Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buffy Reboot? I've got a boot for you......

"Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... No friends...No hope. Take all that away... and what's left?"


In the days since I first heard the news about a big screen Buffy remake sans creator Joss Whedon I have been mentally stopping by all of the stages of grief:

Denial: This has to be a joke right? No one in their right mind would take this on.
Anger: Who honestly thinks this is a good idea? What a giant bunch of morons.
Bargaining: I'll write letters beg the studio. Beg Joss. I'll do anything!
Depression: Self explanatory. Please pass the tissues.

Oh yes. And bitter. I have also been very bitter. I don't think I'll ever get to the acceptance part and now that I've read on that Kristy Swanson (a.k.a. the first big screen Buffy) is totally ok with the project I am right back to the anger stage.

Of course she is ok with a Buffy reboot!! She was never a part of what made Buffy so great in the first place. I'm not gonna lie. I own her version on DVD. I was a big fan in Jr. High when all of my friends I and couldn't wait for opportunities to say "That one doesn't have a mirror at home," and to tell people to "Get out of my facial." This was of course YEARS before I knew any better and before myself and the rest of the world got to see what Buffy was really all about. When Joss Whedon got to put his true creation out into the world for the benefit of all who witnessed it. Joss' Buffy was not just a few fun quotes. It changed my life.

Nothing before or since has so perfectly illustrated the heartbreak of first love, the anguish of loss, the beauty of true friendship, or the courage needed to put up a fight even when all hope is gone. Each and every episode was smart, fun, heart crushing and chilling. Don't even get me started on the empowerment of women stuff. This man's writing made me feel like I could do anything! The fact that anyone would even try or, worse, not put his level of effort toward achieving this at all, leaves me feeling sick. Why fix what isn't broken? Oh right. To milk the still lactating cash cow that is the Vampire craze.

My biggest fear is that this new generation of vampire lovers will flock to the theater in droves, looking for their new Edward Cullen and never know the magic of what Buffy the Vampire Slayer is really all about.

To some small relief, I'm not the only one unhappy about this. Stars of the show have used Twitter to speak out against this horrible, born in a barn, milking machine Warner Bros. is preparing to unleash on the world. A few examples:

Eliza Dushku a.k.a. Faith Lehane - "Joss made the 'Buffster' & w/out him... I just don't trust the girl. Or the world."
Juliet Landau a.k.a. Drusilla - "Buffy movie reboot without Joss. So uncool. :( "
Julie Benz a.k.a. Darla - "never have truer words been tweeted!!!! RT @jennyandteets I will only say this once. Without Joss, there is no Buffy!"

I cannot follow Joss' always classy footsteps on this one. (see his letter here) I hope my friends and followers are with me and will not be in line for tickets opening weekend. As a matter of fact, I hope the studio receives so much backlash and ill will that the piece of crap never sees the light of day. News reports say there's still no script. One can only hope it stays that way.

Of course Joss Whedon himself said it best (when does he not?) "I don’t love the idea of my creation in other hands."

Neither do we Joss. Neither do we.

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  1. This Buffy Whedon-less reboot is wrong in so many way... I can't even make a coherent list. It hurts too much.
    Since I heard the first rumors last year, I live in denial, hoping it would never happen. Seems that Hollywood is going to win another time... *Sigh*
    So I'm going to stay in my Buffyverse, where everything outside Whedon doesn't matter. This Buffy could exist one day but it won't belong to our Buffyverse.
    Buffy belongs to Whedon. Period.

    My only hope now is that the rights owned by the studio are only about the movie and not the TV show, meaning the world that we cherish in these seven amazing seasons, will not exist in this reboot. Meaning it can be as bad as the 1992 movie. Meaning I won't care... *Sigh*... Right, even that doesn't comfort me.

    Grr, Argh!