Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breaking Bank

You Too Can Be Rich In Days!:
All you have to do is find a bestselling book and claim that it was your idea!! It has happened a million times and 99% of the time the accusing author loses the lawsuit but gains huge publicity (and dollars) by simply claiming they were first and better (Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling has fended off dozens of these). Stephenie Meyer has now been accused of plagiarizing portions of her 4th Twilight book, Breaking Dawn. I personally have read this book at least 4 times and there is no way that this book would make any sense (which I think it does, perfectly) if it did not go hand in hand with the 3 before it (which are not under the plagiarism accusation). It's obviously a scene stealing publicity maneuver by the accusing author (whose name I refuse to print). If I am proven wrong at any point I am fully willing to retract. However, to me, this stinks! EW has further info here: BTW - If you are wondering about the book that Stephenie "stole" from, I have been unable to find if for purchase anywhere on the internet. That's not fishy at all.

Tonight Is The Night!:
It's finale time on SYTYCD and I am pumped. My hope for the winner? Kayla! She has a mousy personality but her dancing is on fire! I am still beyond incensed that Evan made the top 4 but that is neither here nor there. Here's hoping we get some great performances tonight - at least a couple worth talking about tomorrow.

Today's R&R:
My very first R is for recognition. As in Bird is thankful that I posted the Being Human links yesterday and she is now totally addicted to the great British invasion. She was even kind enough to share the following link for more information on the show:

Blast From the Past - Witter Style!:
Last night my sister asked me to recall some dates that I would rather erase from my mind entirely. However, the brain churn did stir up one nice little gem from way back when. To this day they are one of my favorite and most unlikely (but most hoped for) couples. And these are some of their very best moments. Take it away Joey and Pacey!:

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