Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Lights - Expectations

I gotta tell you guys. Despite the fact that I’ve seen all of these episodes once before, I am wicked excited about getting to watch Friday Night Lights as it airs on NBC. This show has had such an impact on me and I really could not love it any more. This season premiere was a great example of why FNL is so exceptional. We get to find out what all of our favorite Dillon residents have been up to and we get a bit of a peak at what’s coming up for them as well. Can’t wait to get into it!

What made me laugh?
Fucking Billy. When he isn’t making me so mad I want to spit, he is totally cracking me up. The thing is, I don’t totally dislike the guy. He has a very sweet side to him and lord knows he wants SO BAD not to be a loser. His opening speech with that short ass quote that he had to have written down and standing up Coach Taylor’s ass? I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my damn head.

What made me mad?
Becky’s step monster is a total cunt bag! I wanted to put that cigarette out in her face! To be completely honest, Becky grates on my last damn nerve a lot of the time. That being said, no child deserves that kind of hate from someone who is supposed to be caring for them. What a cow. Thank god for the Riggins clan. All of them.

What made me cry?
Tim Riggins in jail! OMG! Of course my instinct at the sight of him is to swoon and smile and fan myself. I can’t quite get there though. He’s just so despondent and so not himself. It’s killing me to see it. There is so much anger and resentment simmering just under the surface. Even for those few minutes. I. Just. Can’t.

What gives me hope?
Tami Taylor, as always. She is back in her guidance counselor role, this time at East Dillon High. The way she cares about each and every student, the blood sweat and tears she puts into these kids; you can’t help being inspired by her dedication. And watching her heart both break and swell with pride as she sends Julie off to college was so beautiful. This woman is my hero.

Other highlights:
  • Landry saying farewell to Grandma Saracen. How awesome is that little old lady? And how adorable is it that she has Crucifictorious on her MP..whatever? Wish I did.
  • “Football is a lot more fun than a physical examination of the colon." "Well I guess that depends on the game doesn't it?"
  • Coach Taylor and Julie’s father/daughter moment in the garage. I am such a huge fan of their relationship.
  • Football. This will be a highlight every week. Even though all it does is remind me how far away football season really is.
So, tell me friends: have you already seen the 5th and final season? If so, are you watching it again? Was this your first sight of Season 5? What did you think? Share your thoughts! I could read love letters to this show all damn day!

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