Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Vampire Diaries 1x22 - Founders Day

Had to watch this week's episode late due to a prior engagement. However, my girls Ceci and Leah were angels and waited until 1:00am to watch it with me. Our Skype conversation went something like this:

So HAWT!!!
Wait. What?
F**k!!!!! Holy f**k!!!!
So so yummy
Holy Crapola!!!

I think there were a few other lines but you get the gist. This finale was just WOW. I'm pretty sure I had to wipe drool from my chin watching Stefan get dressed in his period garb. I'm a sucker for Civil War era men. Rhett Butler anyone? And the way it was edited with Elena getting dressed was perfect.

Now we head to Parade Head Quarters and everyone is getting ready for the big event. Of course no one is in the right order (thank you Mrs. Lockwood). And Damon comes to show his town support. To Stefan: "It's Founder's Day! I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl!" Gotta love Damon. Even when he's an ass. And of course he goes on to say: "Elena is not Katherine." Enter Elena looking exactly like Katherine. Uh-oh. Of course both Vamp Boy jaws drop to the floor.

Jeremy is also getting ready for his own float. Hello hotness!! Anna comes to reassure him and to tell him that she has to leave. But they can be together forever, she can turn him! Here is a vile of her blood!! She can teach him to turn the pain off! No doubts now. Except now Jer isn't so sure.

Back on the Parade route Stefan tells Elena about Evil Uncle John and how he's actually her dad!! (And I thought my dad was an ass). Elena of course wants to believe anything else. But, as Stefan points out, the evidence points to bad.

Matt and Caroline are getting ready for the float as well and are having their picture taken. Another of my favorite lines:
Caroline: Hide your cast; it's not era appropriate.
Matt: Seriously?
These two are too cute for words!! I love that the writers remembered that Isobel the bitch crushed poor Matt's arm just a week ago. And then Caroline to Tyler: "You made out with his mother and then you beat him to a pulp. You're gonna have to do a little bit better than sorry." She rocks.

Elena catches up with Jeremy and tries to make nice. Frankly my dear I think Jeremy is being an ass about the whole thing. He's ok with Anna befriending him to use him for info and food but he's not ok with Elena doing what she thought was right to protect him? Ok. Whatev.

I thought it was hilarious and adorable that Ty pretended to shoot Jer on the float and Jer took it with a smile on his face. Are these 2 friends now? And how amazing did my two favorite couples look on their float? Enter Damon with his smirk and wave and I can't help it but I laughed so hard. That was brilliant and hysterical. Especially when gauged by Stefan & Elena's reaction. But now Damon is catching up to Bonnie. Uh-oh. Or not. He's thankful. And sincere. WOW. Not that I'm counting jaw drops but I think I'm somewhere around 5 and we're not even 10 minutes in.

Meanwhile - back at the Gilbert building - Evil Uncle (dad) John is plotting out his plan to rid Mystic Falls of its Vampire problem. A onetime device (you know - the one that Bonnie said she fixed but really didn't)will use a high pitch frequency for 5 minutes that should put them all down long enough for Vervain injections and a nice quiet fire. Oh but wait! There's more! Those tomb vamps that Team Dalaric did not take down are planning a revenge party at the EXACT SAME TIME. Not good.

Back to the Celebration: Elena runs into Damon and reminds him that they are just friends and that he would do well to remember that. For some strange reason I don't think Damon loves this. Elena also tries again with Jeremy who continues to be an ungrateful bratty ass hole. Anyone else love Damon calling him out on that? However, I can't also help but love Stefan stepping in to try to help as well. Their argument after was both enlightening and very hot. (Sorry I get carried away sometimes).

I always knew I loved Sherriff Forbes. Not sure why. But I always have. She is so not with the plan to use the town as bait. And while I think it's a bit late for that, Evil Uncle (dad) John hitting her made me so mad I could have spit bullets. WTF?

It's action time. Anna fills Damon in on the tomb vamp plan: all the founding families go down. Anyone else totally in love with Damon first going to Alaric for help and finding Alaric totally willing? That was AWESOME!!! Damon's next stop? A giggling Elena hand in hand with Stefan. "In 15 words or less" Stefan is to get Elena OUT right away. When Stefan starts to question, Damon, always the comedy, reminds him that the 15 word limit has been reached. But where is Jeremy?

Mayor Lockwood knows (thanks to Evil Uncle (dad) John) that something is going down. He insists that his son Tyler take Matt and Caroline and get the hell outta Dodge.

Now all the shiz hits the fan. Bonnie realizes that more than her Best Friend's Love is out blood sucking. Damon confronts Evil Uncle (dad) John only to become victim #1 just after realizing that the damn Device is very much in working order. While on the hunt for Jeremy, Stefan falls to the ground. Jeremy can't figure out what's wrong with Anna who has sought him out to protect him. And what the hell is wrong with Tyler? No time to find out before he crashes his car with Matt and Caroline inside. A vamp killer is running right at Stefan before Alaric intercepts and helps him and Elena into a safe place. Alaric states and Elena confirms: All of the vamps are going down. The Device works. Anna is ripped from Jeremy's arms and dragged to a basement filled with the others. Including Damon. And in case it isn't enough to burn her alive, Evil Uncle John drives a stake through Anna's heart. If you can't hear the sound of my heart crushing you are deaf). Damon's in the fiery basement because he's a vampire. What the hell is Mayor Lockwood doing down there?

At the site of Tyler's accident, as the EMT tries to revive him, his eye goes totally YIKES! before he finally comes around. And then Caroline goes down. Wait!!! What's up with Tyler's eye???

Elena and Stefan go looking for Damon only to find Evil Uncle (dad) John. As Stefan tries to go after his brother Evil Uncle (dad) John makes a threat - one step further and he'll alert the town that they missed a Vamp. Obviously Elena tells her Uncle (dad) that she knows he's her dad but that he's a dick and regardless of his threats she goes to help the man that she loves save his brother.

Finally Bonnie decides that she shouldn't be a total bitch and uses Elena's love and anger (I'm guessing) to keep Stefan safe while he rescues his brother from the flames. Is it totally weak that I love the fact that after all of the time and hate and misery between them, Stefan is still willing to risk is own life to save his brother? Of course Damon did the same for Stefan in Let the Right One In. This dynamic - for me anyway - is one of the most complex I have ever seen. I can't wait to see how it works out going forward. Despite their comments to the contrary, there is love between them. What does trouble me is that even with Elena's assurances that she loves him and only him, Stefan seems worried. She needs to pick up her dress, check on her brother and then they will be together again. Sure.

Damon the Hero shows up to help Jeremy. Anna is dead. He can take away that suffering. He's done it once before. What he actually does is tell Jer what an awesome thing it is to be a Vamp with no feelings. Nice try Damon. And even though I am pissed at Damon for this and for so many other things (Lexie, HELLO!) I can't help but feel for him. Damn it!!

Of course Caroline will be fine. I just know it. How can she not be? Haven't we had enough? Tyler's dad? Probably not as good. Uh-oh.

Bonnie feels like she should let Stefan know that if Damon (or himself I imagine) steps out of line one more time she'll take them both out. Yikes! Am I the only one that saw a bit of challenge in Stefan's eyes? Like "I dare you to try." Just checking.

Elena is home with her crap. And Damon has met her at the door. He has a speech. It's a good one. About how much he has changed. About how much he has let his human feelings take over his life. About how Elena's feelings for him have helped make him a better person. He leans in for a kiss. Just a kiss on the cheek of course. But wait. There's more. Oh crap. Now they're making out. I can hear even amounts of cheers and boos from where I sit. Jenna for one is unapproving and insists that Elena come into the house.

Time for more shiz to hit yet another fan. A seemingly confused Damon walks away from the Gilbert house. Jeremy finishes off the vile of Anna's blood & the bottle of Elena's pain pills and then crawls into bed. Elena sneaks up on Evil Uncle (dad) John and he gives his best explanation for trying to kill the love of her life using her own mother (and co-hort) as his excuse. Elena quietly listens and goes about her business putting away the dishes (including a stack of knives). Just after Evil Uncle (dad) John offers his help, she looks at him and then proceeds to chop off his fingers. Including the one with the magic ring. Then she puts the very same knife into his gut.
John: Katherine?
Katherine: Hello John. Goodbye John.
Wait? What? That was NOT Elena that WHOLE TIME?? Starting with Damon on the porch!?!?

Elena walks into the house, telling Stefan that her crap is missing but stressing again how much she loves him. As she gets inside she hears a noise. THE END

CRAP!!!! 4 freaking months now. This is really going to suck. And not in the good way.

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