Friday, July 17, 2009

It's the Freakin Weekend Baby!

On TV This Weekend:
The weekend starts with a busy late night tonight. Conan O'Brien has Buffy alum Seth Green, Jimmy Kimmel has a performance from Daughtry and Jimmy Fallon has True Blood beauty Anna Paquin. And Sunday night is all good with new episodes of both Merlin and True Blood. Set the Tivo and go out!

Eclipse Movie News:
Australian actor Xavier Samuel (see above) has been cast to play Victoria's lap dog, Riley, in the third Twilight movie, Eclipse which begins filming next month. Riley has a relatively small part in the book so the casting of an unknown actor really doesn't worry me too much. Eclipse is due to be in theaters June 20, 2010.

Score one for me! I guessed right on for the girl going home. Take my point away! I was way off for the guys. I figured Kupono might be in the bottom 2 but really hoped he'd be spared. And I never in a million years would have put Ade in that position, thank god he was safe. Whew! The opening number was very exciting to watch but it wasn't my favorite of the season so far. And, I must add, after watching I'm even more miffed that Cat Deely did not earn an Emmy nomination. Ryan Seacrest? Puh-lease!

Happy Birthday Nate!:
Gossip Girl
hottie Chace Crawford (a.k.a. Nate Archibald) turns 24 tomorrow so I thought I should throw out some early happy birthday wishes. Oh to be at that party. Sigh.

Shame on you TNT:
Each morning I wake up looking forward to the Angel repeats on TNT. Especially lately as my DVD boxed set is out on loan. They usually do such a good job of running all of the episodes in succession and I have come to depend on that. However, the jerks have decided to skip right over my very favorite episode because of some golf tournament. Grrr Argh! Thank goodness for Hulu. Check out the clip from "I Will Remember You," below and go to to see the entire episode.

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