Sunday, May 22, 2011

Supernatural - Halfway Gone

Just finished watching Supernatural Season 3 and I thought this would be a good point to stop and reflect on what I've seen so far (also, I'm waiting for my Season 4 download and it's taking forever! I need to kill some time).

I'm pretty pissed off at myself for waiting so long to watch this show about two brothers on the road, hunting down the evil of the world. I had seen the first half of the first season when it first aired but this was during MLPT (My Life Pre-Tivo) so I got really far behind and sort of gave up. Last year, I started from the beginning again and got about half way through the first season (again) but I got scared watching by myself all the time so I gave up. (I'm a giant baby. You will never see a horror movie review on this blog). And despite my constant abuse of this fantastic show, it came back to me again and I grabbed my blankie, a glass of wine and dove right in. Thank God.


What a show. I have so much love that it's hard to put into words. One of the things I love most about it (so far) is that it doesn't need huge relationship drama and love triangles to be great. Don't get me wrong, I love those things. But to find such a spectacular show that doesn't rely on that stuff is a huge breath of fresh air. The only relationship that really matters is the one between Sam and Dean Winchester. And it's one of the best sibling relationships I've ever witnessed on the small screen. It feels so real to me. I even love when they fight, when they full out scream at each other, because it shows just how much they care for one another. I'm also a huge sucker for the teasing and the bickering. This show is HILARIOUS! I have had tears streaming down my face more times than I can count. Laughing so hard I cry and also just crying. Supernatural is not just funny as hell, it's moving beyond imagination. Who knew? Oh right. Everyone except my dumb ass.

I've been asked a lot on Twitter whether I'm a Sam girl or a Dean girl and I cannot say how hard of a decision that is to make. Both brothers have so many great qualities. They are both brave and selfless. Where Dean is tough, Sam is sweet. I love that when they are on the hunt they are both so strong and fearless but in the presence of their father, they both turn into little boys (Yes Sir. No Sir). And they're both pretty easy on the eyes. Lets be real here. After careful consideration though, and through no control of my own, I think I'm a Dean girl. I'm an oldest sister. I understand everything he does, he does for Sam. Even when it might not be the very best thing to do. I can understand all of his motivations. I can understand trying to cover pain with humor and anger. I even understand always choosing scissors. Not saying I don't love sweet, sensitive, Sam though. I'd love to give him a naked hug every day.

I have favorites other than Dean though:

Favorites of Season 1:  I loved the Pilot of course, setting the boys on their path. ("Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole!") And you can't beat the introduction of the Impala, the fake IDs and the amazing soundtrack (more on that later). I also LOVED "The Benders" and "Provenance". Both super scary and a hell of a good time. And at the finale. I screamed.

Favorites of Season 2: "Everybody Loves a Clown" scared the crap out of me! I have always hated clowns and this one makes Pennywise look like a puppy! "Playthings" had some of the funniest moments (like this one). "Tall Tales" was another that had me ROLLING! "Heart" had one of the steamiest love scenes I've ever seen on network TV. My jaw was on the floor. "What Is and What Should Never Be" was so bitter sweet. It was heart crushing to see Dean live his life without the supernatural stuff. Both because it was so great and because it wasn't. And then of course in the finale ("All Hell Breaks Loose Pt. 2") Dean makes the ultimate sacrifice for his brother after he cries over his dead body. Gut wrenching.

Favorites of Season 3: "Bad Day at Black Rock" had some of the best physical comedy seen on the show (so far). Sam's clumsiness and Bobby's annoyance were magnificent. As a sucker for fairytales, I of course adored "Bedtime Stories" and their evil take on them. "A Very Supernatural Christmas" was the first time I really sobbed. Finding out where that thing Dean always wears around his neck came from? BAWLED! The best of brotherly love. "Mystery Spot" was such a head twister for me. One minute I'm on the floor peeing myself laughing ("Sam Winchester wears makeup. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex!") the next minute I'm sobbing out of control. A fantastic piece of TV. The finale, "No Rest for the Wicked" had me sobbing again. Sam holding Dean's lifeless body as Dean's soul screams from hell. Painful is an understatement.

Favorites in Music: For me, one of the best things about this show right off the bat was the classic rock soundtrack. I love getting new indy and pop tunes introduced to me through my favorite TV shows (The Vampire Diaries and The O.C. make up a HUGE chunk of my iTunes) but I was raised on the music from Supernatural. A lot of these songs have been a part of my life since before I have memories of them. But to speak to the epicness of this show, songs like "Heat Of the Moment" by Asia, "Wanted Dead Or Alive" by Bon Jovi  and of course "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas, will never be the same to me again, despite having listened to them most of my life. That's huge. Some other favorites:
  • "Long Train Runnin" by The Doobie Brothers - 3x10
  • "Back in Black" by AC/DC - 1x1
  • "All Right Now" by Free - 1x6
  • "Wheel in the Sky" by Journey - 2x3
  • "Burnin' for You" by Blue Öyster Cult - 1x17
  • "Renegade" by Styx - 2x12
And I am going to make myself stop or the list will go on for days!! So much great music! If you are looking for a full list of songs by episode go here.

I think that about sums it up for now. I could go on forever about how much fun I am having watching this show but I do want to get back to actually watching this show. OMG you guys! Cannot wait to start Season 4!!! Have you watched it? Loved it? Need to warn me about anything coming up? Go crazy! Would love to hear your thoughts on this gem!! (NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE!)


  1. Reading your thoughts on the show bring back so many great memories of the early seasons. I started watching it last November & got caught up in time for the second half of this season. Your comment on the classic rock soundtrack rang very true for me, my dad always played it when I was younger but I rebelled against it as I got older, Supernatural gave me a reason to love it again. I go back & forth on my 'teams' I'm a Sam girl at heart but Dean sure makes it hard to stay true. As for my thoughts on season 4 I have 2 things: 1- Castiel. 2 - The episodes titled 'The Monster at the End of This Book' & crap I can't remember the title now but it's the one with the high school flash backs. (Yes you should be excited.)
    Can't wait to read the rest of your thoughts on Supernatural, loving the live tweets.

  2. Always great to find new SPN fans!
    Season 4-> CASTIEL, Ruby 2.0... :-)

  3. I'm really glad you've fallen in love with the show. I'm pretty sure its the only show i watch that doesnt have ship wars...and well if there is ship wars i've never seen any. ;)

    Season 4 comes Castiel. Misha Collins is excellent as Castiel.