Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Few Vampire Diaries Questions to Ponder

Confession #1: I watch and re-watch a LOT of Vampire Diaries. I am actually quite glad that my DVDs, DVR and lap top media player do not have a counter. Could be very embarrassing.

Confession #2: Every time I watch I write things down. (Note to self: find a pencil. Writing with an upside down ball point pen while lying in bed is impossible).

For those of you familiar with my “Stefan’s Diaries” review, this may be a tiny bit of an overlap. For those of you new to my question extravaganza WELCOME! I just cannot resist bringing up a few things I feel may have been long forgotten, only because each week our beloved show raises so many new questions I feel the old ones get tossed aside.

I have spent the last few weeks compiling my notes and since it’s hiatus time, when better to shed some light? Here goes:

1. Who let Katherine out of the tomb? In 1x14 Pearl tells Damon that it was a church guard who let her out because of his obsession with her. But in 2x4 Katherine tells Stefan it was George Lockwood who facilitated the whole thing in exchange for the moonstone. Did George give the guard extra incentive? The entire exchange made it seem like it was a secret between 2, not 3.

2. As for Katherine’s feelings for Damon: She was quite clear in 2x1 when she told him that Stefan would always be her guy. But I must admit this girl’s “game” is not what it should be for someone who’s been playing it for 500 years. She is all about the snarky one liners (wonder how Damon learned that) but when it comes right down to the facts, she must care about the guy. She did have a magical daylight ring made for him. And in 2x4 she does try her best to warn him about getting involved with werewolves. (Though this sentiment could have been made only to preserve Mason, her tone did not indicate such. I do not believe this is the first or the last time she will underestimate Damon‘s will).

3. So much of the Mystic Falls story revolves around the “Founding” families. More than once, the Salvatore family is included in this town’s unique history. Mr. Salvatore himself was both a purveyor and a victim of the vampire hysteria of 1864. His own grave was the hiding place for Emily Bennett’s famous grimoire that has since become the Go To Guide for all things AWESOME! Taking all of this into account, why is it that when speaking of the Founder’s Ball, Stefan tells Elena in 1x4 that “the Salvatores don’t get invited anymore?” Wasn’t Zach still on the council? Providing them with vervain? Wouldn’t asking them to leave him out ring a suspicious bell? As for Zach: Where on Earth did he come from?

4. Did Katherine only find out about Elena and her Doppelganger status because of her stalkerish obsession with Stefan? Had Stefan never come back to Mystic Falls, how long would it have taken her to find the spell ingredient she was looking for? If she kept an eye out on her own genetic line why did she wait so long to trigger a Lockwood werewolf and start the whole process of acquiring the rest of the ingredients? Surely it would have been a whole lot easier to do without the Salvatore brothers around to protect what they love.

5. In episode 1x19, Uncle John seems surprised to find that Jeremy has been brushing up on Mystic Falls' history via an old Gilbert journal. He then alludes to the fact that there are many others. How is it that this one of many was left unsupervised? The one that detailed the height of the hysteria and hinted at the location of the grimoire. Is this out of convenience or out of purpose? And, if the original John Gilbert left out the details of Papa Salvatore’s sons’ vampire sympathies, as he was instructed to do, how did Uncle John know to send Isobel to Damon? Is he lying about having direct contact with Katherine? Was sending Isobel to Damon Katherine’s idea? If so, why? And as a vampire hater, why would Uncle John do anything Katherine told him to do?

6. Speaking of Isobel - did Katherine look her up, hoping she would be the Doppelganger she was waiting for? If/when she found that not to be the case, why help her out? Why have the daylight necklace made for her? Does Uncle John know something (as Stefan & Elena believed) that would help Katherine? Is Isobel Katherine’s only link to this pertinent information? If this is the case, why did Katherine try and kill Uncle John? Does she have the information she needs and now must dispose of the source so that no one else may obtain it?

7. Bonnie reveals to Elena in 1x21 that the grimoire holds the details of the Gilbert Device which was spelled by Emily. Katherine was obviously aware of the device, as she was the one who sent Isobel to get it. Was this only because the tomb vampires had escaped their eternal hell? Did all of the tomb vamps return to Mystic Falls for the attempted take down of the Founding families or are there still a few out there? Had the device resulted in the deaths of the Salvatore brothers, would Katherine have been upset? Or was the purpose to rid the world of everyone who knew she had faked her death? When the brothers did not parish in the Gilbert basement why not attempt to take them down herself? And why chastise Mason for trying to take them out? Would she have been mad had he succeeded?

8. What exactly happened to Emily Bennett? Was she playing both sides throughout the events of 1864 or was Katherine aware of/insistent upon all she did to help the Founders entrap the vamps? Somehow her grimoire ended up in Giuseppe Salvatore’s coffin who died at the hands of Stefan‘s bloodlust just hours after the fire in the church. Did she die shortly thereafter? Did those she help with taking down the town’s vampires kill her and take her book by force? Where were the children Damon swore to protect?

9. What is up with that damn crystal? Did Katherine know it could be used to release the vampires from their tomb? If so, was this a concern she was willing to brush off for the time being so that she could escape Klaus and all his bitches? (see Gilbert device above). I’m assuming Damon hid it in the Lockwood mansion during Katherine’s final vervain infused tryst with Stefan. He obviously didn’t know then what its power was or he would not have been so willing to die thinking Katherine had gone down in flames. Yet present day Katherine seems upset that Damon knew she wasn’t dead. Was that something she hadn’t wanted Emily to share with him?

Confession #3: I don’t only take notes on the serious stuff:
1. Did Noah dispatch of the regular Pizza deliver guy in 1x12 or did he actually apply for a job?
2. Will Carol Lockwood ever have another party in her home after the Masquerade? Dead girls in one room and a ton of broken furniture and holey walls in another would point me toward no.
3. Anyone else notice the Mayor’s name change? In 1x4 Carol calls him Charles. In every instance after he is referred to as Richard. Also, love that Dick is a nickname for Richard and everyone thinks that the Mayor is a Dick.


  1. Dude, this is an amazing post. The Richard/Dick thing - LOL. Also: I do think Katherine cares for Damon a little. Unless she just needs him for something later on.

    Which brings us to - is there more Dopplegangers in between Elena/Katherine? Rose said Kat was the first, Elena's got to be the most recent. How many have there been?

    So many thoughts w/this post. Excellent, excellent post.


  2. Interesting post, lots of questions to ponder :)
    On the question of Emily Bennett, I wonder if maybe she was able to save Giuseppe Salvatore - Damon did mention once that she was able to do healing spells. If he survived it could explain how the Salvatore line continued (although it could also have been through the line of another male relative), as well better fit the chronology of other events, like Emily's grimoire in his coffin. It could be even more interesting if he had then outed Emily as a witch, leading to her demise.

  3. Wow, I thought I was good at the obsessive plot untangling thing, but you just made my brain explode. I have oh so many thoughts, but to keep me from writing a novel in your comments, I'll stick to your last point.

    That whole crystal thing has been making me crazypants all along. Damon said he went to Emily and begged her to save Katherine, so she did a spell with the friggin crystal to protect her. And Emily told Anna not to worry, because she was going to protect all of them. So obviously she had this all planned out ahead of time. But then when Damon wakes up all broody and half vampirey and half naked (mmm), he's upset because he saw her dragged into the church and is convinced she's dead. Even though he and Emily had worked out a deal that she would save Katherine if he promised to protect her children. And then he tells Stefan that Emily didn't tell him about the tomb until after he turned, because she wanted him to think that Katherine was dead so he would think there was no reason to live and let himself die. WHAT?!?! If Damon and Emily conspired to save the vampires, shouldn't he have known she was alive? And how did Damon even get the crystal? Clearly Emily gave it to Katherine, because Stefan says, yo, that's Katherine's necklace, she was wearing it on the night they killed her. So if she had it on her, how did he get it? Or how did Emily get it? And why hide it in a random Lockwood antique? Why not take it with you. Or keep it in one of your own antiques in your giant house full of antiques? I need more flashback episodes. And on that note...

    So you know how I mentioned before that Damon woke up (naked) and was all, there's no reason to live, Katherine is dead? He says he woke up, he didn't know what was going on, so he went to the church and watched them drag her inside. Right? Right. But in 2x4 when Katherine is going on her little moonlight walk down kissing dead Stefan necrophiliac memory lane, George Lockwood comes up to her to tell her her carriage is waiting. Behind her, lying on the ground, are both brothers. So she was taken into the church and then escaped from the church all before the boys came back to life. So how could Damon have seen them take her in? Is everyone on this show lying about what really happened, or are the writers (who I love so very very much) just not paying attention?

    I love this show so hard, but this stuff makes my hair hurt.

  4. one additional question that drives me crazy (well maybe it has been mentioned and i just missed it lol): what about damon's & stefan's mother??? i've never seen/heard anything of her...?