Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap - The Sun Also Rises

For the 3 or 4 days leading up to this episode I was STRESSED OUT! Actually, I think “living in terror” would be a better way to describe me while waiting for this installment of The Vampire Diaries. I made sure that when I sat down to watch, I had a HUGE margarita and my blanky. And if you didn't make it through your viewing (I nearly didn’t) and are reading this from heaven, may you rest in peace.

• Not only did Klaus turn Jenna but he roofied her too. And as a vampire? She looks AWESOME!!! I'd probably let her bite me.
• I did not expect to be as moved by Damon and Katherine's exchange as I was. After everything, she still has the balls to need feelings from him.
• Husband wants to know if Bonnie and Jeremy are still using MyFi or if they are serving each other big glasses of Pepsi! The choice of a new generation!
• Is Klaus performing the sacrifice or opening ceremonies for the Olympics?
• Shut up Jules. Everyone knows you’re heartless. (See what I did there?)
• Jenna’s speech to Elena is so tragic. Poor drunk, clueless Jenna. If she lives it’ll take a lot more booze to catch that buzz.
• The rest of the Originals are dead? I AM SO CONFUSED!
• Damon’s violent heartbreak over the thought of losing Stefan is moving and refreshing. As is his acknowledgement of the fact that Stefan has been cleaning up after him for ages. Despite every nightmare they have survived, they love each other. It’s impossible to not be touched by that.
• “You can’t die, I’ll die for you!” “No, I’ll die for you!” “No, me!” “No, let it be me.” Husband refuses to believe there are this many selfless people in the whole world, let alone in one town. His vote is for Klaus to kill them all just for being annoying. Husband is kind of a jerk.
• Me: “Stefan! GET UP!” Husband: “Honey he can’t! He has Klaus’ wood in him.”
• “Hello Brother.” Hmmmmm…… Where have we heard this before?
• Despite my best efforts to prepare for it, Jenna’s loss is heart crushing. And Elena’s reaction is heart crushing.
• And then Alaric knows.
• And then Jeremy knows.
• And John.
• You guys!! They have no parents. Even bad ones. I can’t stop crying.

• Still crying.
• I’m gonna have to come back to this later. I just can’t.

• My eyes feel as if they’ve had Tabasco poured in them and my face is puffy beyond all recognition but I’m gonna try to finish this up.
• On a personal note, I lost my parents a few years ago. And, though I am a grown ass woman, my Aunts have taken care of me in one way or another ever since. While I am well aware that TVD is just a television show, this episode really hit close to home. Please forgive me if my usual humor is lacking in this post.
• While I’m glad that we have not seen the last of our lovely accented Original Recipe friends, I am so fucking pissed off at them right now. Especially Elijah. But I get it. I understand his motivation 100%. Still fucking pissed though. What a couple of weenies.
• The way Damon picked up Elena and laid her next to Stefan. And then he removed Stefan’s stake. And he takes her away at Stefan’s insistence. You guys, I am so fucking close to forgiving Damon and I hate that about me!! UGH!
• I understand Matt’s motivation too. He never asked for this. He is truly lovely but he doesn’t have Elena’s heart. And that is such a shame. Caroline deserves so much more. I suppose if she can forgive Tyler, I’m going to have to as well. What is wrong with me tonight with all of this forgiving crap?
• If you would have told me even a week ago that Uncle Daddy John would move me to tears I would have asked you to be my roomie in this lovely padded room I’ve reserved.
• I know that Damon will be fine. How can he not be? But the pain that he and Stefan and Elena will go through to get to that point is almost too much to take. Which leads me to……..

Friends! I will be away for the finale next week. I’m in a wedding. Maid of Honor actually so it’s a pretty big deal. And honestly, after tonight’s emotional nightmare I’m almost glad. I will miss you all terribly though and please check back here because I WILL recap. Just late.

Regarding this one though, if you’re alive out there I would love your reactions to the episode!! Please tell me I am not the only one who cried for an hour! I'm sure I have missed a lot and gotten a ton of shit out of order but I'm sure you understand. Feel free to correct me!


  1. I cried too, at the beginning, I was holding on, but then the funeral, the song... I couldn't take it ... R.I.P. Jenna, John, Jules.. you will never be forgiven

  2. If one of my cats hadn't sat threw almost the entire episode with me I would have lost it a lot sooner/harder. Uncle Daddy John nearly redeemed himself last night. For the first time I felt like he was finally acting like a parent. When Jeremy gave Elena the letter I was like 'no don't read it! Not this week save it for next week I can't take anymore this week' but it was pretty beautiful.

  3. I cried so much!!! I am so mad at the writers for killing Jenna! Why couldn't they kill some random person instead....or at this point I would be fine with even Katherine getting sacrificed. What a bitch. I wish they somehow bring Jenna back, I know this is next to impossible, but still... :( And the worst part is that she died for nothing! Klaus is still alive and the curse has been broken! I love Joseph Morgan but I REALLY hate Klaus now. I'm also kinda mad at Matt but it's ok becuase Caroline and Tyler can be together now... And I can't believe I like John after he died! Also, I'm not so worried about Damon because I know he can't die or the show will be over. Still can't wait for the finale next week!

  4. john is a douche. even in death he was trying to cockbock stefan with the "for your kid" line with the ring. I hope she gives that shit to alaric for the time being.