Friday, July 31, 2009

As the 7th Month Dies

On TV This Weekend:
It's a big supernatural weekend with new episodes of Being Human, Merlin and True Blood. The following synopses were provided by TV.Com
Being Human = Episode 2:
Mitchell decides to invite the neighbours around for some tea and chat to try and make them feel like they a part of the community and to feel human. George gets a visit from a werewolf named Tully who tries to be the friend that George has always wanted until he makes a confession about his real reasons for finding George. Meanwhile Mitchell resists his urges for blood and Herrick discovers where they live.
Merlin = Excalibur: Uther's past comes back to haunt him as a mysterious black knight interrupts Arthur's coming-of-age celebrations, throwing down his gauntlet and challenging the Knights of Camelot to combat. The Black Knight, seemingly unstoppable, makes easy work of his combatants. But who is the Black Knight, and why is Uther so uneasy?
True Blood = Release Me: Sam finds himself in an unenviable predicament at the hands of Maryann and her minions. Hugo is imprisoned with Sookie who tries to communicate with Barry using her telepathic powers. Bill is held captive by the the stubborn Lorena. Jason attempts to sever his ties with the Fellowship of the Sun, but faces resistance from Steve and his enforcer Gabe.

This Week I have a guest blogger as my cable company and/or Tivo decided not to play nice. Take it away Bird!

Opening Dance: Send in the Clowns. Once again the opening number was amazing. The dance choreographed by Tyce Diorio was splendid, and he has become one of my favorite choreographers. The Harlequins Clown Costumes were beautiful, and the face painting was perfect (the face that Jeanine makes will break your heart). The skill of these six dancers is some of the best this show has had. The lineup for "guest" dancers this week was insane (better then the 100th), starting with Will and Jessica performing "Silence". This dance is stunning in its power and control. Next it was time to find out which of the girls are in the bottom 2. All 3 of these dancers are outstanding, but after a quick recap from last night Cat told Jeanine that she was safe. This leaves Kayla and Melissa in the bottom 2. So the next great dance was Twitch and Katee performing "Mercy” and I think it was better this go round. A stand out from last season (and maybe from this season too). Jabberwocky, of MTV's best dance crew preformed and it was good. Of course I haven't seen them do a bad show! Next Cat brought the boys on stage, and after the recap Brandon was safe. This leaves Ade and Evan in the bottom 2, not a big surprise. Melissa and Ade both preformed their solos and both were just as good as last night. Then one of the best dances ever, Bleeding Love with Mark and Chelsie, and this dance just gets better and better. This was a great treat. Kayla and Evan were up next and both proved how much talent they have. The guest performance was from Sean Paul (and that's all I got as I was easily distracted by mini-buttons). So it comes down to who goes home...tonight Melissa was eliminated, this was both sad and not surprising. I will miss the naughty ballerina; she was one of my favorites of the entire season. But this means that Kayla (Colorado girl) is in the finale and that does make me happy. Then it was Ade and Evan turn, and to my shock Ade was eliminated. While Evan is an amazing dancer, Ade I felt was the better of the 2. This may have been one of the biggest shocks of the year. Next week should be a great finale, and who knows maybe another shock will happen. But I will make my prediction and say the top 2 dancers will be Brandon and Kayla.

A BIG HUGE THANKS to Bird for her amazing notes. They make me even more pissed for missing it but grateful all the same. There is no way it was Ade's time to go and how the hell is Evan still on this show? Also, I can't believe I missed Mark and Chelsie. One of the best dances I have ever seen on all 5 seasons. Oh well! On to next week's finale. Who do you like for the win?

MJ Commercial = This Has To Be A Joke:
When I first saw this commercial last night I thought for sure I had accidentally turned on Mad TV or something. I mean, the stuff with the roses? I have a great vintage Vogue cover hanging in my bedroom and I am always taking roses out of the vase to hold up against it. As I have said before, I'm sorry that the man is dead but this stuff is getting out of hand. This commercial is a parody of itself. Be sure to purchase soon or you too may run out of art work to hold flowers against. Has to be a joke right?

Song of the Week:
My favorite song this week is by The Killers, called Goodnight, Travel Well. When I was looking for the video on YouTube I discovered a project The Killers are doing with UNICEF in order to highlight the danger and impact of human trafficking. It's a great cause so be sure to check out the video below and visit for more information.

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