Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catch VD!!! Everyone is doing it!!!

VD!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Wait. What?

The CW’s latest advertising scheme for The Vampire Diaries (via EW) leaves something to be desired. Unless what you desire is a venereal disease. Sorry, let‘s start over: Wait. What?

Is there a market for venereal disease? I’m a few years older than the CW’s usual market audience so I can’t always be trusted to understand the intentions of their large market advertising. Then again, I’m not 90. I think there are certain things, even outside of my demographic, I have no problem understanding. But could someone please tell me (because I must be hallucinating) what is attractive about “Catching VD?”

Surely this line of advertising is meant to be clever and/or provocative. And no doubt this has already garnered tons of attention for Kevin Williamson’s well written teen drama. I’m just not so sure it’s the kind of attention this often unsung yet consistently well acted and almost always perfectly directed show deserves.

I suppose I am somewhat biased. I’d stand behind, love and watch this show even if watching would make me 10 x more likely to catch the common cold. (YES I do love it that much, shut up).

But VD?? I don’t think anyone loves this show that much.

And if you’ve never seen it before but watching it could open you up to ONE OF THOSE?

No thanks!!!!!!

VD is just icky!

Adding cast photos to this disaster? BRILLIANT! I’m sure Ian, Nina and Paul ( fantastic actors and always kind to their fans) will all love the implication that they are carrying any number of communicable diseases. Who wouldn’t get behind that?

Seriously CW?? We already have the American Idol disease to fight. Do we need this one too?

Thanks to @redcognito for the heads up on this!