my favourite. I loved her snarkiness and deviousness and the fact that for two years she really kept us guessing as to what she was up to. 

Favorite episode:
Jules: All of them?
Okay I'll pick three.
Lazarus Rising: It is a brilliant episode on so many levels. It kicks the whole mythology up a notch, and is packed with so much plot and great character moments including the rare Winchester hug! It opens with that wonderful four minute silent sequence, it has some great OMG moments -- like Sam using his powers, and of course Castiel's entrance which is simply stunning. The direction by Kim Manners is particularly fantastic.
Swan Song: I still find this an incredibly emotional episode to watch. It distils out the essence of the show in Sam and Dean's relationship, wraps up 5 years of story and it had our beloved Impala at the centre. And Chuck turns out to be God.
The French Mistake: Supernatural has taken on doing meta like no other show. It's hilarious, its thinky and it takes a huge amount of skill to pull off. An episode like this is only possible because of the intimate relationship between the fans and the cast and crew which really says a lot about both the show and the fandom.

Favorite SPN show moment:
Jules: Seriously? There's about 4,657 moments on my favourites list!
Okay – the flashback in A Very Supernatural Christmas, when we find out that Sam gave Dean his amulet.

Favorite SPN Blooper moment (we all know and love these moments so much how can I not ask?):
Jules: All of the Season Two gag reel! Jared splitting his pants, the classic Kim Manners prank, the rock/paper/scissors moment between Jared and Jensen – classic!

Hopes for the future of Supernatural:
Jules: At this point I am confident the Show will continue as long as those involved want to make it. It would be fantastic if we could have a Supernatural movie though!

Message for the SPN Fandom:
Jules: Keep on being the most awesome fandom there is! And hopefully we can help survive Hellatus together.