Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Vacation Bone is Connected to the Recovery Bone

Sorry for the long break kids! I was on vacation and then needed a vacation from my vacation. I have managed to find quite a few new Bones goodies over the last couple of days though, including the new official season 5 promo from Fox which I cannot seem to stop watching:

That stupid commercial makes me so excited for the new season I can hardly stand it! And it's still 5 weeks away!

Another little happy I found was's interview with Bones creator Hart Hansen. Do not read if you want season 5 to be a complete and total surprise. Personally, I'm a spoiler addict:

Kristin Dos Santos from Eonline spoke with David Boreanaz at TCA last week about the rotating of the "Squints" and if we might be expecting any other new faces this season and this is what he had to say:

"We are also investigating doing it with the FBI now, which I think is really interesting because we have the squints, but we haven't seen much of the wackies in Booth's world. We just worked with Christopher Duncan. He's a great actor, and he brought so much to the show. He brought such an identity, and what's great about the experience of working with these guys is that they open up the realm of possibilities. To see how these two characters work off of them, how I would react to squint or how she would react to an FBI guy, and it really just opens up the character work."

Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly also caught up with the Bones stars at TCA and had some great interviews (with spoilers of course):

Enjoy these and I'll let you know if I find any other tasty bits!

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