Monday, July 13, 2009

Bloody Monday

True Blood Recap:
Last night's episode definitely had some of the funniest lines I've heard yet. Whatever Jessica glamoured that limo driver into shouting was hilarious. She is really starting to grow on me. And Bill telling Eric he didn't want to drink the blood but just wanted Eric to pay for it was also pretty funny. Lafayette's dancing post V? So awesome. Jason's fantasy about the preacher's wife totally took me back to a great moment in O.C. history when Ryan was daydreaming about Taylor. Very funny. A few complaints though. First off, what is up with Tara allowing that rager in Gran's house? Seems very uncharacteristic and wicked rude. I am liking that Maryanne character less and less each week. She has got to go. Also, not nearly enough Sookie time. Maybe I'm just used to the books where it's all Sookie, all the time. Hopefully we'll get some more next week.

Dollhouse Extra:
In case you didn't already have enough reasons to purchase Dollhouse Season 1 on DVD, here's another. There will be a 13th episode included that will never be aired by Fox (are they Joss haters or what?). Joss himself describes the episode as "...a little bit insane," but I am counting down to the July 28th release date either way. The episode will also be shown in 2 weeks at Comic-Con. I still haven't received your sponsorship checks. Please get them in the mail ASAP.

More Blood:
A new movie opened over the weekend that I am dying to see. Unfortunately it's not playing anywhere near me - yet. Blood: The Last Vampire looks like a mix between Buffy and Kill Bill, two of my favorite things. See the trailer here. Can't wait until it opens closer to home!

New Music:
Daughtry's new album, Leave This Town, comes out tomorrow and I'm looking forward to hearing it but, what I liked best was this version of Poker Face he did on a German radio station. Very cool. Enjoy:

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