Sunday, April 17, 2011

Conversations with Chloe!

If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, there is a better than good chance that you are also a fan of Chloe Dawn (@TVD_Chloe on Twitter). Chloe was first introduced to most of us through her super fun TVD Vlogs (which can be seen here: VampireDiariesVlogs) and used her new found fame to launch Vampire Support raising money for many worthy causes. Along with Vampire Support, Chloe is also doing work for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation which is taking youth empowerment to the next level. Despite having so many irons in the fire of positive change, Chloe was sweet enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for me!

Your creation of Vampire Support and your work with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation has been inspirational to a lot of TVD fans. What inspires you?
C: Oh wow. There are so many things that inspire me but I think the biggest thing is helping others feel like they have a voice. This is actually one of the many reasons why I started Vampire Support. I knew that if I could create a platform about something that teenagers are interested in, I could help kids feel like they DO matter and their voices ARE heard. The thing I always stress is that one person doesn’t make the difference, but that one person’s courage and integrity can start a chain reaction to eventually change the world.

You’ve worked on a lot of special projects throughout your philanthropic undertakings. What part of all this hard work has been the most fun for you?
C: This kind of ties in to my last answer. I love helping others spark something inside themselves that most never realized they even had. I love seeing all of the mini charity side projects pop up in The Vampire Diaries fandom. I swear the TVD fans and actors are having charity battles and that is seriously the coolest thing ever.

Is there something TVD fans can do to help if donating money is not an option?
C: TWEET, TWEET, AND RETWEET! Twitter is seriously such a profound platform. If you tweet a thought or an idea, it’s insane the amount of people that will be able to see it in a short period of time. Make it a daily routine to tweet about a cause that you are passionate about. When other’s see you tweeting daily, they will most likely wonder why you are so connected to that certain charity or cause.

What is coming up for Vampire Support?
C: Vampire Support is currently coming to an end with our oil spill projects. We’ve raised an estimated $20,000+ since last May for The National Wildlife Federation, and The Gulf Restoration Network. We are now moving forward with our “Save The Wolf” project with the help of actor Michael Trevino.

Tell us a bit about your work with Wolf Mountain Sanctuary. What are you raising money for?
C: Vampire Support’s work with WMS is only just beginning. We launched our campaign about a week ago and have already raised over $1,000 and 8 out of the 14 wolves have been sponsored. Like I said before, the TVD fans are insanely generous and the most selfless fans ever. Right now we are raising money to help Wolf Mountain Sanctuary rebuild their sanctuary. It was recently destroyed by 110 mph winds and they need all the help they can get. After we help them with that, we are all working towards the same goal: preserving these beautiful animals from extinction.

How did you get Michael Trevino involved? What has been his contribution to the project?
C: Funny story. It actually just started with me asking him what color he wanted some “Team Tyler” bracelets to be (he picked black and white) and it kind of just took off from there. I wanted Trevino to have in input as to where the money raised from the bracelets would go and he chose wolf rescues. He has had the opportunity to work with live wolves on the set of The Vampire Diaries and we thought it was a perfect match. After many days researching different non-profit organizations with him, we both agreed on Wolf Mountain Sanctuary. He has been super supportive of Vampire Support since the beginning and is very enthusiastic about helping WMS. We have a lot up our sleeves, you’ll just have to stay tuned…

If you could hold a benefit concert for your charities, which musicians from the TVD playlist would you invite?
C: Ah! This is a tough one. Definitely Stateless. I loved when Bloodstream played in the Season 1 finale. That song is so raw with emotion it’s insane. Plus if you listen to it with a good pair of headphones the bass is amazing…okay I’m getting off track. Bands…Stateless, Plumb, Lifehouse, MGMT, The Black Keys, Jason Walker, Florence + The Machine, and Adele. Whew.

Favorite TVD character:
C: Tyler Lockwood. I’ve been a wolf girl since Season 1. Everyone’s always asking me why I liked him in Season 1, since he was such a complete tool, and it’s because there is SO much to Tyler it’s ridiculous. I was intrigued as to why he was so angry all the time. Family troubles? Girlfriend troubles? What was he hiding? And then, boom. Full moon. No shirt. Werewolf. Yep, I’m Team Tyler all the way.

Favorite TVD show moment:
C: I feel like this is a really cliché answer, but it would have to be when they killed Vicki in Season 1. That episode is the mother of all episodes and truly shows you that TVD isn’t afraid to kill off a main character. (Which is really scary!) I loved the fact that they were willing to take huge risks to entertain their audience and have them jumping off of their couches in shock or even anger. No one is safe on this show and that’s why I keep coming back for more every Thursday.

Favorite TVD episode:
C: It would have to be Know Thy Enemy. The episode had so many twists and turns in it! Love, death, betrayal, crazy body switching spells, WHEW. I watched it three times in a row and found so many things I missed. I called all of my fellow TVD fans that I am closest to wanting to know their thoughts, theories, etc. And all I’m saying is Alaric!Klaus was EPIC. Bravo Matt Davis, bravo.

What has been your exposure and/or experience with the infamous TVD “shipper wars?” Any thoughts on this phenomenon?
C: Oh no. I don’t even want to get started with this one…I may get some serious haters. I’m just going to leave this one alone and say everyone love everyone. It’s a TV show, no need to threaten anyone because they love Damon and Elena or Stefan and Elena.

Hopes for the future of TVD:

Message for the TVD Fandom:
C: Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of the support you’ve shown me. It’s crazy to think that everything we’ve been able to accomplish with Vampire Support is because of a crazy Youtube video I put up on a whim. You fans are seriously incredible. Don’t change. Oh, and watch out for Klaus and full moons…I hear these next episodes are to die for…pun intended.
Big Thanks to Chloe for giving up her valuable time to answer questions! And don't forget to follow Chloe, @IS_Foundation, and @VampireSupport for more information on how you can get involved!!


  1. Great interview. To be so young & already inspiring others is pretty damn cool #TeamChloe

    I also agree on the awesomeness of TVD fans & fave episode, Klaric switcharoo Boom!

  2. Chloe is so sweet! And it's amazing to see all the great things she is doing! She truly inspires me. #TeamChloe all the way!:)