Saturday, July 30, 2011

SDCC Run Down

I have no pictures or videos to share with you because I am SUPER awesome and left my memory card in San Diego. I am sure that, even if you saw them, you'd still think I was a loser. I don't care though, because I just spent almost an entire week at my HEAVEN!!!!!!! Here are my thoughts and thanks!!!

I did it. I got Comic-Con. I didn’t just go. I ROCKED it. I hit my panels, I hosted my bar night. I made friends, I met people. I BONDED with the best of the best. For the most part, I had the experience I set out to have. I handled my press situations without barf or fainting. I got to hug a number of ladies I have been in love with for AGES. I spent time with TONS of amazing people. Though I have to say, there were so many friends there, Billions of hours never would have been enough.

See my press coverage here: Jared PadaleckiJoseph MorganPaul Wesley

I thought the lines would be painful but I whiled away my time, talking about Firefly, Vampire Diaries, Bones, Buffy, Angel, Chuck, Dexter, True Blood, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars, EVERY OTHER SHOW I’VE EVER WATCHED!! I seriously got to talk about my TV shows non-fucking-stop for 4 days with super smart people who knew what the hell I was talking about!!!! I was partied to some amazingly cutting edge TV conversations, dirty jokes and insane inside scoop!!! Comic-Con was my heaven!! It was everything I wanted and then some. I miss it every day that I am not there. Though I know that “there” is already gone. One thing I know for sure, is that it would not have been possible without a little help from my friends. 

 A few thank yous!!!

For Bird – thanks for trying to keep up with me! I know my get up and go is an impossible thing. I'd never have made it without you and I wouldn’t have done it without you. Ever.More love than fits. 

For Tiff – Thanks for keeping my pace and for making me laugh SO many times!!! You kept me sane!!! And for the Driving! You’re a saint! I’d go with you ANYWHERE!

For Tash – Love you forever! Thanks for keeping it light and for always putting a smile on my face. You are a unicorn to me.

For Vee & Crissy – You both make being in the presence of greatness so much easier than it should be. Thank you for being so lovely, so warm and for making fangirling an art. I’m better for having met you. Love & Hugs!!

For Erin – I can’t even try to type anything that will make any sense. Your last hug is still with me like some kind of ghost. I love you. Never go back to OZ. Stay with me FOREVER.

For Natalie & Erin – I wish we would have had more time!!! Love you both. Can’t wait to see you again!!

For Candace – You have the sweetest soul. Never change. DON’T SCRATCH!!!! So Happy for you babe!!! Visit me often!! Love you lots!!!

Mel – No Mal?  No Dumbledore? I’m over it. Nothing but love babe!!!

Jen – Never thought I’d meet such a kind soul in such a place!!! You were a true breath of fresh air for me! Can’t wait to see you again! Happy belated birthday!

Carina – You are the only reason I made it through those press rooms without fainting OR barfing!! Thanks for being so cool. Thanks for showing me the ropes!!! You’re a sweetie!! Don’t let anyone say otherwise!!

Stacey - you'll never know how much you gave me. I'll be grateful for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank  you, thank you!!!! You changed my world!!! 

As far as Celebs go – Zach Levi gets my A+ Star of approval even though I personally never got the balls to ask for a photo or autograph. From the start of the Chuck panel to the end of the Jared thing, he was the classiest person within a hundred miles. He raised money, he hugged fans, he paid tribute to his show and acknowledged how hard we all worked to get Chuck a Season 5. I love that throughout SDCC, he was always out for the greater good. Wanna know how to be awesome: See Zach Levi in the dictionary.  Jared Padalecki and Paul Wesley were also A.Fucking.Mazing. Beautiful and awesome. I'll be forever grateful for their kindness.  

I'm sure I'll have more later. To summarize the entire weekend = WAY BEYOND FUCKING EPIC 


  1. I love you, Erin!! i was so happy to run into you in the airport & have a bonus hangout. East Coast! <3

  2. Aww! I am so glad we met! I still come up to Salem every time I am home. We'll definitely see each other soon!

  3. Love you to death bitch! I wouldn't want to experience my fist con with anyone but you guys. Memories FOREVER!