Monday, July 20, 2009

I Wanna Do Bad Things to You

Never Let me Go - True Blood Recap:
Each episode just gets better and better. Last night was a perfect mix of sexy, scary, sweet and silly. It was great to get to see Eric's beginning and I bet as soon as we get a better look at Godric he'll prove himself to be quite tasty. Not to take anything away from Eric. He gets hotter every week. Totally digging the hair cut. That Maryanne has got to go though. I have had about enough of her special kind of evil. And was it just me or was she wearing Gran's dress while sitting at the kitchen table? That's just creepy. Bill and Sookie were so sweet to each other. While I could always use more face time from the 2, what we did get was very swoony. And Jason's storyline is cracking me up! I'm not sure if it's supposed to be as funny as I think it is but every time he's on screen I find myself laughing at him and the stupid situation he's gotten himself into. Weeks ago I called that he would be messing around with the heavily armed Preacher's wife but this exceeded my expectations. Hilarious! Tara had the best line of the night though. "F**k you very much!"

P.S. I recently purchased the True Blood soundtrack and if you can tolerate a little country music it's quite good. I'm waiting for a score of some kind though so we can get Bill and Sookie's theme song. Very well done.

Entertainment Weekly - Friday's Issue:
EW has a great issue on shelves this week. Not only is there a very good True Blood article (as well as great pics of the cast, especially Bill and Sookie), a glowing Half Blood Prince review and a sneak peak at the new Iron Man movie, we also get 8 pages of Comic-Con preview. Since I am not going to Comic-Con this year (did your check get lost in the mail?), EW is about as close as I'm going to get. The highlight of the preview is a first look at the Twilight graphic novel including drawings of Edward, Bella and Jacob. I'm not much of a comic reader but I may have to pick this one up. A release date has yet to be announced but I will keep you posted.

Happy Birthday Sweets!:
John Francis Daley who plays super shrink Lance Sweets on Bones turns 24 today (such a baby!). Check out the clip below from the Bones season finale of him performing his awesome song Neverending Summer with his real life band Dayplayer. The song is available in its entirety on iTunes.

Happy Birthday Dr. Yang!
The Emmy nominated Sandra Oh (a.k.a. Dr. Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy) is also celebrating a birthday today. She is turning 38. Check out just one of her many great moments below:

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