Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Know Thy Enemy

Is it just me or have these last 6 weeks felt like a billion years? This hiatus felt much longer than the Christmas one, I’m sure of it. The good news though is that it is over! Finally!! I was getting pretty home sick for Mystic Falls. Can’t wait to unpack!

• Feel so bad for Jenna. Elena and Alaric are IDIOTS. Keeping her in the dark has caused nothing but trouble. IDIOTS.
• Alaric gets a gazillion points for punching Uncle Daddy John in the face.
• Happy to see that the Martins are still dead. I had forgotten about it and got to relive that warm happy feeling all over again.
• Speak up if you for even one second thought it would be smart to trust Isobel, John or Katherine. *crickets*
• “Maybe he’ll come around. You did.” UNICORNS!!! And they’re frolicking through fields of gold dust!!
• Love that Kat goes looking for the moonstone and then goes ahead and bras the cash she finds like some kind of common slut criminal. She’s my hero.
• Mason had his faults but he was WAY better at moonstone hiding. My husband thinks Damon should have hidden it in a much less sun shiny place. The kind of sun don’t shine place on his body.
• Isobel is a cunt bag whore bitch who needs to crawl in a hole and die. HATE HER with the fiery passion of a long burning hell.
• Bonnie & Jer. SQUEEEEEE!!!! They are adorable. Though I could stand for Jer to do something other than whine about Bonnie's safety. He's starting to sound like Stefan.
• I don’t really get the house being the place where the witches died. I live in Salem and all of my tour guides have specifically mentioned burning at the stake being an outdoor activity.
• Isobel and Katherine are bitches but I do enjoy seeing Uncle Daddy John suffer. And Damon's eye rolling reaction to the aftermath was classic. Including dumping him on the floor of Casa Salvatore like a bag of dog food.
• Stefan getting tossed into the bushes? How rude! So torn between pissed and laughing my ass off. Can vampires get poison ivy?
• *pouts* How come Damon gets to be shirtless again? There has been a severe unbalance of exposed Salvatore torsos this season.
• Can Matt please be cool and make up with Caroline? PLEASE? I just need them to be happy and in love. Like crack kind of need.
• Wonder how much money Bonnie would exchange for coming to Salem and making it warm and sunny. Or can she just make storms? Also, will Gambit or Wolverine be making an appearance in Mystic Falls any time soon? Cuz that would be hot.
• Goodbye Isobel. Hated you. Glad you’re gone. Husband: “It smells like chicken in this cemetery.”
• Matty yelling at Caroline to compel him made me cry. I just can’t with those two.
• OMG Elena is the luckiest girl in the world. Think she'd let me camp in the library? Also, the Salvatore house does not come with a Jenna to let everyone in so that’s good.
• BAWLING. I mean total body shaking sobs over Matt selling Caroline out to her mom. And lying to her. And not getting back with her. I’m for reals upset y’all.
• Ok. So. This is me: “OMG are they draining him? NO!!! Wait. He’s not dead. What the crap is going on? JESUS! Alaric is Klaus? He’s been Klaus this WHOLE TIME?? No. that doesn’t make any sense. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?” And then I saw the promo. “He’s possessed by Klaus.” Breathe Erin. That makes way more sense. Wow.

How excited are we that TVD is FINALLY back?? VERY. How about only 5 episodes left in season 2? Yikes! But next week is gonna be AWESOME! Damon gets slapped, Stefan in a suit and Klaus wearing Alaric like a costume. Bad. Ass. What did you think friends? Will you miss Isobel? Is Alaric more or less hot as Klaus? And most importantly, how on earth are we gonna make it through the next 7 days?


  1. Glad we share 80% of the same opinion. I was right with your husband on hiding the moonstone where the sun don't shine. No way could Katherine look in there. (Money bit = epic win.) I hope we see more Katherine soon though I'm on the edge of my seat for more Alaric/Klause!

    Also I don't think Bonnie appreciates Jeremy's concern though Jeremy also needs to recognize Bonnie's backbone. She's not like his other girlfriends who kind of clinged to him. Bonnie needs no man but has one because she wants one.

  2. Excellent point about Jeremy and Bonnie. He IS totally acting like if Bonnie needs a bodyguard!

    I thought the same thing about the burning at the house. If you burned hundreds of witches inside a house, don't you think the house would burn down as well? And if it was built afterwards, who would build a house on that land? Makes no sense.