Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TVD on the Radio

You probably know Tasha best as the heart behind I HEART VAMPIRE DIARIES (@IHeartTVD on Twitter) and the voice behind many of our favorite Blog Talk Radio shows including episode recap shows on Saturday nights featuring special guests and Music Mondays where Tasha interviews our favorite musicians who have had songs featured on The Vampire Diaries (be sure to follow her on twitter and check in with her site for all show dates and times). And because she rocks in so many ways, she was kind enough to answer a few of my questions.

You’ve done quite a few interviews with TVD musicians. Do you have a favorite?
T: Well all of the interviews were kind of unique, so I really can't choose. For instance the Barcelona interview got off to a late start. The guys were on the road headed to South by Southwest in Austin, so they called in late. My switchboard was misbehaving and Paul Wesley had just joined Twitter. I feel that he caused everything that went wrong for IHVD Radio, haha! Sounds Under Radio was a lot of fun, because that show included a trivia giveaway, the guys watch Vampire Diaries. So that made it even better. As you can see, I'm trying not to answer the question.

As a music lover, I must know: What’s your favorite song featured on the show?
T: OMG that's such a tough question! I would say that my favorite song featured on the show was "Come Back When You Can" by Barcelona. It was featured at the end montage of 'History Repeating” which is one of my favorite episodes. The scene was so emotional, everyone was crying!

Some weeks you do at least 2 BTR shows. Have you always had a passion for radio?
T: Yes! I started doing online radio as a DJ for Eclectricity Radio. Then after months of getting the hang of it, I purchased a server and started my own station. U-N-U Radio (Unsigned, New, Undiscovered) was around for 2 years. During that time, I did Admin work for Music Supervisor where I approved/rejected songs for movies and television, Band Manager for Indie band Italian Japanese, and wrote music reviews for Chicks with Guns Magazine.

Is there another television show’s soundtrack that has moved you as much or more than the TVD music has?
T: This question is easy! The O.C. is one of my ALL-TIME favorite soundtracks. I own every mix from that show. Alexandra Patsavas was the Music Supervisor. She had such a great ear and that's what I love about Vampire Diaries. Chris Mollere is a genius at picking songs that bring the audience in to a scene.

We know you heart The Vampire Diaries. What first made you fall in love?
T: First off, I NEVER thought they would turn the book series into a TV show. So I was so stoked to see how it would come across on screen. I didn't mind the changes that were made either i.e. Elena not being Blonde. If I'm being honest, the "Pilot" did not make me heart the show. "Friday Night Bites" is when I was hooked. Julie and Kevin are talented writers, so I believed the show would get better and it did. I think what drew me in was the obvious tension and love hate relationship between the brothers. Paul Wesley who plays Stefan has this quiet intensity about him. He's compassionate and has great chemistry with every DAMN body on the show. Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon makes me laugh with his snarky comments and sucks me in with his eyebrow acting. So I definitely wanted to go on a journey with them and see if their love will conquer all.

I know you have also read the Vampire Diaries books. Does your favorite character differ between book & show? If so, name them both.
T: My favorite character in the books didn't make it to the TV series. Meredith was and still is my favorite character. She was a lot like me in those teen years. I'm hoping that Julie will bring her in some time in the future. I will come back and answer this question when it happens. ;)

Favorite TVD show moment:
T: Oh this is so hard Erin...geez! I would say my favorite show moment was when Elena and Stefan first made love. It was such a passionate and intense scene. She accepted him for the monster he was. Paul has said that his emotions took over, so those tears were real. Even though they didn't reveal too much, it still kept me captivated. Now that was season one. lol
My favorite season two moment was when Elijah stepped foot in the house in "Rose". He sniffed Elena's neck in the hottest and creepiest way. Trevor's head was removed with one swing. Sorry to turn it into a new question.

Favorite TVD book moment:
T: I can't pick one...sorry. Founder's Day was a definite highlight. After Elena turned, Damon wanted her to go on a killing spree as a first feed. Stefan wanted it to be someone that she was familiar with and someone who they both could trust. Matt was her first feed. It made me cry I must admit. The other moment was when Stefan was in the well at the Francher farmhouse and Elena, Meredith, Bonnie, and Matt saved him. He was so weak and Elena fed him her blood. It was epic to read. Shit, there's so many moments. Klaus killing Vicki. I could keep going, but I'll stop there.

Favorite episode:
T: This is SOO hard! "History Repeating", "Founder's Day", "The Return" to name a few.

Hopes for the future of TVD:
T: My hope is that the show will continue with great writing and the storyline will get better for those other characters that we don't see as much. We have a very talented cast and I think the writers recognize that and have some surprisingly great moments in store for fans.

Message for the TVD fandom:
T: Oh fandom how I love thee. I think it's important to remember this is a television show with fictional characters. Luckily for us the actors that portray the characters we love are very kind to the fans. We can communicate with them on Twitter, talk to them while visiting the set, they take pictures and sign autographs. I would hate for that open forum to stop because things get too crazy. Let’s respect and continue to appreciate them. We're the mighty TVD Family and we must stay strong and love one another.

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