Friday, February 11, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Crying Wolf

Hold on to your butts TVD fans!! This one was killer!! In so many heart grabbing (HA!) ways! An episode of this magnitude always leaves me with a happy glow all over. I feel like a Cullen in the sun! Except for the cold sweats I felt throughout the whole thing. I don‘t think those sparkly things sweat. Anyways, what is giving me the chills? Here we go!
  • Ok, those 3 girls in bed and the yelling at Elena for talking to her boyfriend and waking them up? Let’s just say my level of love extended to the point where I am staging a reenactment with my girls this weekend.
  • Wanna know how to break the curse? Take that moonstone, add Jules, and shove it where the sun don’t shine. I am POSITIVE that will do the trick. Lets try it just for giggles.
  • “Have a great day honey!” I know it’s so wrong but I already ship them. It’s hilarious. And adorable. And hilarious.
  • The “Kathy” thing? I really hoped that furry Slater wanna-be could have shared some intimate tomb time with our favorite manipulative slut. THAT would have been a slumber party.
  • Care & Matt? Oh my poor heart!!! Lies kill. It should be a PSA.
  • Tiny bit disappointed in Caroline when she doesn’t immediately notice Ty took her phone. If mine is out of arm’s reach for more than 6 seconds I feel like I forgot pants. #Crackberry
  • Like Stefan NEEDS that car to be hotter. Oh wait. I love the car. So yes. He does.
  • Elena is an ass. The best kind though. A truly honest moment if you ask me. Poor Stefan. And poor me. I totally fell for it!!!!
  • “Witch roofie?” I DIE! Those could really come in handy for so many things! Kidding!!! (sort of)
  • Stefan & Elena on the dock? So glad cheese is my favorite food group. What is that I hear? Unicorn hooves on the rainbow road?
  • Hey Uncle Daddy John? I am gonna slap you silly!!! Threaten my vamps all you want. They can (and will) end you. Touch Alaric? Expect your junk in a vice. Finger removal was pleasant in comparison to what I want for you (especially with the comments to Jenna. Total douche!)
  • Damon + pencil in neck courtesy of Elijah = fits of giggles. Only because most everything Elijah does makes me clap like a seal at a circus. I cannot help myself!!! Who else could make a Tea function so fun??
  • Why oh why does Stefan have to get curious about the hollow sound?? Is he a Hardy Boy? Must have come with his Hardy Boy jacket. I was SO ready for naked scrabble!!!
  • Hey guess what friends? Caroline is my hero. AGAIN! Re: Bonnie/Jer smushing pep talk. Every time I think I could not love her more........ I HATE being SO wrong!
  • Steven R. McQueen has a million dollar smile. I feel very dirty about what that grin does to me. Holy YIKES!
  • Damon & Alaric? How I have missed my blood & beer. Swoon.
  • Lord knows I love to pick on Damon but FRAK me. How DARE those mangy fur bags torture another one of my vampires. He did me proud though. Snarky through it all. I almost wanted to kiss him. Too bad I’m allergic to “has kissed Rose” lips. Sorry. Too soon?
  • Bonnie is crossing that “line” Elena speaks of so easily. Is it ok that I love it? It’s only Luka after all!! (I didn’t say that, you’re imagining things).
  • Even though I forgive him later, when Tyler shoots Stefan while he’s already down I want to kick him in the junk so bad!
  • Every time Elena does something that is not laying down to die, I get excited. I miss Buffy.
  • When Elena runs up the stairs (before knowing her plan) all I can think is “KW must have wrote this part just to push the new Scream movie.” Wait. Did Stefan say: “I’ll be right back?”
  • I kinda knew that I wouldn’t get the satisfaction of Caroline ripping Brady’s heart out but Stefan came a close 2nd for that wish. SO FREAKING HAPPY! SO FREAKING HOT!
  • Beatrix Kiddo (aka “The Bride”) needs to teach “How to Hold a Grudge 101” and Elena needs to attend. Twice. Blair Waldorf could be a guest speaker.
  • I cannot even say how badly I wanted Alaric to wake up and do some serious fur bag damage!! I guess I just have to get my thrills over how many words he got to say.
  • LOVE so much all the internal organ removal on fug bags however, I am really hankering for another Trevor style head chop. I have a sick sense of fun. Sick and AWESOME! Right?
  • Poor stupid Jenna. Alaric is gonna have to come clean soon. Stay tuned for the betting pool as to who gets let in first. Jenna or Matt. I watch a lot of The Sopranos. Place your bets wisely. Breaking knees is so time consuming!
  • Elijah lied!?!?!? OMG HUGE SURPRISE!!! *yawn*
  • Stefan gives Elena a piece of his mind. And the whole world stops and stares in awe. Perfection, Paul Wesley , is thy name. Get your own tea woman!
  • So Ty is out for a while. Another HUGE surprise. What he did for Matt though? WOW. I hate to give him credit but he is making it so hard to hate him!! GAH!!! I am so much better at easy blind hatred
  • One word for Bonnie & Jer. CHEMISTRY! I suck ass at math but this I know: they mix well. I am happy.
So my friends, happy about “Crying Wolf?” Excited as I am about next week? BTW that was a hypothetical question because you could not possibly be as excited as I am. Please leave comments! Love theories, thoughts and two-cents!


  1. Hah! Nice recap, Erin! Lol "Clap like a seal". Awesome. I'm sure you already know what Elijah does to me. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH HIM. :D
    Loved the Stefan/Elena moment.

    Tyler! So glad he came to his senses! I was rooting for that to happen. Caroline, I adore her. When those stupid wolf boys messed with Alaric, got really pissed! But here comes Elijah to save the day!

    I loved how Elijah told Damon that this is the third time he saved Damon. Damon got owned big time.
    Everyone was fantastic! But MVP to Daniel Gillies. BADASS.


    LOVED YOURS! read mine? (above) i want feedback! you would know what your talking about!

  3. Erin,
    I've figured out ur fave words are "furbag" & "junk" LMFAO! Luvd this :D ur recaps make me laugh every time :) *thumbs up* as always :) Elijah seems to be a pro at playing "Operation", eh? *claps like seal* ;)
    #junkKicking #furbags


  4. I too love the Andie/Damon relationship and the accompanying lines...makes me laugh.

    Also a fan of the angry Stefan speech to Elena.

    I think Jenna is going to get a clue before Matt. Her entire family and her boyfriend are all involved. It's getting ridiculous that she doesn't know.