Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is what I'm excited about today!

True Blood
This TB "Mini-Sode" featuring Jessica is beyond awesome. HBO does such a great marketing job for this show. Every time something new comes out I get a bit more excited (if at all possible) for the June 13th Season 3 premier. Check it out:

My favorite Vampire Diaries hottie, Paul Wesley, has a new DVD out today. The ABC Family mini-series Fallen is now available for purchase. Buy it here at Amazon. I can't wait to get my own copy and watch it again and again!!

Random Best of Lists
Blogger Jim Halterman has put together a list of Top 10 (or more) Prime Time Hunks. A few of my favorite guys made the list including Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and the always adorable Nathan Fillion. Did your favorite make it? http://jimhalterman.com/

And Buddy TV has a Best TV Boyfriends list. The Salvatore Brothers and Fillion's Castle made the list again as well as a few other goodies. See the full list here.

On TV Tonight
Glee!!! I sure hope this week's episode isn't another that makes me want to slice my wrists. I've seen the song list and it looks like it should be much peppier. And would it kill them to show more Puck? Check out the promo for 1x17: Bad Reputation:

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