Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to Business

I hope everyone had a good Holiday weekend filled with too much food and too much booze. I know I did. And, now that I have recovered, I want to start the week off by sending great big get well wishes to Rupert Grint (a.k.a. Ronald Weasley) who has contracted the Swine Flu. Terrible timing as he is bound to be getting ready for a worldwide Half Blood Prince promotional tour. Feel better soon Won Won!!!!

Release of Note:
The Summit Entertainment movie, Push, is out on DVD today. I saw this in the theater when it was released this last spring and I got a whole lot more movie than I was hoping for. It was a total edge of your seat, what f*** just happened, adrenaline junkie, action thrill ride. A must purchase for any comic book movie fan. It also doesn't hurt that star Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) is a total hottie.

It's About Time:
Amazon finally has a release date set for Bones, Season 4 on DVD. The bad news? It's not out until October 6th, almost a month after Season 5 begins on Fox (September 17th). All I can say about this is thank God for TNT.

July 7th Birthdays:
Happy birthday to star forward and leader of my Colorado Avalanche hockey team, Joe Sakic. He turns 40 today. Also having a birthday today is Robia LaMorte (a.k.a. Ms. Jenny Calendar). She is 39 today. Check out Ms. Calendar below. Happy Birthday Jenny!!

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