Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vampire Diaries - My First Impression

Well, so far, so good. I have to say, all I have heard about this series for the last couple of months is how much like Twilight it was going to be and for the most part, I disagree. Of course the books this show is based on came out about a decade before Stephenie Meyer had her infamous Twilight dream so any similarities would be purely coincidental either way. And while I did get similar feelings watching this pilot as I did reading the first few chapters of Twilight, the sameness stops there. Actually, I felt a lot more of a Dawson's Creek mood (they have the same creator, Kevin Williamson) and Stefan throws off much more of an Angel vibe (his brooding brows and manly man jaw line, hello!) than an Edward one. Other immediate thoughts as I was watching:

1. The soundtrack is AWESOME! Silversun Pickups, Placebo, MGMT and more! I hope they put out a soundtrack.
2. How great was it to see fangs in the first 60 seconds?
3. Nice shout out to my home, the Witch City. Go Salem!
4. As a general rule, I hate teenage girls and that Caroline ditz is doing nothing to change that. I hope Damon bites her.
5. The fog coming into the cemetery when Elena was there looked like bad concert effects.
6. All of the boys are delicious. Even the human ones.
7. What's up with that older guy calling Stefan Uncle?

Final thoughts? This is a show I will be following closely. If only for the good vampy fun. Your thoughts? Are you gonna tune in next week?

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