Sunday, August 30, 2009

True Blood - Frenzy

Just as I thought - lots of build up on tonight's episode of True Blood! It's going to be a very long 2 weeks. The situation with Tara and her mother is too sad for words and poor Lafayette - he just cannot catch a break. Although I doubt that he minds now given his new condition. The best exchange of the evening was between Andy and Jason in the truck. Absolute hilarity! Jason's beautiful stupidity has had me doubled over with laughter throughout most of the season and it just keeps getting better. Bill on the other hand is really starting to piss me off (despite the fact that he looked positively delicious in that black leather jacket). This is the second time this season he has been kept away from Sookie by a woman who wants to jump his bones. Grow a set already for God's sake Bill!!! Speaking of women who want Bill, Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen of Louisiana was pure delight! I'd play Yahtzee with her any time! Hopefully large amounts of beer and Wisconsin cheese next weekend will ease the pain of waiting for the finale. It could happen!

I rock!

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