Monday, July 27, 2009

Day of the Dead

True Blood Recap:
Well, I finally know what the title of last night's episode was all about. It was the name of the song Bill was playing and singing back in the 1920's when he was still with his sire. I already hate Lorena and want her to go away. That love making scene in the pool of blood was pretty gross, even for me. However, it is interesting to see what an evil bastard Bill was pre-Sookie. Speaking of Sookie, she is now quite literally trapped in the belly of the Fellowship of the Sun. I can't remember from the book who was responsible for outing her but I really hope they are going to find big trouble when Bill finally gets to her. She's not the only one that's trapped though. Daphne has sold Sam down the river and now he too is stuck at the orgy from hell. And poor Lafayette. It was so sad to watch him cower in the corner while Andy screamed at him. But, it was good to see Pam. What is she up to with the V? Meanwhile, Jason is just digging himself a deeper hole over at FOTS and I for one can't wait to see when his conscience finally gets the better of him. Jessica had the best line of the week when the adorable Hoyt came to visit her in Dallas: “I’m so happy I could cry but I don’t wanna ’cause it’s really gross when I do!” Only 5 episodes left and they previewed what is to come at Comic-Con over the weekend. Warning: it will make waiting much more difficult.

New Show = Being Human:
BBC America premiered a new show over the weekend called Being Human about a ghost, a vampire and werewolf who share an apartment. What I loved most about it was that there wasn't a whole lot of warm up and unnecessary back story. The action started up almost immediately as did the humor. The dialogue was smart and funny and the 3 of them have great chemistry. Mitchell (the vamp) is super sexy, George (the wolf) is a real cutie, and Annie (the spook) is sweet and clever. I am looking forward to getting more back story over time and watching the trials of 3 monsters trying to live in the real world. This should be fun! In case you missed it, BBCA is showing the repeat at least a half a dozen times this week so check your local listings.

Bones, Bones, Bones:
Lots of new Bones info for you today, starting with EW naming Seeley Booth as one of the 15 smartest, sexiest crime fighters of 2009. He's number one on my list but you can see the other 14 here:,,20153312_20153315_20293622,00.html has a list of the special features on the season 4 DVDs coming out in October: A word of warning though; the first 4 episodes of the season will not be on the season 4 DVDs as they were a bonus for the season 3 DVDs.

David Boreanaz did not attend Comic-Con due to the impending birth of his 2nd child but he did have a taped message for fans that was absolutely adorable.

The other Bones highlight from Comic-Con was Michael Ausiello's interview with Emily Deschanel and creator Hart Hanson:

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