Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Vampire Diaries 1x21 - Isobel

God I am so in love with this show it has to be unhealthy. And the fact that there is only one left is giving me panic attacks! But, we're not there yet so let's talk about Isobel. At least I'm going to try and talk about Isobel - and with as few F-bombs as I can possibly manage.

The episode starts where Blood Brothers left off - Isobel with Alaric at Mystic Grill. I don't mean to - I want to stay open - but I hate her immediately. What kind of girl doesn't turn to butter in his presence? I tend to dislike those things that don't make sense. I love that he calls her a selfish bitch. I do not love her choking and threatening him.

Anyone else Stelena whipped enough to hope/think Elena was on the phone with Stefan? Anyone else need to rewind to see what Damon and Elena said after Stefan walked into the room in his undershirt? Just checking.

Love that we got to see all of our Mystic High kids this week. I have missed Matt & Caroline, Tyler and even hostile Bonnie. Also loved the Gone With the Wind shout (8 year old me *squeeeeeee*).

In the classroom where Alaric seems to live (haven't we seen everyone else's house by now?), Damon shows up to find out that Isobel wants to get at Elena. (We'll skip Isobel's Best Little Whorehouse in Mystic Falls for just a sec). Alaric has nothing useful to share but Damon and Elena seem to have enough to make up for it. YIKES!

Meanwhile, back at Isobel's private party, we learn that her and evil Uncle John are indeed in cahoots and that she does not mind using humans as performance food. Of course she does hit evil Uncle John so the PURE hate for her is just temporarily suspended.

The entire scene with Elena in Mystic Grill before, during and after Isobel is so rollercoaster I have a hard time thinking about it without needing bipolar meds. Stefan mouthing "Love you" was just heaven! Isobel's entire creepy speech and demand session gave me huge full body chills (and not the good kind). Especially when speaking of her choice of Salvatore brother and questioning her thoughts of turning. God she sucks! Though I must say (and Leah agrees) Stefan's got at least 140 years on that bitch. Surely he's faster and stronger. He should have taken her out right then and there. And then Bonnie turning on Elena because of who Elena loves? Bad BFF move!!! With regards to Team Dalaric in the courtyard - I cannot say enough (without quoting the entire exchange word for word) how AWESOME that was. I totally ship them.

I'm not by any means saying this show is predicable (oh hell no) but we all saw evil Uncle John trying to recruit and befriend Jeremy. If you missed it you suck. And poor Jeremy is sometimes too naive for anyone's good. More on this later.

Apparently Damon has discovered Isobel's Best Little Whorehouse in Mystic Falls. And thank all that is holy he is taking clothes off. OH!! Oops. He's putting them back on again. Damn network TV. In case anyone hasn't made the guess already, Stefan is my Salvatore of choice. HOWEVER, Damon tongue kissing the very evil Isobel right in front of my eyes made me throw up in my mouth a little (says the good girl part of me. The other part thought it was really hot). I could not have been happier though when he slammed that bitch's head on the table. He should have done worse. Even though the reasons he did it I still find to be a bit uncomfortable. I digress.

Now we are making a float!! And now Isobel is giving further proof what a ginormous bitch she is. Who would hurt Mattie?? Caroline stroking his hair, while waiting for cougar loving Ty to get his car, was wicked cute though. The Stefan lover in me cheered when he was the one to lift the trailer. Of course Hero Stefan time is cut by the 2 beings I wish most to set on fire. But now they have Jeremy.

Continue the plot to recruit Jer to the Dark Side. Uncle John seems to be the special kind of stupid if he's banking on Isobel having human feelings. And I hope the same goes for changing Jeremy's mind about vampires. Go Team Anna!!!

Now is the part that scares me. Stefan and Damon trust Elena. Elena trusts Bonnie. Who does Bonnie trust? She makes a promise to Elena that convinces Damon to give up this damn "device" everyone is so hard up for and Bonnie renders it useless. Magic done. Time for Elena to hand it over to mommy dearest. The first 3 times I watched this it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement and drama of it all. When I finally watched from Elena's point of view my eyes got a little foggy. This chick has serious balls. She has been to hell and back and can still look the devil in the eyes.
"Do you really think that I came alone?"
"Do you really think that I came alone?" Enter #SoftcoreSalvatore (catching my breath - one sec).

I love that Elena tells Isobel what a "monumental disappointment" she is. I hate that Isobel points out the obvious: that Damon is in fact in love with her. The look on Stefan's face (both when Isobel says it out loud and when he sees Damon looking at them hugging later) is enough to crush a true shipping heart. I have a terrible feeling poor Stefan is going to need my comfort soon.

I'm hardly noticing the Gilbert Sibling issue as I am sure this will be resolved once they realize their need to work together for the benefit of the undead persons they love. Take note of my crossed fingers.

And just in case there are hearts left uncrushed. I just told a friend the other day that this was not the type of show to make me cry. Alaric giving up his life and mind just for the truth. Wow. Well he got it. Not that he'll remember. For the record I still think Isobel is a heinous bitch. But, I was honestly moved. And as I begin to recover, in walks Anna, broken over the loss of her mother. Thank God Jer seems to be thinking straight about this so far.

Dun, dun, dun!! Time for final discoveries kids!! What have we learned so far? Damon is in love with Elena. And though I feel it may be futile, I love that Stefan is fighting for Elena in his own way. Oh and apparently Elena is a Gilbert - just not the Gilbert we thought. Raise your hand if you think both of Elena's birth parents should still be set on fire? Good. Just checking.

credit to http://www.vampire-diaries.net/ for all Isobel episode stills

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