Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TVD’s Midsummer Night’s Horror

Ok, I know it’s not midsummer but I have been thinking a lot about this since last week’s episode and the subsequent conversation I had with Tiff on Friday. The relationships on our favorite show have never been more complicated. And I mean NEVER. And since my opinions on the subject are SO important, I thought I’d break it all down and share with you all.

• Elena. Oh Elena. Clearly she loves Stefan. No doubt about that. But was his growling at her last week enough for her to be able to press pause until she can get him back from the dark side? (Personally I’d have jumped him right then and there just for that but, I digress). How will she feel once she learns about Rebekah? She knows there was Katherine and a playboy bunny or two before her but can she let slide a real ripper love affair?  And let’s not forget about the OTHER Salvatore. How IS she feeling about Damon these days? Will this break from the Save Stefan mission give her time to finally decide? Will Damon be willing to let her make the move, knowing that if Stefan were to return it would likely tear her in two? Is there even the possibility of happily ever after with Stefan’s loss hanging over both of them like rotting fruit?

• Speaking of Stefan. He loves Elena. He’s trying to keep her safe. Blah, blah, blah. We know all of that. But how does 2011 Stefan feel about Rebekah? Were his prior feelings fueled only by blood rage or was it something more? Can true love ever be compelled away? We all know the quote from the original books about Stefan and Elena finding each other regardless of the circumstances, but could that be true? If he was never made to forget Rebekah, would he have ever found Elena?

• Let’s address Stefan’s third lady in this situation (he certainly gets around). Miss Katherine. It’s quite clear now (to me) that she has true feelings of love for Stefan to this day and she wasn’t lying about stalking him all that time. At one point I could try and make the case that her feelings for him were gone but her little trek to Chicago has made that argument invalid. She wants him. Oh yes. But how much does she know about Rebekah? And how far is she willing to go to get her out of the way? Not sure that  it matters who she gets out of her way though. Stefan doesn’t love her. Not anymore. I think he has forgiven her for what she did to them but his love was that of an innocent boy which he has not been for a very long time. As opposed to Damon's love for her which took him through the greater part of a century and a half. Which leads me to:

• UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME!!!!! I think Damon and Katherine need to get over themselves and admit that they belong together forever. The kind of love Stefan and Elena want and need could never be provided by the likes of those two. They just aren’t built that way. Plus, who besides each other could keep up with their speedy wit and snarky quips for all eternity? Damon and Katherine are two sides of the same coin my dears and the faster they come to terms with that the happier they’ll be.

In closing: Elena loves Stefan and Stefan loves Elena but they can't be together right now. Damon also loves Elena but we don't know if how she really feels about him. Katherine loves Stefan and I imagine has lingering feelings for Damon but no one will admit to loving Katherine cuz she's an evil bitch. We think that Rebekah loves Stefan and that Stefan might love Rebekah but one shared neck is hardly enough to judge by.

What do you think friends? Did I get it right? Did I get it wrong? Do you have the answers to any of my burning questions? And lastly, IS IT THURSDAY YET?


  1. Dead on the money.
    However, don't ever underestimate Katherine. She's a conniving one and always has some type of plan.

    And I think Katherine with Damon would be an awesome mother effing couple. :D

  2. Katherine clearly said in season 2's last episode that she loved them both (Stefan and Damon). Before Damon was a vampire he told Katherine that he wanted to chase her through eternity. Perhaps Katherine is just granting his wish.

  3. Damon belongs wid Katherine & vice versa....
    no one can understand their always hyper nature & mood swings that they could for each other...
    m looking forward 2 see
    damon katherine track