Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Will Rise Up

True Blood Recap:
Um. Wow. Not only the best True Blood episode yet but one of the best hours of TV I have ever seen. And I have seen a LOT of TV. I'm not even sure where to start. At the beginning of the episode when Sookie was "saving" Eric all I could think was that he is a very tall, very hot, ass hole! But his grieving over Godric at the end was so sad I almost want to take back my insult. And even though I am still a big Bill shipper it was great seeing the 2 blondes in bed together. Such a great scene - even if it was just a dream. My question is, was he dreaming the same thing? Lorena was scary as hell though. I want her to go away almost as much as I want MaryAnne to take a nice long walk off of a very short pier. When Sookie woke up from the sexy dream/nightmare, it would have been nice to get a tear jerker alert. For a million different reasons, her chat with Jason had me bawling. It's a good thing I'm not a vampire or my sofa would have been ruined. It was very good to see them bond. And may I just say that Jessica and Hoyt are the cutest thing since puppies? I love, love, loved seeing Hoyt finally stand up to his bitch of a mother. That woman needed that plus a whole lot more. Jessica should totally bite her ass. But not her actual ass. Gross. I am also much more excited about Sam going to see Andy than I should be. Hopefully they can finally put and end to the black eyed madness! I'm sure I am leaving out a ton (the show was packed) but in the end, Sookie waiting with Godric was immensely moving. Again I was glad for clear tears. I kinda wish we could have gotten a bit more of him. Oh well! Time to head back to Bon Temps and take an axe to MaryAnne. Only 3 to go!!!

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