Friday, August 14, 2009

Aliens, Time Travelers and Vampires, Oh My!

There are 3 things I really wanted to see this weekend and it looks like I'm only going to get a shot at one! 2 big movies are opening today: District 9 and Time Traveler's Wife. And then of course, my only guarantee = True Blood on Sunday!!

District 9:
This movie looks like an alien/disaster movie turned upside down. As far as what I have read and seen via previews, this promises to be unlike any other film anyone has ever seen before. I imagine it in my head to be somewhat like Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day. It doesn't hurt to have Peter Jackson (Lord of The Rings) attached to it. Everyone else to do with the project is a unknown. Which sounds to me like a breath of fresh movie air. EW has reviewed it here and you can see the trailer below:,,20297361,00.html

Time Traveler's Wife:
I have previously talked about how excited I am to see this movie based on my absolute love of the book it is based on. All I can hope is that it lives up to the high standards it has set for itself. It was honest to God one of the best love stories I have ever read - and I have read a lot of them. So far, the casting and the trailers seem to be up to par. Let's be honest though, the movie is never as good as the book. But they can come close (John Grisham's The Client). The trailer for the movie is amazing (and has me totally addicted to the song "Broken" by LifeHouse). Here it is again for your viewing pleasure:

True Blood - I Will Rise Up:
HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: We still have 3 episodes left after this Sunday! I had been basing all of my predictions on the season finale coming before Labor Day. I have just learned that we get 2 weeks between the 11th and 12th (and last) episodes! This week Eric and Sookie finally get a little bit closer while Godric makes a move concerning The Fellowship of the Sun. Sam is still in jail and trying to avoid MaryAnne (who wouldn't avoid that crazy bitch?) and Lafayette tries to put a stop to Tara's complete madness. Each and every week is getting more exciting! Tune in Monday for my full review. Check out this week's preview below:

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