Tuesday, September 8, 2009

True Blood - The Music

The soundtrack for this show has been out for a while but the music I have been waiting for just made it to the shelves today.  The Score.  I'm not a classical music junkiie but there are certain scores that just tell the story almost better than the show itself.  This is one of those.  Despite the Eric fever that is sweeping the nation, you can't help but fall in love with Bill all over again when you hear Nathan Barr's haunting melodies.  This music puts you in Sookie's shoes when she meets him for the first time and takes you through their entire thrilling and sometimes chilling world.  Listen to Hairclip and Bill's Lament loud and often and you will find yourself all of a sudden in Bon Temps.  If you love the show you will love this.  It goes down easier than a bottle of O negative.

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