Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TV Tunes!

Music on TV January 13th - January 31st
So many exciting things going on in television music, too many to keep me from talking about it! If you don't watch the shows mentioned below, check out the tracks, all highly recommended by yours truly! SERIOUSLY!

Grey's Anatomy - "Start Me Up" - January 13, 2011
The choice song, the closing anthem, illustrated each doctor & each couple in the final moments of the show. The most remarkable thing about this song (for me) is that it was recommended to me personally by Chris Mollere last summer. (@ on twitter, music editor for The Vampire Diaries & Pretty Little Liars). I was excited to hear that the amazing track had finally seen the light of day. Check it out:

Chuck - "Chuck vs. The Gobbler" - January 24, 2011
Another brilliant track played at the conclusion of an episode. I've heard nothing but good things about Mike Snow and his song here made all of them true. The National (as seen above) also had a track in this episode but this one was my fave!:

Castle - "Knockdown" - January 24, 2011
This episode of Castle was so unbelievably awesome it's hard to put into words. By far the best the series  has offered thus far and most definitely the best hour of TV I've seen in 2011. So of course the chosen song would have to be equally stunning:

The Vampire Diaries - "The Descent" - January 27, 2011
My favorite show came back to me with no fewer than a billion different emotions to hand out. Each one perfectly assisted by the always spectacular Chris Mollere & his music choices. My favorite new song from the episode is hardly heard but absolutely fantastic when played all the way through:

Though "The Last Time" is excellent, I am sure the most memorable song for most was the final song, played as Damon took a bite out of his latest emotional issues. Best thing about this song? It was already in my iTunes as it was on Paul Wesley's celebrity playlist. A fantastic selection:

Chuck - "Chuck vs. the Push Mix" - January 31, 2011
This chunk of Chuck got off to it's true start with a fantastical beat promising that it would be one for the history books. This musical inclination was just the beginning of the epic that was to come:

Gossip Girl - "Damien Darko" - January 31, 2011
The music from the latest Gossip Girl was only spectacular because I had heard two of the songs before. The CW must be learning how to recycle this week. Two songs featured (both fan-freaking-tastic) have already been used by The Vampire Diaries. I think Gossip Girl owes Chris Mollere a bit of thanks. Please listen if you have not already:

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