Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in Review

Go Navy!:
The entertainment highlight of the weekend was definitely the Navy Blue Angles air show in Newport, Rhode Island. It was a warm sunny day, perfect for enjoying the aerobatics of the F-22, F-16, Blackhawk helicopters, and of course the Navy Blue Angel F-18s. If you have never seen one of these shows, I highly recommend it. The schedule is posted here: Edge of your seat excitement for the whole family!

Rise of the Fallen:
I'm so glad I got the time to see the new Transformers movie over the weekend. It was a blast! Tons of action and funny stuff and I even got misty eyed a couple of times. This one had quite a bit more robot on robot violence and it was done very well. The story was a bit more involved than the last one but it was still one hell of a ride. A must see for summer!

That was the title of last night's True Blood episode. I am really loving that the show seems to be just different enough from the books to keep my eyes glued to the screen, waiting to see what happens next. Sookie's wounds which inspired the title of the episode were super gruesome to look at, as was the foaming at the mouth. Yuck! But it did all lead to Lafayette being rescued from Eric's basement, thank God. As for the other Stackhouse, I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before Jason jumps into bed with the preacher's wife however, I am more than ready for him to break free of the crazy church. I am also enjoying the relationship unfolding between Jessica and Hoyt. And what's up with Daphne? She is not in the books at all so I am super curious. This could be a lot of fun. Unfortunately they are taking a break for the holiday weekend next week so it will be 2 weeks before we get another new one. Grrr!!

After a busy weekend, I finally got around to watching Thursday's results show. The opening group number was extremely sexy. All the water splashing gave it a fun Flash Dance feel and I really enjoyed it. I was pretty surprised to see Jason and Caitlin make the bottom 3 but the other 2 couples were no big shocker. I really liked both Caitlin and Karla's solos so I wasn't at all miffed that Asuka went home. Also not too upset over the loss of Jonathan. He has never been in my top 5 guys. So Wednesday we're down to 7 couples. And it's gettin good!

On TV Tonight:
Cure your case of the Mondays with Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List. This season has been filled with lots of A list celebrity cameos and Kathy's interaction with them has been hysterical. Can't wait to see who she insults next!

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