Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Supernatural - This is the End - Season 6 Review

Well friends. That’s it. I have crossed the finish line of this marathon. There is no more (at least until September). 126 episodes in 12 days. That averages out to more than 10 episodes a day. Nearly 7 hours of Winchester goodness every day for almost 2 weeks. That has to be some kind of record right? Cannot even say how emotionally exhausted I feel right now. The most ginormous of THANK YOU’s to those of you who have gone on this ride with me. And my GOD what a ride!! Couldn’t have done it without my faithful friends following my journey here and on Twitter. Open yourselves a beer and indulge in a delicious bacon cheese burger with me. You’ve earned it!

Moving on. So. Season 6. Hmmmm….. I felt like I was watching the entire thing sitting on egg shells. Maybe if I don’t make any sudden movements, maybe if I keep quiet and shut my eyes everything will be just fine. I had not one bit of trust for anyone but Dean. For 22 episodes I was looking over my shoulder and checking to make sure I still had my wallet. Anyone else?

I knew immediately what was wrong with Sam. I tried to complicate it for myself (because that is just what I do. With everything). But that first hug. I knew. And even when I was looking right at his face, I missed Sam. Mostly on Dean’s behalf of course. Mostly. In “You Can't Handle the Truth,” Lisa sums it up pretty perfectly: “You two have the most unhealthy, tangled up, crazy thing that I’ve ever seen.” So true. But that is what we love right? In the season opener I thought I understood why Sam would come back and not go to Dean. Before he went to hell, it was so important to Sam that Dean get that life that had always seemed so out of reach. I understood it but I was still so fucking pissed. Pissed and confused. No matter what, our Sam would never be able to NOT be a part of Dean’s life.

Dean’s post Sam life, as happy as it seemed, for those looking through unknowing eyes, was not what Dean was meant for. The opening montage in “Exile on Main St.” was so beautiful and still so heart breaking. Even with everything, Dean has nothing without his brother. (Please tell me I am not the only one who held her breath until she knew the Imapala was safe and still in Dean's care?) That Sam stuff said, it doesn’t make any of the Ben and Lisa loss any easier to handle. The woman tried so hard, put up with so much (wouldn’t you for that man?) but she is only human. And of course Dean, in the end ("Let It Bleed"), feels like he must sacrifice every bit of himself for those he loves. The conversation that takes place in the hospital after Cas saves Lisa’s life and cleanses their memories of her and Ben’s life with Dean, blaming the whole thing on a car crash, was one of the most difficult things I have witnessed on this show of endless pain. The crying was loud. And I actually thought I might stop breathing for a minute.

Ben: Who are you?
Dean: I'm the... uh, the guy who hit you.
Lisa: Oh.
Dean: I just, I lost control for a minute. And I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I'm really happy you two are both okay. And, uh, I'm glad your life can get back to normal now.
Lisa: We're okay. So, so that's what's important, right?
Dean: Yeah. Anyway, I'll leave you two alone. You take care of your mom.

The double meaning behind everything he said just laid me out as if I myself were the one hit by a car. He is so unable to allow himself any happiness. It makes my soul ache.

This season wasn’t all tears and nervous scratching though. “Weekend at Bobby’s,” was super fun. I am such a giant fan of his. I loved getting to see the story from his perspective for once. And cheers to Jensen on his directorial debut. It was an amazing episode. “Clap Your Hands If You Believe...,” was brilliant of course. The Fairies and Dean were a perfect combination. And Sam’s soullessness was actually fucking awesome for once, which I never would have expected. In “The French Mistake,” the show confronted their fandom once again. I wish every show would be this self aware. I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. And, of course, “Frontierland.” Dean’s enthusiasm alone put a smile on my face throughout the entire thing.

So now it’s on to Season 7. Cas is God? Do you think the guy maybe got a bit ahead of himself? Perhaps a little power hungry? I totally get what he set out to do but the boy just got a bit carried away didn’t he? I can’t wait to see how this will affect Sam and Dean. Dean was right to question him and mistrust him but now I am afraid that Cas is going to make him pay for that. Dean has to pay for everything. How this man isn’t a broken, busted, messy puddle on the floor by now just shows the strength of his character, of his soul. It illustrates just why I love him the way that I do. Speaking of busted, messy puddles, what can we expect from Sam? He seemed ok for those 6 seconds we saw him post full Hell memory retention. But we all know that can’t last. Will Season 7 be more of watching him through suspicious eyes? I cannot wait to find out!!! Also, real quick, anyone else as worried about the Impala as I am? FREAKING OUT! Dean can fix it. Right? *pray, hope, wish*

I have enjoyed all of your comments on these Supernatural posts more than I can say. Please feel free to continue with the Winchester love and tell me what you thought of Season 6!! I hang on every word!

Also, before I move on to my next show, I want to re-watch 10 episodes of Supernatural just so that I can move on properly. It is extremely important that I have your vote on which 10 those should be. HELP ME OUT!

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  1. As usual, AMAZING thoughts and insight! I for one love me some S2, especially AHBL Pt. I & II. Skin, Mystery Spot, & CYHIYB are also a few other faves. GREAT JOB!

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  3. I agree with Sandi about Skin and CYHIYB. I would also like to add BUABS,the Pilot ep., Hell House, and Wishful Thinking..If you want a few sad ones included... Dark Side of the Moon and Swan Song...To round out the ten, In the Beginning, and Frontierland. As always, you did a stellar job with your season reviews...

  4. I typed BUABS above and I actually meant to suggest Bad Day at Black Rock...Getting my extreme oafishness off your blog now...

  5. Have i mentioned how much i love your season reviews? Cuz i love them alot. :)

    I still havent watched the finale yet. I think i might just do that tomorrow.

    Oh and i think you should rewatch:
    Changing Channels,
    The French Mistake,
    Clap Your Hands If you Believe
    Yellow Fever


  6. In My Time of Dying
    What Is And What Should Never Be
    All Hell Breaks Loose part 2
    Bad Day at Black Rock
    Dream A Little Dream Of Me
    Lasarus Rising
    In The Beginning
    Yellow Fever
    On The Head Of a Pin
    Heaven And Hell
    The End
    Changing Channels
    Abandon All Hope
    The Song Remains The Same
    Dark Side of the Moon
    Point of No Return
    Clap Your Hands If You Believe
    Appointment in Sammara
    The French Mistake

    These are my 20(!) favorite episodes, maybe you'll find something you like among them.