Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap - The Last Dance

There was a TON of hype leading up to this episode of TVD and for the most part, it did not disappoint. Lots of craziness, lots of running and almost too much hotness to handle. Every episode leading up to the finale is just one more stress test. Cardiologists should use this show to work out heart patients. Keep the paddles handy though.

• Husband wants to know if there is a Green Clover & Purple Horseshoe curse as well.
• “Pop quiz.” Am I the only one who thought when Alaric started that sentence we were gonna get a Speed monologue? I wonder if Matt Davis does a Dennis Hopper impression.
• Half scared shitless, half evil smirking while watching Katherine torture herself. This Klaus dude means business.
• Love how Stefan seemed like going to school with Elena would be torture. Like being her body guard has become some kind of burden. Right there with ya buddy.
• OMFG you guys. There were students. In school. Sitting at desks. And a teacher showed up. The end of the world really is on its way.
• Alaric in the Santa suit INSIDE Casa Salvatore? FULL BODY CHILLS. This shit is SCARY!
• Husband on Stefan: “Who’s he dressed up as?” Me: “Hotness.”
• Damon sucks. They could have kissed for at least 10 more minutes. The Unicorns barely got out of the barn. Humph.
• The tension between Matt & Care & Sheriff Forbes is so thick I feel like I’m choking on it. I just know this whole thing is NOT going to go my way and maybe the husband should put the TV in a cage or pad the remote before it goes bad.
• All the dancing was super cute but all I could do was hold my breath the entire time. At least when I passed out I didn’t spill my wine.
• OMG! TIFFANY MUSIC!!! I am 10 years old again!! I still know all the dance moves.
• Matt Davis doing Alaric in the Santa suit was nothing short of epic. I wanted to run away from him and make out with him at the same time. Not too shabby.
• Stefan growled. I drooled. But, um, if sticking by Elena’s side means being too slow to stop something you really want to stop; shouldn’t you go ahead and let her walk down one hallway by herself?
• Bonnie’s nose is always bleeding. What would happen if she did magic at a high altitude?
• Fuckin A Bonnie. Fuckin A. Even though I really didn't believe it was the FINAL DEATH kind of death I still cried. I'm a baby.
• Where the hell did Alaric go? Is he still wearing the Santa suit? Shouldn’t someone have been paying attention to that?
• The product placement on this show is ridiculous. Way to ruin a moment CW.
• Super glad Bonnie isn’t dead. That was just too much. Also, the CW can avoid the lawsuit from the NAACP my husband swore would pop up any minute after she “died.” And, it would have sucked to spend the entire weekend totally despondent.
• Wow Damon. That was quite a confession. Lots of eyebrow movement. Holy crap. Gotta admit, I was a little moved.
• I swear I thought Katherine was in the house. But then there was the whole thing with the inviting and I was all confused and I didn’t know where she was going.
• AND THEN THE MOST AWESOMEST THING EVER HAPPENED!!! He’s comin back kids. The Original with a voice as smooth as his part.

I avoided twitter before and during this episode in order to avoid spoilers so I'm DYING to know what y'all thought about it. Did you get the dance you were hoping for? Have you caught your breath? And how about that death count? I think we were promised 3 by the end of the season. Does Bonnie's fake out count? And the most important question: are you ready to see Klaus in his own flesh next week?

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  1. Dang I want a boyfriend whose attic I can go shopping in. (How much stuff do you think the Salvatores have in their attic?)

    Preview = Elijah already summed it up for me OMG! Way to take an enitiative girl! Who needs those hot guys?

    Caroline cant be that oblivious can she? And why wasn't she allowed to help fight Alaric/Klaus?! :'( Team Vampire Barbie is not happy.