Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIF = TGI almost Sunday

True Blood is Back!:
Talk about a long 2 weeks. True Blood is back on Sunday night and our favorite couple (and their annoying teen vamp sidekick) are finally heading to Dallas which is where most of the 2nd book takes place. It looks like we'll get to check up on Lafayette as well to see how he's coping post dungeon. Can't wait!!

Geek Fest 2009:
Anyone want to sponsor my trip to Comic-Con in 2 weeks? I promise to take lots of photos and very good notes. They have just released the panels for the first day and The New Moon peeps will be making a highly anticipated appearance. I really just want to go and ogle the hot guys from Fringe, True Blood, Vampire Diaries and most importantly, Bones. You know who to make the checks out to.

On TV Tomorrow:
TNT is repeating the Angel series finale tomorrow morning and I could watch it over and over again. Especially the part where he beats the crap out of Hamilton! It comes on pretty early though so set the Tivo and enjoy it after you've woken up at an acceptable weekend time. Don't forget the tissues!

And the top 10 have been revealed. I loved the group number again last night. This has been the best year yet as far as that goes. The bottom 3 couples were not a huge shock to me this week and I was ecstatic that Kayla and Kupono were safe after having my favorite dance the 2nd week in a row. I do however think that Jeanine and Phillip had a real unfair disadvantage with that absurd Russian folk dance the other night. Um, and Ade's solo? Wow to the tenth power. The best of the night by far. I was not at all surprised to see Caitlin go but Phillip's departure was a bit of a disappointment. I would have rather seen Jason walk. Oh well. New couples next week. Can't wait to see who gets who!! Check out Kayla and Kupono's amazing vamp dance from last week and have a great weekend!

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