Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sectum Sempra!

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince:
I think I'm going to need to go see it again. Today. Too much, too fast. It was wonderfully done though. I think the film makers did a great job capturing the overall feeling of the 6th book with considerably more light humor than we've ever seen before and just the right amount of true terror laced in. SPOILER ALERT: Highlights for me included Ron's relationship with Lavender Brown and his accidental ingestion of the Love Potion meant for Harry. Absolutely hilarious! The ending with all of the students raising their wands in the air was new and very touching. I must admit I cried a bit at that. Harry and Ginny were also very sweet and I felt that the chemistry between the actors was just the right amounts of awkward and adorable. The scene in the cave with the Inferi was horrifying and I think I jumped about a mile into the air even though I knew what was coming. I do have a few complaints though. What's up with the Burrow burning down over Christmas? And how is Harry supposed to find the missing Diadem if he doesn't remember seeing it in the Room of Requirement? I've started re-reading the book already and I may have some more nits after I'm through but for now I'm quite comfortable with saying that I absolutely loved it.

Time for the Top 10! The ladies' opening Bollywood dance was so much fun. I could watch a routine like that every week, it was so explosive! The guys' African number at the end was good but not nearly as much fun. As for the couples: I think I have a new favorite choreographer. WOW! It was so good to see Travis Wall back on the show. He was my favorite when it was his turn to compete and the dance he put together for Jason and Jeanine was amazing. I have a new found respect for Jason as a performer and could watch that routine over and over again. I also loved Melissa and Brandon's Broadway routine. It had a real nice flow. Could have done without the smoke at the end though. As for my least favorite? I usually love the paso doble but Randi and Kupono's take was not nearly as exciting as it should have been. And Kayla and Evan's waltz just wasn't as memorable as the other routines. Ade had the best guy solo of the night (by a mile) and for the girls, I liked Jeanine the most. Who's going home? My best guess is former couple Randi and Evan. We'll see what happens!

2009 Emmy Nominations:
To see the full list of nominations go here:,,20045108_20045123_20291534,00.html
No big surprise that most of my favorite shows have been completely shut out (True Blood, Bones, Gossip Girl), but there is some hope. Dexter should no doubt win every category in which it's nominated and I am really pushing for a win for Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory. He is without question, one of the funniest men on TV. Tune in to CBS on September 20th to see who takes home the gold.

On TV Tonight:
It's Thursday night and that means Fox! The season 4 Bones repeat is The Bones that Foam which was directed by David Boreanaz himself and then of course the So You Think You Can Dance results show. Also, on tonight, Daughtry performs on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

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