Friday, February 4, 2011

The Vampire Diaries - Daddy Issues Recap

Just a really quick thank you to The Vampire Diaries for REALLY coming back this week. I’m not saying I hated last week’s episode but I am saying that it will never make my top 10. Or probably even my top 20. Sorry Rose.

Let’s not dwell on the bad though. Here is what was good. And awesome. And just what I was waiting for:

  • Man handling Caroline like that Tyler? NOT NICE! You make me dislike you again when you do that crap.
  • Though Damon is not the Salvatore I wanted to see in the shower, if I’d accidentally walked in on him I wouldn’t turn and run away. Just to be honest.
  • Poor Jenna. When isn’t she confused? It’s funny except that……. No it’s just funny. Poor Jenna. I giggled again later when she tried to work out all the family ties drama. Can’t help but laugh at her. In the nicest way possible.
  • Elena in a ponytail is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Pure adorable.
  • Oh good. 20 whole seconds of Alaric. I must have been extra good this week. *sad face*
  • I love it when the brothers Salvatore bicker. Makes me think of my sisters & I. All love with a side of cheap jabs. That’s what it’s all about. Hope one of my sisters tells me I have “hero hair” someday.
  • Stefan and Caroline are my bread and butter. I need their friendship in order to survive.
  • Love that while Stefan is trying to do the right thing with Ty he is also threatening and hot as hell. It’s always a treat when he flexes those vampire muscles. Tyler is lucky Stefan doesn’t share his brother’s love of seeing internal organs on the outside.
  • I do not trust Dr. Martin. There is just something about him I do not like. Even later when he helps.
  • Bonnie & Jeremy!!! SQUEEEE!!!!!
  • Matt & Caroline FOREVER!! That is all.
  • Damon & Uncle Daddy John always have the most fun conversations. They should read books on tape together.
  • Jules & Brady must die slowly and painfully. If only for what they did to trap Caroline. How dare they. And that Brady is yummy as hell but he needs to be stabbed in the face with a hot poker right after having his junk ripped off.
  • Caroline Forbes. Holy crap girl. Why not just rip my heart out? Gut wrenching performance by Candice Accola. I could not have been more impressed. LOVE HER!!!!
  • I really hate it when I don’t hate Uncle Daddy John. Several times in this episode I found myself not hating him and it doesn’t sit well with me when that happens.
  • Stefan & Caroline. Their friendship is just the sweetest thing. They really need each other. And I love when my two favorite characters get what they need.
  • “Yes Matt. Something came up. I was caged and tortured for a few hours due to an ancient blood feud I have never had anything to do with so…. rain check?”
  • Tyler is lucky Caroline didn’t rip his intestines out and tie them around his neck. That’s what I would have done.
  • Every time Stefan and Elena hug like that a puppy is born and a Care Bear rides a unicorn down a rainbow road.
  • The slumber party?? Just what Caroline needed. Seriously. And that it was Stefan’s idea? I die. DIE!!! Along with the mouthed “I love you” exchanges? HAPPIEST DEAD!
  • Another shot of Damon in his bathroom. Not complaining. It’s a lovely site. And his chemistry with Ms. Andie Star is already a billion times better than it ever was with Rose. Plus, I’m kind of glad he has someone he can drink and talk to. He needs that in his life.
  • What is going on with the Axis of Evil? John, Isobel & Katherine have some kind of sick relationship and along with it an equally sickening plan (I’m just guessing). But what is it?
Amazing episode!!! One hell of a ride!! Cannot wait for next week and hope that Stefan & Elena get at least 5 minutes of happy bliss before those fur bags ruin it all. Otherwise there will be a few other creatures I want to see wearing their insides on their outsides. What did you think friends? Leave comments!! Can’t wait to read them!


  1. Haha! Awesome Erin :) "Fur bags"? *giggles* I will forever call the werewolves "fur bags" from now on ;) Yes, Caroline KICKED ASS last nite...SO good although as a huge Caroline fan, my heart was in my throat the entire ep for her! I think u will get ur does of Carebears & unicorns next week - probably only 5 mins, but u will get it nonetheless
    Lastly, I will help u rip off Brady's junk! ;) <3


  2. Awesome recap
    "Every time Stefan and Elena hug like that a puppy is born and a Care Bear rides a unicorn down a rainbow road. " I laughed so hard when I read that. BTW how could they not show when Bonnie & Jeremy actually became an item? I was like "What! When did this happen?".

    ...yes Caroline was awesome, when she got shot in the head (epic scene), I was speechless...literally I could not speak if I tried.