Thursday, December 29, 2011

There is only One Tree Hill

I fought watching this show for SO MANY YEARS. I felt like I had lots of good reasons. When UPN and The WB merged back in the day One Tree Hill was picked up and my favorite Everwood was not. My feelings were hurt and I can hold a grudge like none other! I had also heard a ton of stories about unrest on set, fights to keep it on air and fans who were wildly unimpressed with later seasons.

Thankfully I had a group of wonderful friends, kind enough to hound me into watching it. Finally. (Thank you Sandi. Again).

There were a lot of things about One Tree Hill that I found silly. A lot of things I found ridiculous. And many more things that I found absolutely maddening!!

And yet...... And yet.....

I fell madly in love. With something I wanted so badly to hate. There is probably a lesson in all of this. A totally "make me want to barf for having these kinds of feelings" lesson, but a lesson just the same.

So what did I fall madly in love with? Too many things to count, name or catalog. But here is a start:

Favorite Couple:
I want to get this one out of the way quick because everyone on twitter has been asking me about it since I first started: Nathan and Haley. No doubt, no question. They survive, they love, they make it SO REAL. They have problems, they suffer through life. And still.... they make dreams come true. They feed each others' souls. They have so much passion. They don't always agree but they do make it work. They talk, they doubt, they believe, they fight. And even when they tease each other they believe in their love above everything else. That makes them so real to me. And real is very sexy. Real is beautiful.

Favorite Character:
This one is pretty easy too. There have been a lot of characters that I started off hating and ended up adoring. And I love being wrong about characters. None more so though than Nathan Scott. I thought he was such a dick in the beginning. And then he became the anti-hero. And then an actual hero. And then everything any girl would ever dream of. He is faulted and troubled but, he is also sweet and noble and strong. And he's a really great dad. Is there anything hotter than that? Watch him do it and I DARE your ovaries not to ache. And holy LORD he looks good with his shirt off. Hello arm porn!

Favorite Episode:
This is a super-duper hard choice to make. There are a lot of things that go into a great episode of TV. And because I watched 8 seasons in less than 2 weeks, it is very difficult for me to pick just one. Or 6. So... I've chosen my top 3 Happy and my top 3 Sad. And that is the best that I can do!
  • Sad #3: 3x16, "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept." There is not a whole lot more devastating in a high school than a school shooting. Especially when you lose a friend. Especially when you lose someone you love. Tree Hill and everyone in it was forever changed after these events. And not so much for the better.  
  • Happy #3: 3x14, "All Tomorrow's Parties." What's more fun than a class trip? Scott brother bonding and cheerleaders gone crazy!! And when the entire routine goes to crap in a totally hilarious way, the girls make the most of it and have the time of their lives! How can you not dance along?
  • Sad #2: 7x18, "The Last Day of Our Acquaintance." No matter how much Haley and her sisters prepare for the death of their mother, her loss is no easier to bear. Watching the girls try to let her go is so beautiful and yet so hard to see. Haley's subsequent breakdown is no picnic either. 
  • Happy #2: 4x21, "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone." This episode did not have a happy start. The song  (Lightning Crashes) was epic and sad and beautiful, but did not give away our happy ending. Two babies born. One of them being the beloved James Lucas Scott. And then the High School life of our darling Ravens ends in a game at the River Court. Even Dan Scott couldn't take that happy away.
  • Sad #1: 6x03, "Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly." Another character I hated at first and grew to love. And then he died. The death of Quentin was so much harder than I ever thought it would be. But he was Jamie's friend. Haley's student. And Nathan's inspiration. And when Jamie spread his cape over his coffin I wasn't sure I would ever recover. Because he was a true hero to my favorite OTH family and truly missed by all. 
  • Happy #1: 6x24, "Remember Me As a Time of Day," started out pretty intense. Would Peyton make it? Would she live to see the little girl she sacrificed herself to make? Certainly. And Peyton and Lucas and baby Sawyer got to be a family and drive off in the Comet into the happy blue yonder. Then Nathan too, got what he always wanted. The NBA. The thing he had worked toward his entire life. With his always supportive and loving wife and son by his side, he got to walk onto the court of his life long dream. What on earth could be happier than that?
Favorite Moments:
There are so many things that I have loved throughout these 8 seasons. Big things. Tiny things. Things that have made me clap my hands together in giant bouts of joy. Things that have made me bow my head in absolute sadness.Things that have made my heart swell into something 10 times its normal size. So many things.

  • 5x13: Nathan & Haley make up and get down after way too much time apart. And Nathan. UGH! "You know, sometimes I find your goodness staggering."
  • 6x22: When Brooke says goodbye to Sam. "You'll always be my first mom."
  • 6x14: Lucas & Nathan bond over children. "What's going on?" "Just playing walkie talkies with my brother."
  • 3x13: Nathan and Haley make up in the rain. "I was hurt, Haley, but I was still proud of you, everyday."
  • 4x16: Even in a fight, Brooke risks her life to go after Peyton. "Welcome to prom P. Sawyer."
  • 6x13: Peyton shares amazing news with the love of her life. "I'm having your baby, Lucas Scott."
  • 4x10: Haley fights for her life after a terrible accident. "Please… Please don't take her from me. Don't take our child from her."
  • 7x15: Reenacted bits from all of my favorite 80's movies. And my favorite couple plays my favorite couple! "I already have everything I ever wanted."
  • 8x11: Jamie & Brooke fight to escape an accident during a terrible storm. "Brooke! Don't leave me baby!"
Musical Moments:
One of my favorite things about One Tree Hill was the constant music and recurring talent. Bethany Joy Galeotti (as Haley James Scott) and Kate Voegele (as Mia Catalano) provided so many beautiful songs. But there were others too. Music and lyrics to fit the most amazing moments!
  • 1x08: "Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot: Nathan & Haley kiss for the first time.
  • 4x09: "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez: Lucas realizes his love for Peyton.
  • 6x03: "Quiet In My Town" by Civil Twilight: Quentin's funeral.
  • 7x22: "Timshel" by Mumford & Sons: Haley jumps into the pool & reflects on her life.
All of these moments and quotes and songs are just a small taste, a small portion of the magic that I found in Tree Hill over the last couple of weeks. Not bad for something I set out to hate huh?

Now Brooke has her boys. All three of them. Nathan and Haley have all they've ever wanted with a baby girl on top. What comes next?

Can't wait to watch Season 9 with all of you who love this show as much as I have grown to. Thanks for keeping me company during my marathon! 

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  1. SO. FREAKING. GOOD!!!!!! I love that you love it!!! ♥