Friday, February 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap - The Dinner Party

My friend Leah (who I skype every episode of TVD with) summed up The Dinner Party so perfectly: “Bloody hell!” And then my husband tells me all he heard from me throughout the entire thing was “YESSSSSSSS!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAT??????” over and over again. I can’t tell you he was wrong. WOW. The rest of my thoughts:

  • Honoria (gonorrhea) Fell FTW!!!
  • Stefan is really awesome at skipping rocks.
  • Salem shout out. Cannot help but get excited. Though I didn’t know what Elijah was fishing for (til later of course).
  • Jeremy is so damn cute! “We can practice, get stronger, bone.”
  • I want to feel sick about being so turned on by blood thirsty Stefan but I just can’t!!! SO HOT!
  • Damon and Andie. If this was high school I would vote them Prom King & Queen.
  • Hello Katherine! I’ll take a Klaus free Marg too! The 2nd time this week wish I had tequila in the house.
  • LEXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed. Out loud. And clapped. I did the circus seal real justice.
  • Present day Stefan’s face, remembering Lexi, broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes. So heart crushing. Seeing him sad like that made it feel as if she’d been staked in front of us all over again. DAMN IT DAMON!! .
  • “Jenna needs help with the wine." No I'm pretty sure Jenna is very capable of opening a bottle of wine or 7. (via my BFF @libraryofbird)
  • My favorite thing about Damon? He speaks MY mind. To Andie: “Stop talking.” To Uncle Daddy John: “Leave.” It’s so simple and so brilliant.
  • Andie is actually correct. Real witches didn’t come to Salem until the well after the 1600s. FYI. (Could I be more boring? Sorry. I live here).
  • Sometimes Damon & Stefan remind me of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Step Brothers when they are sleep walking. Just bumbling around making a mess. Only most of the time in different places. Good lord boys.
  • Any one else super surprised that Uncle Daddy John turned out to be a total douche bag once again Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  • Ok. Total “someone just came up behind me and put a bag over my head” kind of scream when Alaric stabbed Elijah. That was so bad ass. SO BAD ASS.
  • I love it when Stefan screams at Elena. I probably shouldn’t. But she really needs it. And he’s hot when he yells. Though it does mean no Unicorn action. Damn it.
  • Alaric needs to find better friends. I suggest more time on Twitter. Less time at the Grill.
  • WHOA. Hello there oh Parted One! Not so dead!
  • Jonas will hence forth be known as Dr. Ass Clown. That was NOT NICE!
  • Elena has again fulfilled (some) of my Buffy longing. The girl has balls.
  • I honest to god thought Alaric was finally going to spill the beans to Jenna. Her tears made me so sad for both of them. Really hope these two crazy kids can work it out!
  • Cannot believe Alaric gave up his ring!!!! GAH!!! So pissed!!! Like breaking my own dishes pissed. My husband was not happy about that. (Note to self: buy new plates)
  • It must be said: Lexi was around for one episode and I still miss her a billion times more than I will ever miss Vicky or Mason or Rose.
  • Katherine continues to win for BEST ENTRANCE EVER! Right after Jack Torrance. The girl is so crafty and so hot she makes it impossible to hate her. Even though I try REALLY hard to.
  • Loved this episode but really missed Caroline. Though Lexi’s presence did ease the pain just a bit. RIP Lexi.
I have to be honest. I was not expecting this kind of awesome from this episode. So happy when I am surprised this way. And I am SUPER glad there is a way for Elijah to come back. He is just too good to be dead forever. It’s safe to say we all know now who The House Guest is (WooHoo!) Is everyone as excited as I am to have Katherine out and about? Only one more to go before another excruciating hiatus. Are you ready?

Additional after thoughts:
  • If I woke up in a bathroom stall with no memory of how I got there my first thought would be: "Way to over do it on the shots Erin." But Luka immediately accuses Bonnie. Not sure which of us I am more concerned about.
  • If memory serves, this is Jenna's first time in Casa Salvatore. She should be WAY more impressed.
  • Anyone else totally "awwww!!!!" when hearing that Alaric was on Elena's list of loved ones? Made me wanna hug a puppy.


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  2. Totally agree about Alaric giving John the ring. So annoyed!
    Also about wish she wasn't dead!
    And I love that Katherine is back!

  3. "Any one else super surprised that Uncle Daddy John turned out to be a total douche bag once again Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?"

    I missed Caroline too! And I wanted more flashbacks about Lexi. But a FUN one :(