Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall TV Returns - And a bit of rambling.

The Fall TV schedule has started to fill up my Tivo To Do list and is causing some summer entertainment reflection.
I started this blog in June to give me something to do while I was unemployed.  Sitting around waiting for the email to ding or the phone to ring was starting to make me a little lot crazy.  I was spending most of my time reading, watching TV and listening to music and when I was in the company of others all I wanted to talk about was what I had just read, watched, listened to.  A friend gave me idea to start blogging about it (she's a bit of a blog addict) (you know who you are) as a way to put out into the world everything I was so excited about.  At first the title of the blog was kind of a joke.  But, the more I worked on the blog, the more I wanted other people to start enjoying what I had been discovering in my time off and the title started to become more of a reality than a joke.  I have watched and re-watched countless hours of my favorite shows on DVD (The O.C., Everwood, Buffy, Angel, Dead Like Me, Firefly, Bones, Supernatural, Moonlight, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl).  Not to mention the INCREDIBLE summer TV (So You Think You Can Dance and True Blood are at the top of that list).  I have discovered (through the help of a certain reading addict) new book series that have caused serious character attachment much in the vein of Harry Potter and Twilght (Stray, Hunger Games).  And I have added at least 1000 new songs to my iTunes in just the last couple of months.  Soon I will be going back out into the real world where I don't get to spend the day surrounded by the pop culture I love so much.  Of course everyone's dream job is getting paid to do something they love.  If I could survive otherwise, I wouldn't even want to get paid.  Getting to experience this much greatness in such a short period of time has been payment enough.  And there is still so much to look forward to!  All of my TV favorites will be returning within a matter of weeks and 2 CDs I have been looking forward to are also released this month.  Plus, my favorite holiday in October and New Moon in November!  Having entertainment OCD isn't such a bad thing I guess.  If you need help planning your fall check out the 2 links below:
Have a great Labor Day everyone!

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