Monday, August 24, 2009

True Blood - New World In My View

Woo Hoo! Score one for me! I totally guessed correctly the song and artist that would play on Sunday night's episode (“New World in My View” by King Britt, played during the end credits). Of course, it wasn't as challenging as this week's will be. There are about 300 songs with the title "Frenzy." We'll see if I can go 2 for 2.

The episode itself was great and really quite funny. Jason is quickly becoming my favorite Stackhouse. Was it just me though, or did acting like the coming God seem a bit beyond his brain capacity? So glad to have Tara back to the world of "my eyes aren't black," and Lafayette time is always appreciated. I also think it's pretty sweet that Andy is working so hard (well as hard as he can wasted) to keep Sam safe. The most disturbing moment of the evening was watching Bill toss his cookies if cookies are black tar bile. I was really hoping he'd be able to at least make MaryAnne suffer. No such luck. And what the heck is up with Sookie? I've read the books (the first 5 anyway) and so far there is none of the stuff from this episode in there. It's pretty exciting. And on Sunday we finally get to meet the Queen of Louisiana. Can't wait! (Sunday's preview below).

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