Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, Busy Thursday

Sookie Book 10?:
Thanks to a tip from Wicks (and her mom) I was able to locate some information on Charlaine Harris' next Sookie Stackhouse novel. My question is, is it book 10 or is it a compilation of the last 9? The blurb above the title says "Sookie Stackhouse: The Complete Stories." So I suppose it's any one's guess at this point. According to her official website this book is due out in October so hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out what it really is. I'll let you know as soon as I do!

Fangbangers Beware:
During last night's research I came across an article that put me in quite the mood. I'm somewhat new to the vampire love scene but this piece dissed almost everything about vampires that made me a fan. Check it out for yourselves and form your own opinion:
This article hit my hot button for a number of reasons. For starters, vampires aren't real!! Isn't the fun part of writing about mythical creatures supposed to be making up your own myths? Why bash the creativity of others just because it's popular in the current culture? And, ok, does this guy know anything about chicks? The part that's fun is that it's bad!!! I'm not even going to get into the whole economic power of women and why this sells, blah, blah, blah. Another beef? I'm not only a huge fan of Twilight and True Blood but I LOVE Spike! I did appreciate the shout-out to Angelus and all his delicious sickness. Who doesn't enjoy some of that every now and then? Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Honestly though, how can you not love this?

From one AusHole to Another:
I have been a huge fan of TV know-it-all Michael Ausiello for longer than I care to admit. I even went so far as to follow him from TVGuide.Com to (I still check in with TVGuide, shh!). Today he has some great news for us O.C. fans. Miss Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) will be making an appearance on an Entourage "subplot." I haven't seen much of this show but I've heard it's fantastic and now that I have my HBO back I may have to find out when she will appear!
Mr. Ausiello had another very important scoop just a couple of weeks ago that I thought needed repeating. For the Bones lovers, it looks like the rumors are true. Booth does know who Bones is - he just isn't sure which Bones she is. I like this much better than the whole amnesia story line my mind was wandering down. Now if I could just get through the next 3 months!

Karla & Jonathan:
I thought Karla was pretty good but Jonathan was not hitting his stuff hard enough for me even though his acrobatics were great!
Asuka & Vitolio:
It was very sweet when she cried on his shoulder during the practice stuff and I thought it was good but they were definitely out of sync a lot of the time.
Melissa & Ade:
My first thought? Wow! Very hot. And holy cow am I jealous of her grace. If I don’t get at least half of that in my next life I’m asking for a refund.
Janette & Brandon:
This was such a cool idea and they were both great. I want her outfit (better yet I want to look that good in her outfit) and this was one of my faves of the night.
Kayla & Kupono:
I thought this was going to be very boring but it turned out to be quite lovely.
Randi & Evan:
SO CUTE! I always love a Mia Michaels routine and this was no different. I thought Nigel was a bit creepy talking about it but it doesn’t change the fact that it was one of my top 3.
Caitlin & Jason:
I don’t know a damn thing about ballroom dancing but I thought this was amazing. I was holding my breath through the whole thing. Favorite of the night! Very sexy!
Jeanine & Phillip:
I thought they were very cute and totally in sync. And Phillip’s sofa jump was awesome. Nigel got a bit creepy again talking about the hole in Phillip’s pants but again, I won’t hold that against the dancers.

My bottom 3 guess? Karla & Jonathan and Asuka & Vitolio for sure. As for the last couple, I cannot decide between Kayla & Kupono and Jeanine & Phillip. And please don't ask me who I think is going home. Not a clue here. I still haven't seen the ONE. For an example of what I'm waiting for see the below video of Mark & Chelsie from last year:

On TV Tonight:

Other than the SYTYCD Results Show (which we are all waiting on pins and needles for), Fox has another great season 4 Bones repeat (Double Trouble in the Panhandle), where Booth and Bones go undercover as circus performers. Hilarious and a definite must watch! Also in the repeat box is Xander (Nicholas Brendon) making one of his 2 guest spots on Criminal Minds (CBS). Another show I don't usually watch but it is in the Tivo To Do list just so I can see what Mr. Harris has been up to. For the night owls like me, David Letterman has an especially sexy show tonight with guests Johnny Depp and Transformers' super babe, Megan Fox.

On TV This Morning:
Usually I am all about the NOW but the Angel repeats on TNT this morning inspired me. I really HATE Connor. He was super cute as a baby, but as a teenager, he not only sucks but is wicked obnoxious to look at. No way the spawn of Angel and Darla is that fugly. The reason I love these specific repeats? I love watching Angel kick Connor's ass. The only other person I'd rather watch kick it (other than Buffy, who obviously was not an option at the time) is Faith. Bad or not, she has always held a special place in my heart. Except for the whole murder thing, she makes brunettes with tattoos look very impressive.

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  1. 1st I hope the 10th Sookie book there is some short stories that clear up some of the back stories that are not written in the books but talked about in the books.
    2nd That guy is a dick and needs to be kicked repatedly, me and my steele toed boots volenteer.
    3rd I bought the Leona Lweis CD because of that dance last year. Good pick.
    4th Me and my steele toed boots are willing to put in some overtime if we get to kick Connor, the little prick.